After 25 years of seeing doctors with symptoms I had a tonic clonic seizure. 12 days in the hospital and I was discharged home and called 3 days later with the results of the porphyria urine testing. The neurologist at the hospital thought I had encephalitis or porphyria he didn't know how to treat.

I have been out of the hospital 7 days and symptoms are returning. I received no treatment at the hospital and my hemotologist is referring me to Emory University. I trust God to keep me and at the same time I am praying that I can be seen by knowledgeable doctors that can put their ego to side to help me live well. I have reached out to UAB and Mt Sanai to get an appointment. In Georgia once you have a seizure that renders you unconscious you can not drive for 6months. Finding care for porphyria is my priority at this time.