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TMAU Treatment : zinc and kelp together- 30 year + bad smell

Flagyl did not work, nor metro gel or low ph soaps,, but this worked for me and I also take organic coconut oil.

Started taking kelp tablets and zinc tablets and to my surprise the smell is totally gone, I can eat fish or any food with no side effects. First time in over 30 years. I also take a teaspoon of organic coconut oil a day and so far its been about 3 weeks with awesome results.

I take 2 kelp and 1 zinc tablet daily and this worked for me. No bad breath or funny smells, try it for a week and don't give up.

Kelp refers to several species of large, brown algae that can grow to enormous sizes far out in the depths of the ocean. Kelp is a type of seaweed, but not all seaweed is kelp: "seaweed" loosely describes any type of vegetation growing in the ocean, including many other types of algae and plants. Kelp is a regular part of a normal human diet in many parts of the world, such as Japan, Alaska, and Hawaii. It is also incorporated into some vitamin and mineral supplements because of its nutrient value. Kelp is a good source of folic acid (a B vitamin), as well as many other vitamins and minerals—especially iodine ;

Zinc is so important because it is found in every tissue in the body and is directly involved in cell division. It is a powerful antioxidant, helping to prevent cancer, but zinc also is directly involved in proper endocrine function and the maintenance of ideal hormone levels.

Zinc deficiency makes both men and women infertile and causes low libido. Low zinc also exacerbates the effects of stress on the body and accelerates aging. Additionally, adequate zinc is necessary for optimal physical performance, energy levels, and body composition. Zinc affects protein synthesis and is required for proper function of red and white blood cells. It is highly concentrated in our bones, the pancreas, kidneys, liver, and retina.

Kelp and zinc don't interact. Zinc and copper interact and large amounts of zinc can lead to preferential absorption of zinc at the expense of copper so zinc and copper together is better than zinc alone.

I noticed that my hair grew like crazy.

Where did you get those products? I'm gonna try it!

what brands do you take?

do you take them with meals, or how do you take them?

i'm really happy for you.


Hi Smile,

What's flagyl? How long did you take it for until you realized it wasn't working?

How did you hear about zinc, copper, and coconut oil to control TMAU?

DOn't worry about brands just get the Zinc and Kelp inside your body. You can purchase at GNC, Walgreens for the ZInc or amazon.

Flagyl and Metrogel never worked they just kil all the bacteria in the body both good and bad. But at least you have something to take to keep you sane, They did provide a little relief until I ate food again especially Chinese food.

TMAU has a PH level of 9.0 , regulay ph should around 6.5 (I think) as soon as you get out the shower put a lotion on with normal PH I will provide the one I use at home that doesnt' have alchohol, this will get your skin back from the high ph that causes the bad bacteria bad smell.

Most people who suffer from unbalanced pH are acidic. This condition forces the body to borrow minerals—including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium—from vital organs and bones to buffer (neutralize) the acid and safely remove it from the body. Because of this strain, the body can suffer severe and prolonged damage due to high acidity—a condition that may go undetected for years

More later I have to go ,,,,,trust me I 'm not recommened any one product the last thing I want to do is scam you or get your hopes up high,, I've been there tears and all.


What brilliant information. To corroborate what you're saying, I personally know of an odour sufferer who manages his odour by following the 'PH Miracle' diet. The 'PH Miracle' book talks a lot about the leaching of calcium from the body when diets are over-acidic, so this is very interesting.

The diagnosis of TMAU is a joke and I would not waste time trying to link the smell or disorder with TMAU its a joke in the medical community. Eucerin is a good thick lotion with a normal ph more expensive but worth it. With TMAU or disorder your body is like a chimney but instead of smoke it's like a constant smell coming fro your breath, skin or urine, breath - - Your skin is the biggest organ on your body the lotion traps the bacteria on your skin until you can take a shower. Without the lotion the high ph on your skin constantly defecates yes the bacteria defecates that is the high ph level of the skin and the smell- use the lotion, it does not eliminate the smell but it is a weapon to use, next is your urine when you go to the bathroom it's equivalent to liquid garbage at times after you wipe guess what liquid garbage residue, you have to get clever and wash up with soap and water after each bathroom use if at work invest in baby wipes, etc.. breath -chew gum it really doesn't help but its better than nothing. TMAU or disorder is a gas your body gives off so you have to bring ou all your weapons. So far the zinc and kelp has eliminated TMAU from my body not sure what will work for you but don't stop at the TMAU label. I prayed to God that I could live without the smell and ridicule in my lifetime so I could feel normal. It feels good o be in a staff meeting and not worry about somebody sitting next to me. My confidence is rising. My prayers were answered even if the smell came back tomorrow these last 3 weeks have been awesome. Looking for many more weeks, years and life. Thank you God for answering my prayers.


