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Vasculitis (vas-kyu-LI-tis) is a condition that involves inflammation in the blood vessels and is a family of rare autoimmune diseases that can affect people of all ages. Vasculitis means inflammation of the blood vessels, arteries, veins or capillaries. When such inflammation occurs, it causes changes in the walls of blood vessels, such as weakening and narrowing that can progress to the point of blood vessel blockage. The different types of vasculitis are classified according to the size and location of the blood vessels that are affected.

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panarteritis nodosa, cutanea o sistémica??

by btzmateo published 12 days ago
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Mi historia empieza en el verano de 2014 cuando empiezo con muchos picores en plantas de las y los pies,empiezan a aparecer marcas violaceas inflam...

Saül and his Polyarteritis nodosa

by janira published 3 months ago
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I am Janira, a mother from barcelona with a 4 and a half year old boy diagnosed with cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa in December 2014.

Since last...

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