So, I do not have TMAU; I tested negative. My smell has an unknown cause of which I believe to be a combo of candida, sibo, gallbladder/ low stomach acid. I stink when my food is digesting. It comes through my skin, breath, & other parts lol. I've reduced it by staying the heck away from sugar, dairy, nuts, and fiber, but it's certainly not gone. I have to take peppermint oil and betaine HCl just to digest the food so it doesn't cause the smell. Still how on earth are we suppose to maintain our reputations, especially at work? Getting along with people in the work place is a huge part of doing well, but if everyone thinks you smell bad people will have a negative opinion regardless of what you do. I have a sarcastic and cynical sense of humor so I make jokes out of my problem, but still the reality is there has to be something we all can do to stop looking bad infront of people. It's so annoying when you have so much going for you and then the stink kills everything lol.