Flagyl is an antibiotic that my doctor has prescribed for years, she usually calls in a 1 year supply. There are a lot of side effect but I didn't care because it was all I had. It kills all bacteria good and bad, anytime I eat seafood especially shrimp,crabs,chinese food the smell would be at its worst. The flagyl was helpful to kill and get back to a normal nasty smell instead of an outrageous nastly smell by killing all the bacteria. Flagyl is a weapon not a cure.

GENERIC NAME: metronidazole


DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Metronidazole is an antibiotic effective against anaerobic bacteria and certain parasites. Anaerobic bacteria are single-celled, living organisms that thrive in environments in which there is little oxygen (anaerobic environments) and can cause disease in the abdomen (bacterial peritonitis), liver (liver abscess), and pelvis (abscess of the ovaries and the Fallopian tubes). Giardia lamblia and ameba are intestinal parasites that can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea in infected individuals. Trichomonas is a vaginal parasite that causes inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis). Metronidazole selectively blocks some of the functions within the bacterial cells and the parasites resulting in their death.



To Smile: How many mg of Kelp tabs and Zinc tabs and copper..

50 mg of zinc and 150 mcg of kelp - I take 1 zinc and 2 kelp tablets daily. This works for me I take a daily teaspoon of organic coconut oil since its good for maintaining the body normal ph level.

Hi smile, You certainly have a handle on tmau. Thank you for all the info. I am going to try the kelp/copper right away. I have used the coconut oil internally and externally. It is a great lotion for the body as well as a way to fight off yeast in the system.
The reason chinese food makes us stink is the soy in it. Soy reacts immediately with me. What soap do you use to wash with? I have been using the Miracle PH soap and other products. You have to buy them online. They did not work yesterday though. But I guess with tmau that is just how it is. I will send the link on how to use the Miracle products to reestablish the current PH balane in your body.

I should not have said TMAU is a joke. I mean when you go into your doctor office and say TMAU they do not have a clue and it does not fit in their medical dictionaries. You are going to have put MD behind your name and fight and do research. Doctors do not have all the answers but they are a useful weapon but don't stop when they cannot provide answers, you have to keep moving until you are satisfied with your results,

I had this condition for over 30+ years and instead of an enemy TMAU became my teacher. It taught me how to be humble and appreciate the small things in life. I encourage you to learn and graduate from TMAU.

Hello crazyoldbattleax

I like goat milk soap but I tend to use dial and dove and a lot of soaps with high ph levels, I put my focus on the lotion like Eucerin to combat the high ph and the lotion was like a bodyguard against the high ph levels on my skin. It works. After each shower put on some low ph lotion and the soap ph will not matter. but everything helps.

Smile, most interesting. I have found that dial body wash works well if you buy the ones that dont have a strong scent. Do you think hormones have a role in our odor?


I'm pretty sure horomones play a roles somewhere. Sex (semen) has a very high ph level
and monthly periods have a high ph level, flagyl or metro-gel works best at these times. I'm hoping the zinc and kelp works for you like it worked for me. Those prescriptions have not been touched lately and this is a good thing.
great article for PH balancing.

I have used flagl on and off for years. Antibotics are very very hard on your kidneys. I personally can not tell if the antibotics even work.
I truly believe supplements are the answer. It is getting the right combination that work for an individual.

good information!

Smile, can you smell yourself or do you rely on other's reactions to determine if you have an odor?


I think I have a good handle on it. Since I'm a women I wear pantyliners and this lets me know where my smell is at for the day. Since urine is a way of TMAU release. I have the skin covered with the lotion so I'm good there, it would be either my breath or my private area and I had to work on these areas. The breath is hard so I chewed gum a lot. the zinc and kelp really cleared up everything so still enjoying these results.

