I am 16 years old (17 next month) and I have had secondary TMAU for six months (Sept. 2016) Now that may not seem like a long time to you, but top that off with the stress of being in school, extracurriculars, and graduating next year.

I feel like I cannot take this anymore. It has changed my life for the worse and I don't know what to do. I have tried everything from chlorophyll, lemon, acv, (mostly topical underarm stuff), topical acne medication (w/BP 10%) and I even switched to natural deodorant because I thought that would solve the issue. (Even more stuff. My list could fill a book)

Alas, It didn't. Here I am, still sitting at my desk writing to you guys about my struggles with TMAU. I do have one question though. Since I do not have PRIMARY TMAU, have you found a cure for SECONDARY TMAU yet? My odor seems to be ranging from onion, urine, fbo, and sometimes an odd fishy smell when I wake up in the mornings.

Like you, I have good hygiene. I take a shower twice a day. Once in the mornings and once at night. Sometimes, I take up to three showers per day because having TMAU has made me super paranoid. I have already been to my doctor and she prescribed me with Drysol which made my underarms red (for the thousandth time).

I know that one user on here, Smiley has tried kelp and zinc and that worked for her. I would like to know what you guys have tried and what works for you. (I will be trying zinc and kelp and will post the results)

Hopefully I didn't rant too much. I feel so depressed right now. Thank you so much for all of your comments. Stay strong

God bless you all. We will all get through this. :)


P.S: I haven't exactly had this for thirty years like some of you have, but I do know your struggles. Trust me, I've been there (and I still am there.)

virtual hug