We have new members joining our group each month and we would like to get to know you better and understand how we can help support and educate you about cryo from our experiences.

When you talk to us and share your concerns, either physical or emotional, the entire group learns more and more about living with cryo.

Where do you live? Maybe someone here lives close by and you can meet.

Do you have neuropathy from Cryo?

Are your joints painful or do you have brain fog?

Do you have a rash? If so it might be purpura? It's a symptom and can be quite serious if you are not treated correctly. http://allianceforcryo.org/palpable-purpura/

If you don't have any questions tell us what you have learned about Cryo.

Today in New Jersey it was about 42 degrees and too cold, for me to go outside. I have realized that repeated exposure to the cold brings on my symptoms and NOT just being outside for TOO long. There was a time in my life, living with cryo, that 65 was too cold. But now I'm doing much better. How about you?