Yes, I can remember talking to people and looking at them holding their breath turning red or putting their hand over their mouth while I was talking to them, one day I looked up on the internet how to smell my own breath I cupped my hands but I then learned to attempt tosmellmy upper lip and wow my breath really did stink. I chew so much gum that my dentist told me that I was wearing down the cartilidge in my gums, I had a clicking noise evertime I would open my mouth wide. The zinc and kelp cleared everything up people talk to me now without squirming.

I spent a lot of years in denial since the only thing I knew was take a shower/bath and all should be well. You should be able to manage your odor with minimal smell.

I was at the hairdresser and she had this lotion in her bathroom and I tried a little and I commented on it and she sold me a bottle for $7.00 I notice the ingredients were a bunch of various oils and the smell was light and fresh and long lasting. The lotion is called "Rubee" I went online and order it the only thing is that you have to buy it by the case. Well it was about maybe $60.00 with shipping and the lotion with my entire family using it has last over a year and I get comments all the time. Especially in the am when I get my morning cofee, they always say you smell really good when youcome in here what is it that you have on when I tell them its just lotion they are amazed. I cannot where a lot of perfume at the job so this works very well on the weekends I take the lotion and mix it with this 100% imported oil called"Golden Sand" I get comments like you would not believe. The oil is very hard to find and you cannot order online you have to find a shop that sale imported oils. The entire bottle costs about $200 -300 but I just need a little container for about $20 that lasts a long time.

The metro gel is the next thingl like flagyl but the metro gel works right away I take a double dose or insertion at night and it works. Once you get rid of the smell as it comes back you will bemore mindful. This may sound gross - but take themetro gel and put a dab on your hand and place it up the crack of your butt it will help because the smell is coming from there as well.

I know about the eggs but trust me the egg is only 1% or less of the problem I got away from the food thing because it almost impossible to eat food without choline. I only eat eggs and a good breakfast when I'm off work or on the weekends. I took the chlorophyll and the activated charcoal didn't work for me but I would still pop them in my system at times just because.

I don't drink a lot of water I'm still working on that becuase I should I did start juicing and I like it and having fun with it but this is just becuase I need to modify my eating habits, Trust me the kelp and zinc is working for me as far as TMAU is concern, I had a fish sandwich last night and I have no issues this morning.

As far as my co-workers, thye have been nice in my face but very cruel behind my back. WIth so many years of dealing with this it became my norm so ifI expected the worst I wasn't disappointed most days. I learned to put my best foot forward everyday and learn and be aware of the various smells. People forget and they just think you're stressed or your not that clean or clean at all, you name it I been thru it but I learned to give people and myself a clean slate everyday.

I have been married for over 10 years and even though I told him about TMAU he doesn't really get it I think I did a good job of managing the smell that it did not interfere with anything he did always say your breath stinks then at times his did too (smile) so I was able to move on and chew gum.

Here are some tips I picked up over the years:

Wear a good quality panty liner every day, and bring extras - this will help you not contaminate your panties with the smell and when you go to the bathroom you can smell the pantyliner to let you know you what you smell like today, change the pantyliner as needed, a lot of times the smell will get right in your underwear and once it's contaminate or smell its hard to get away from the smell. They do have disposable underwear but they can get expensive. If I knew better I would of invested in a lot of $1 underwear so I could change and throw away as needed when the underwear was unbearable at work.
Wear cotton underwear, the tmau gas need somewhere to go. If you wear silk underwear you will find at times your underwear or pants are slightly damp and this is the trapped tmau remember TMAU is a gas.
Walgreens has an air-freshener that looks like a pen. When I go to the bathroom at work I would take this with me so when I go to the bathroom at work the person that came in behind me didn't have to suffer as much. I would spray the same time I flushed the toilet.
Wipe good when you use the bathroom, invest in baby wipes or summer eve ph wipes make sure you are very dry after wiping, this could make it worse if you leave the area damp.
Don't forget to floss , sometimes that will let you know what your breath smells like a well.
Evaluate yourself where is the smell coming from the worst. If you can smell fish when you go to the bathroom you need a double dose of metro gel, if you smell garbage smell just from your urine, the wipes should help. For your breath, brush your teeth especially your tongue and this still dodn't help me but I think the gum is best.
If you smell to the point that your coworkers are holding their nose this means your ph is at the highest point and you need a double dose of metro gel and insert as needed or once a week. If you don't you are just walking around like a mermaid you smell like rotten fish and you have to continue to keep killing the bacteria until can gain control.

