Types II and III have rheumatoid factor (RF) activity and bind to polyclonal immunoglobulins. These two types are called mixed cryoglobulinemia (MC). When the temperature rises, the precipitated cryoglobulins will dissolve in serum again.

  1. IX Rheumatic Factor: 270.8
           Immunoglobulin G: 15.30 (ref. Interval 7-16)

15.XII anti-Ro-52 (TRIM 21) antibody (d): very positive (3+) (Can be found in mixed essential cryoglobulinemia)

          Antibodies to SS-B (La) antigen: poorly positive (1+)
          Antibody to SS-A (Ro) antigen (d): very positive (3+)
          Antibodies to DFS70 antigen: positive (2+)

30.XII finding an infectious disease clinic: Cryoglobulins are negative

  1. V Awakening from deep sleep, chills and colds: 35.6 *