Nicholas Ross MD (Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology) has asked me to “rally the troops” in support of PRP research regarding Stelara® (ustekinumab). This announcement will be shared with the PRP Facebook Support Group, PRP Community on RareConnect and the 574 "unaligned" PRP patients with email addresses.

The PURPOSE of this specific research effort is to study the efficacy of Stelara as a treatment option for pityriasis rubra pilaris.


(1) PRP patients currently taking Stelara (2) PRP patients who have taken Stelara in the past


What was the experience of each PRP patient’s with Stelara… (1) Stelara was effective (2) Stelara was NOT effective (3) Too soon to tell


(1) No geographic restrictions — participants can live ANYWHERE on planet earth. (2) No age restrictions — Adult Onset or Juvenile Onset


(1) Confirm your interest here or via email ([email protected]) and I will add you to the list. (2) Download a copy of the Patient Study Packet 11.7.16-10.5.17. Follow the instructions. Let me know if you have already sent a completed Patient Study Packet to Dr. Ross and I will confirm that you are in the study group.

The PDF will be added to LEARN >>> DOCUMENTS


Ask any questions as a REPLY to this post so the answers can be shared with everyone.