When I have flare ups with genital ulcers, peeing is excruciatingly painful for me. I thought I wold share some of the ways I help deal with this pain in case it's helpful to anyone going through the same thing.

So when I have a flare up, one of the biggest thing I get is extremely painful ulcers that make peeing feel like someone is digging the point of a knife into me. In case anyone else experienced this, I thought I would share what I do to help with the pain. This might be sort of weird for some people, but I was desperate for help when I was going through this and couldn't find any. First off, don't make the horrible mistake that I did and try to make yourself pee as little as possible. I know this sounds stupid, but I was in so much pain, I was seriously terrified of peeing. My own body was terrified of peeing - I swear it would just shoot right back up into me. You want to be extremely well hydrated because it sort of dilutes your pee and, it's no miracle, but I swear it helps with the pain. So, this might sound kind of silly, but if the ulcer(s) are mainly in one region, I try to direct my pee away from that area. Like if they are mainly in the lower region (closer to your butt), I'll actually put my hands on the ground and raise my butt to try make the pee go forward instead of back so it doesn't touch the ulcers. Again, probably sounds weird, but if your ulcers aren't all over the place, then it works. Unfortunately last time I had one practically on top of urethra so this wasn't possible. When strategic peeing doesn't work, the best thing I found is to fill a bathtub up with as warm of water as you can stand or is comfortable for you. You don't need to fill it up all the way, just enough to cover your genitals. And then, yes, you are essentially sitting in a bathtub in your own pee. I know it sounds gross, but is it really any different than using any public pool? At least it's your own pee and not 50 other people's. Also, when you're in as much pain as I was and as desperate as I was, gross wasn't really a concern. It's also a little bit of a pain to wait for the bathtub to fill up enough every time you have to pee, but, again, desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately this isn't a miracle solution. In my case (which is always very severe), it is still painful, but it helps with the pain. I find the peeing in the bathtub the least painful, and I feel pretty confident saying that considering I tried everything. Everything I hope this is helpful to someone.