If you smell like a mermaid and then take a double dose it's like you crushed the mermaid into a small doll attached to you and now you have to contain the smell.

You should be in tune with your smell and try to limit it as much as possible. Let me know how the coconut oil, zinc and kelp work for you.


Keep Smiling it will get better

I would like to know what kind of smell you give. Mine is like
excrement. Anyway, I will try to do all you have tried to do, and what has worked for you; thank you for sharing it.
A warm hug.

Ioles stated:
Hello, I would like to know that smell desprendes, mine is smell of excrement. Anyway try to do what you've tried and it works for you, thanks for sharing, hugs


Yes, please try I hope it works for you. ''Sí, por favor intente Espero que funcione o.

A deficiency of zinc may result in the loss of the senses, taste and smell, cause fingernails to
develop white spots, peel and become thin. Another sign of deficiency is body odor, foot
odor and halitosis (bad breathe).
Zinc must be obtained daily from the diet as the body is unable to make enough!

The Zinc Tally Test or Taste Test is an easy convenient way for your ‘health practitioner’ to
monitor your body’s zinc levels to see if supplementation is necessary!

If prescribed a zinc supplement it is recommended that you take this on an empty stomach
preferably before bed.

Improves body pH: Kelp is an alkaline food and therefore an essential part of maintaining acid base balance in the body and an effective component in a healthy acid-alkaline diet.

I've been on zinc for a little over two months and added kelp to my supplements on aug 8th. I have had no change. I've tried the coconut oil twice and I've had an odor reaction to that. I wish this was a cure cause I had high hopes when reading it but its not working for me.

Sorry it didn't work for you. Keep trying different things. Go to the doctor and get a physical an have them run some tests to see if you are deficient. I went to the office a couple of months ago and said I wanted them to run every test in there database it came back that my iron was low and I had to take iron supplements for 6 weeks and then the test came back normal. Again keep trying and something should work pretty soon for you.

hi smile... id like to ask if the results that you have attained last's for a day... does it have any bad effects on you so far? is it still working for you until now?

Hello Bamboo455,

So far so good, I still get paranoid at times because I've dealt with the various smells so long. I still have good results. I was reading up on black seed oil and this stuff is said to cure miracles they said King tut was buried with this oil because they believed it could cure anything.

I'm just in the habit of reading and trying things now but the kelp and zinc works for me, I took some black oil extract and I had a lot more energy and seems like my metabolism sky rocketed. But to answer you question, the results of kelp and zinc lasted more than one day.

Hi Smile, have you been tested for TMAU?? I gonne try kelp and zinc to see if there's a positive result.

No one in my area performed the tests they pretty much flagged me off as a bacterial infection and gave me flagyl (pill) or metrogel (Gel form) . I could of been a poster child for TMAU every last symptom you name it I had it, The medical community does not take it seriously I do believe your body is lacking something and you have to keep searching until you find what it is.

Wow. I'm really shocked that u haven't been diagnosed. I started another discussion under "zinc and kelp supplements" hoping u would see it and respond. I think its important for people to know that u haven't been diagnosed and this is not a cure for tmau. It might help and I thank you for that information.

I live in thePhilippines and I have not been tested, but I think I have tmau. I tried taking supplements like B2, chloropylin and activated charcoal but still the results I get is not what I expect. I'm happy that you found the answer to your problem.

I have been diagnosed with secondary TMAU and have been working with a doctor. I've done thre cycles of antibiotics, activated charcoal, b2. My symptoms did get a little better but did not go away. Now I think I have side effects. I tried the kelp and zinc for two weeks and didn't notice a change. Smile is right though u could just have a deficiency of some kind which u might want to get test before u diagnose yourself with TMAU. I have an iron deficiency and TMAU.

I consulted a doctor and the test came back normal. And she said that she didn't notice anything different. So right now, I'm really confused. I live in a third wolrd country, maybe that is the reason why doctors here dont take it seriously. "It's all in your head", that is what they will say.

