My brave 15 year old daughter has finally been self-diagnosed with Behcets after 3 years of being told she had chronic fatigue by doctors and that there was nothing that we could do other than just get on with it.

It has been a hellish journey. Aside from the nasty systemic chills, fever, nausea, extreme exhaustion, pain, ulcers, sore eyes, she has anorexia nervosa now as well. I believe all of this was triggered by the HPV and influenza vaccines, as she had massive lymph node swellings post vaccine shots and a gradual deterioration with flu-like symptoms steadily worsening. We now have a good paediatrician and rheumatologist. She has started colchicine but it has only reduced the severity of ulcers. She may start azathioprine soon. If anyone has tried any herbal/natural supplements that have been helpful we'd love to hear from you. We have tried turmeric & nigella sativa, but not very helpful.