My journey of Life started in Zagreb, Croatia, where I was born on June 7th, 1983. At that time, I was a surprise and a shock for everyone, since I was born with dystrophic EB., which was unknown to everyone. After turbulent start in the hospitals I started to live my childhood, day-by-day learning about this world and how I am in a rare position, that I am a patient. But, this didn’t worry me so much, mostly because my parents and whole family raised me as a healthy person.

At the age around 4, my Mom found out about an EB center in London, so we went there. That was the time when we found out a lot about the disease, my Mom got a lot of instructions and medicine for me. But at that time I also found out one big thing, I wasn’t even aware of it till much later, and it was thru the repeatative experience of going to all kinds of specialists and doctors where no one would ask me a concrete question about how I feel. Instead, people just asked my Mother.

I know I was a child, but it wasn’t clear for me how can anybody know better what am I feeling, and how am I doing then myself. That was the point of my journey where I started asking myself everything and seeking for answers in my intuition.

Of course, since I was still a very young child I had to listen, go with the beliefs and knowledge of others, from parents to teachers, doctors and so on. Here I have to thank my Mom for having patients and will to search for answers, and constantly trying some new medicines or techniques. That is why I was introduced to alternative medicine very early, and since I was not so aware of what is going on I just went with the flow, and tried everything that came up.

At the age of 7, I started regular primary school, and with the starting enthusiasm, new friends and experiences; I really liked it for two years. When I was 9, I met a lady that will as time pass become my guru of some kind. She finally asked me important questions on how am I doing, why do I feel this, or that, and what is my role in all this situations. She was only a short time at my school, and since I had to study and write homework I couldn’t work with her as much as I wanted.

Since I started going to primary school I already knew that I want to go to High school for applied arts and design, and that was what pushed me thru the rest of primary school. And I did get in that High school, throughout which I experienced lot’s of nice days, traveled with my colleagues, and lived as healthy as I could. In that 4 year period, I began applying my own knowledge and beliefs, the major example is stopping taking all sorts of pills recommended by doctors.

For that I not only had to convince my Mom, but also had to be sure that I was doing right thing, and slowly and patiently I realized that it was completely fine, that I didn’t have any problems by doing it.

From that time on, I took complete responsibility for my health, from changing bandages, taking or not taking medicine, and everything else. My goal was, and still is to be completely independent, so I can freely enjoy, and experience life.

When I look at my childhood now I see how I had put my self intuitively thru the path of self-realization, and in search for the cure, since western medicine said that there is no cure, and I felt it isn’t true.

In the days of high school I again started seeing my Guru, and with her help and teachings of self-help techniques I got more and more confidence in my self and was more and more into research of alternative ways of healing. I didn’t go to college because in Zagreb there was not such Faculty that I was interested in, so I opened my first company at the age of 20 and began with a small publishing project.

The aim was of course to become financially independent so I could pay my self whatever healing teachings, techniques or products that could be beneficial. That didn’t really work the way I had planed, but I learned hugely from that experience. In between high school and my business I was attending Chinese healing and life style courses called Shen Qi, where I had the best experience and inside of my strength and power of energy. From that point on I was even more interested in healing energy and psychology.

My business life got complicated, so all my energy and time went to it, and that was how next 5 years moved quickly. Then I decided to lay off a bit, settle all my experiences and make a plan for the future. This was the time I had my last hand operation, so I really had time to think because I couldn’t do anything else for a while.

Besides thinking I surfed the Internet, searching for more explanations, true knowledge and techniques, so I started researching all the religions, ancient cultures and the wisdom of elders. That research led me to shamanism, from which with a help of the sacred brew called Ayahuasca there were experiences of gene modification, and this was what I thought was the key. As that experience is not possible to describe in a brief sentence, for now I will say that it brought my goals, research and life into totally new dimension. It led me from believing in energy and unseen to being aware of it.

There were also significant body healing in those 10 days, so I had no doubt in the power and possibilities of Ayahuasca. But, I have to mention that the role of healing and all the positive effects of the brew were also conditioned by the state of the patient's mind, so everything

I did before, all the experiences and knowledge about my self played a big role in the outcome of Ayahuasca ceremonies. I am now aware that it did change my priorities in life, and confirmed my beliefs in natural healing, so now I am more then ever thirsty for more natural healing experiences and research of the unseen, subtle energies that are connecting everything with everything.

Now I see my self as a Patient, and doing just that, being patient! Because for all the taught times and situations in life there is a better outcome, and if I learn from those situations they become good, and from that point of view everything that confronts me is good! Biggest lesson that I learned from my journey is to be thankful for my disease, because without it I would never know myself as I know now, and would never experience true happiness and love.

My journey is a never-ending story, a path between seen and unseen, a dance of life!

Matija Zmazek