I live in the USA and I got that same response. It wasn't til I ordered the test by mail and paid for it myself. Once I got my results and it was positive the doctors had to listen. The doctors ran genetic test and found nothing wrong. So now they just give me the same stuff u and I find on the internet. It's up to me to contact other doctors and get advice. If u need someone to talk to I'm here. ;-)

Thanks, I really appreciate it.It feels so much better when you're able to share with someone what you're going through,specially when you share the same situation.

Smellycat the thing with the TMAU testing is that it seems to be flawed. you can take the test Monday and come out positive and take it Thursday after eating a round of seafood and come out positive. TMAU seems to be recognized by a small community of supporters and if they have Dr. or associated with a hospital we put our faith in them. I think what w have is bigger than TMAU something that was discovered in the 1970 and still we're no closer to a insurance cure or treatment. I think its something that has always been around and we have to keep searching to see what our body is lacking. I'm doing fine and I encourage everyone to keep a log and find out what works for you, understand that TMAU is PH level 9.

can researchers find a cure 5 years from now?

Mebo research is a great website to find information. You should take a look rareblood if haven't been to that site. I do know that the doctors that are researching TMAU strongly recommend that anyone who thinks they might have it should be tested.

Hey smile, I just wanna ask if coconut oil is good for maintaining the body's ph level.

Smellycat - I have been to the mebo research more times than I can count and have found some very useful information there. I had my obgyn call one of the doctors and basically thye stated it's no cure and they sent me to a specialist "TMAU" in Philadelphia and she gave me an exam and told me to take a double dose of the metro gel for 7 days. She didn't recommend the test/ The test has not been proven and you will have false positives, I can get the test then what?? I know my body and the symptoms are real.

Virgin coconut oil has a pH of 5.5-7.8. This range includes healthy skin pH (5-6), neutral (7), and slightly alkaline (7.8) making it an ideal balancing moisturizer for all skin types.

pH stands for power of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered to be neutral. A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline. Our ideal pH is slightly alkaline - 7.30 to 7.45. You can test your pH levels regularly by using a piece of litmus paper in your saliva or urine first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

To answer your question I don't know, I tried it and I didn't have any issues.

Hi Smile-
Thank you for shearing such a important information.
I am a 47 years old woman has odor from my breath.
I must say I used be. I think my problem is comes from the hormone balance dysfunction. Now I am taking Vitamin B2 and Chlorophyll Copper daily bases and the situation is much more moderate.
I have a question for you.
Are you a men or woman?
Because I searched Zinc and learned it is very important to maintain the balance of woman hormone. Also you are saying Copper is sacrificing Zinc absorption? So the body can absorbent Zinc more than taking Zinc by itself ?
If anyone have the knowledge about zinc and woman hormone, please explain to me.

Thank you.

Zinc and Kelp works for me. I have purchased many items and have taken Zinc by itself with no results Zinc and Kelp together is working for me.

Hi Smile-
Thank you for replaying me.
I read all comments and I have searched all zinc, Kelp and Coconuts oil .
You are so right about everything and I was convinced.
I am taking your advise and I started to take Coconuts oil and eat Kelp everyday.
Here is the coconuts oil research explains how coconuts oil is so beneficial for us.

I also would like to share my recipe of " Sweet Vinaigrette Kelp" with the community.

You need these:
*Cut Kelp from Chinese supermarket ( it is very cheape!)
*Rice Vinegar
*Glass jar

Mix Rice Vinegar and Honey in the glass jar (make enough liquid so the cut Kelp will be all covered) and just add Kelp.
It will keep for long time in the refrigerator.
You can add your salad, any kind cooking like stew, saute, pasta.
Rice vinegar is also very healthy because it contain amino acid and fighting free radicals and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Read more:

Hope someone like my recipe!
Thank you Again.

Sakura with LOVE

Thanks for the information.

