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Pulmonary Hypertension and Pregnancy

I had an Echo in 2008 which I assume had no signs of pulmonary hypertension or my cardiologist would've said something. I had another one a month ago in December 2016. It showed mild tricuspid regurgitation and some elevated pressure in the aortic pulse wave velocity. Anyways she said I have Pulmonary hypertension. Which at first the OB said 30-50% chance of death at delivery. Then the new cardiologist said it's pulmonary venous hypertension and it's less than 5% of anything happening at all. I've been doing research on pulmonary hypertension but I can't really find too many answers about the different types. And it was my understanding that it couldn't be diagnosed for sure without a heart cath. I have no symptoms of anything. No shortness of breath no swelling in anywhere no anything. No chest pain. Not even with pregnancy. Does anyone have any kind of knowledge when it comes to any of this? I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I would just like to enjoy it.


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Hola como te fue con tu embarazo?, yo tengo 6 meses que me detectaron la hipertensión pulmonar, y tengo 29 años mi deseo es poder ser madre, y quiero saber como te fue durante y despues del embarazo alguna complicacion o todo bien?