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Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation
The Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation is a registered Foundation established to provide hope and support for people affected by pulmonary fibrosis. Robert Davidson, president of the CPFF, created the organization in 2009 to provide education and support for people affected by pulmonary fibrosis, and to help answer those non-medical questions frequently asked by those suffering with the disease. The CPFF is a not-for-profit charitable organization which aims to realize three objectives in the battle against pulmonary fibrosis: • Raise funds to finance research to better understand, develop treatment and find a cure for pulmonary fibrosis • Raise public awareness about this fatal disease • Offer support to those affected by pulmonary fibrosis The CPFF works closely with the medical community and with support from Canadians will help to develop treatment, find a cure, build awareness and provide much needed support to all effected by pulmonary fibrosis.


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