Hi Smile, I'm so glad you found a cure to your personal situation, I would like to ask if you could answer a few questions, what type of TMAU did you have, genetic or acquired? After the odor disappeared, did it suddenly appear again? did you do any physical exercise? Were you on a choline-poor diet while you were taking kelp and zinc? I would really appreciate any extra information, I'm starting treatment with Kelp and zinc, plus I add spirulina. regards

If I had to guess about TMAU or odor I use to believe it was genetic but now I think my body always lacked the right balance. I have 7 sibling and it seems like I'm the only one who had it. My mom definitely has it but she doesn't talk about it she from another generation and it seems like she's in denial, now that she's on diabetic medicine the smell seemed to disappear. I tried to talk to her but she just doesn't want to get it, it goes in one ear and out the other. Tmau or awful smell was present in sweat, urine, breathe. Seafood is the worse but now I can eat seafood with no issues. Its hard for me to sweat so exercise was not an issue.

Thank you for your answer, Smile. According to what I've read about diabetes, one should eat food with a low "Glycemic Index" and also a lot of raw vegetables, this should help our bodies to regulate the pancreas' functioning, look it up.

After starting ingesting kelp and zinc supplements, the odor becomes stronger for a while, I don't know It that happened to you, since your situation did improve after 3 weeks, but it may take longer for other people. Also, I read it is recommended to rake folic acid (B9) and riboflavin (B2) supplements, B2 strengthens FMO3 enzyme, which is in charge of TMAU metabolism, my condition was acquired, since it all began when I was 22, were it genetic I would have born with it. I'm expecting to see good results with these supplements and the low-choline diet.
Best regards,

Hi guys,

Sorry I've not been around due to an illness and death in the family these past two months. I find this thread extremely interesting and valuable. I've always believed, and reaffirm to myself almost on a daily basis that TMAU is only one of possibly many causes of body and breath odor. As smile says, " I think what w have is bigger than TMAU something that was discovered in the 1970 and still we're no closer to a insurance cure or treatment."

Yes, there is the Trinzyme research that will probably help manage TMA odors, at the very least, but in fact, TMAU was discovered by chance, according to Dr. Fennessey, when they were looking for something else. In fact, approximately only 5% of those tested with the urine test are positive for the genetic form of TMAU , and even some of those test negative with the DNA test. In addition, approximately 30% or less are positive for Secondary TMAU, which in theory is caused by bacteria in the gut that produces excessive TMA. HOWEVER, this bacteria in the human gut has not been isolated and identified yet!!!

So, yes, indeed, it is actually quite sad that the only test available to some sufferers in certain parts of the world is the TMAU Test. It is very limited, though a small percentage have benefited from positive results that has helped them manage their symptoms to some degree. So, I would personally not put all my hopes in wanting to get a positive TMAU test result because it's not the "holy grail." It is simply a tool that may or may not help guide sufferers, as opposed to running an obstacle course blindly. I understand your apprehension and delay in testing smile, my son and I waited a few years before we tested. In the end, he was positive for Primary and I was positive for Secondary.

What's interesting is that sometimes we can eat more choline rich foods than other times. I think that through the years what we discovered is the real issue isn't so much eating a choline rich meal, as is the saturation factor. It is when whatever odorous chemical builds up in one's body to a high saturation level that it then becomes extremely difficult to control. It seems to get stored in the tissues, in the body fat, and wherever the body can "store" (for lack of a better coping mechanism) odorous chemicals. Avoidance of odorous chemical SATURATION should be our focus when figuring out a good protocol.

I do support taking vitamins and minerals, but I am wary about taking more than the body can metabolize, use up for energy and cell structure and function. For example, too much iron can produce constipation, creating other problems, though people who tend to have anemia or pregnant women are encouraged to eat iron rich foods and/or supplements. Too much copper usually found in chlorophyllin pills is harmful to the body, etc. Has anyone looked into how the body reacts to high levels of zinc? As smiles says, zinc has an important function in the body, though I wonder if the same supplement dosage is beneficial to all human beings, or should the dose be regulated according to the zinc levels of each individual.

That could be true of any supplement or drug, according to what Dr. Elizabeth Shephard tells us in her PowerPoint presentation, "Pharmacogenetics & Personalized Medicine."

This is a very interesting thread, indeed, and I would love to follow it as we each go exploring and sharing our experiences.

Smile Hello, my name is Thiego, I am part of the Mebo Research Brazil.

I read in the forum about coconut oil do well, but nothing about kelp or zinc. I've read reports of people who were cured with digestive enzymes, low choline diet and probiotics. You guide me on your healing? Telling me about his life, how you used this medicine? What is the dosage? Has as upload them for me? Can you give me your email?

