Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how things are going. Since my last story in 2015, I have switched to Dabrafenib. Let me tell you...it has been working amazingly for me. Vemerafenib was good, but I had some bad arthralgia in my left arm and major sun sensitivity. Not on Dabrafenib. I have been on Dabrafenib since May 2016 on the maximum dose (11 months already). Balance is almost 100% in terms of walking and going up steps etc. There are no side effects to speak of for me. I am able to work full time, drive, exercise (even though I should do that more often), ride bikes, etc. If you are on Vemurafenib and are thinking of switching, you may want to ask your physician to see if it's a good idea. Feel free to ask me anything you are wondering. Hope all is well with you all!