Hey guys, dont get toooo happy. I had this odour for about 4 years now Im 20 now. Got my results from Oct 2016 back, and guess what all my levels are normal. I go to Dr. Robin Lachmann, and the tests are done in Shenfield (?) hospital. Now my levels may be normal, but during that month I was still getting reactions, im actually scared like what the hell does this mean. I did another test in April 4th, results will be back maybe in late june. Since its the holidays Ive eaten chicken, cheese, and some sweets, the odour I believe remains the same, as long as I have bowel movements, the forbidden food I ate wont increase the odour. My odours are an intense fart smell, i believe whatever my farts smell like its the same for my breath (grosssss). Although im not completely sure on this as I cant smell it all the time. Im also thinking my odour comes out of my nose and breath, thus I had a tonsillectomy/adenoictemy, but with no change to the odour. Anyways im rambling, can anyone please, anything, suggest to me what could it mean, if the tmau levels come back normal, yet the reactions are still there. I currently take chlorophyll 200mg a day, 2 kelp, 1 zinc, 2 teabags of black tea daily, and 200 mg of b2 pills. The b2 definetely does something, but i am skeptical on taking 600 mg a day. I will soon buy a good probiotic like 100 billion too.

Best wishes, A