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FMF & AID Global Association
The FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever) and AID (auto-inflammatory diseases) Global Association is a non-profit patient organisation, founded in Zurich, Switzerland. It was established at the request of Swiss, German and Austrian patients. Shortly after, it became an umbrella organisation with other associations affiliated to it from Europe, the Middle East and South America. Within the umbrella organisation, it also represents organised patient groups worldwide, in countries where no patient associations have been established yet. Being an umbrella organisation, enables us to leverage the power of all the affiliated associations and patient groups. Between our patients and the patients of many affiliated national associations, we currently support over 11,000 patients in 20 countries and are still expanding. We provide support in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and Japanese. Its aim is: - to represent patients who suffer from Familial Mediterranean Fever and other auto-inflammatory disorders on a global level - to raise public awareness in each country - to be in direct contact with physicians and scientists, so that more effective and affordable treatments can be found - to give patients online support and guidance - to offer advocacy services - to be heavily and actively involved in research - to reach patients with same or similar conditions - to organize regular meetings, events and workshops for our patient members Contact: Zurich, Switzerland a Swiss based non-profit organization E-mail: [email protected] Tel. +41 76 415 4010 (WhatsApp)


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