Thanks Maria and Thiego for your response.

Hi, Smile

Added you.

Thanks Maria the information.

Hi smile, I have a question. Do you ingest 150mcg or 150mg?

Hey, Smile. I would like to keep us updated on your treatment.

Hello, Smile.
I'm new to this forum. I was reading your comment and I'm glad to see there's a new hope for me. I'll give zinc and kelp a try. Also, do you take 50mg of zinc and 150mcg a day? or is it 50mg of zinc and 300mcg of kelp a day? (since they're 2 pills) When you take your pills, do you take them together? With food? In the morning?
I gave metronidazole tablets a try and the smell faded miraculously for a few days, but eventually came back.
Since then, metronidazole has no effect on me anymore.
Thank you very much for your comments.

Hi smile, is zinc and kelp effective together or do i have to take copper with it??

chicacostarica - 150 mcg

I take zinc and kelp together

smile, are you on a low choline diet right now??

I saw you're from Chile, just like me. I'd like to know what's the brand name for Kelp capsules over here, and where I can find them. Has the treatment worked for you? Do you go to any Doctor that knows and treats Trimethylaminuria? The Doctors I've seen have disregarded my questions about this disorder.
Thank you for your answer.

Thank you for your comment, Fran. I've been on kelp and zinc for around 2 weeks, so it's still to early to see any results. I buy kelp at Homeopathic/naturist Pharmacies, the same goes for spirulina and zinc. I try not to ingest chemicals, I mean, I always try to get the most natural products, and without additives.

Here in Santiago I buy kelp and zinc from "farmacias homeopaticas Hahnemman", the price for both things bundled together is about 10,000 pesos. I buy spirulina right in front of Santa Lucía hill, at "El guardián de la salud".

Best regards

Hello Smile,
Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. I will immediately put your advice into practice. I also have great information to share with the community. It's been two months since my odours have disappeared. I take 1 tablet of Bioflorin every day in the morning, afternoon and evening plus 1 tablet of Vitamin B2 prescribed by my doctor. For my daily hygyene I shower with soap pH 5.5, instead of deodorant I use the baking soda mixed with a little water under the arms and when I work or when the weather is hot I wash the whole body. It's very efficient, natural and cheap. In the evening, I moisten my skin with almond or olive oil. Baking soda is also a good skin cleanser, it leaves the skin clean and soft. My mother used it to treat everything. It is also used for cleaning, laundry, cooking. It is a marvelous product. But I must say that I continue my diet without choline, but I allow myself a few products. Now I'm more relaxed, I work on letting myself go. If people cough or sneeze around me, it's not my concern. I do not feel guilty. Good luck, friends.

Hi Smile,
I love your nickname. You're absolutely right when you say that the medical world ignores TMAU disease. I remember when I went to see my doctor she opened big eyes as if I had said an aberration, she sent me to a hematologist and oncologist, who knew nothing of the disease. I had to give him myself all the information I had. I think everyone should listen to one's body, take all possible information and adapt to one's condition. In any case, I have gathered a lot of information thanks to the community. Thank you all. Maria, all my condolences for the death in your family .. Let's keep smiling and holding the head up.

I've been following Smile's instructions (Kelp+Zinc) for the last two weeks. I've also included black tea, which I drink as an infusion three times a day, but I also apply a little on my armpits after dampening it with a little water. What's happening is unbelievable. My bad odor, especially in my armpits, is slowly going away. I recommend that you try this treatment and I really hope you get the same results. I'll keep updating you on how it all goes.

Smile, you could tell me what kind of kelp purchase? Do you can send me photo?

Good Morning Smile,
What a good word, we are becoming TMAU certified. That made me laugh so much. Thanks for all your precious information. I think that if we relegate it to the back burner, we can relive. We have so much suffered from this disease that we cannot but be sensitive to one and the other of its problems. We are something like a family. Thanks once again. Le God continue to bless you.

Thank you so much for the information, Cristian, I hope it will soon be effective on you. I will start the treatment in a couple of days.

Cristian, the Kelp you bought, does it contain chrome? I bought a few FDC (mark) Kelps over Hahnemman homeopathic drugstore but i'm not quite sure if those are the ideal ones since the contain 50 mcg of chrome per capsule. How is your treatment going? Have you noticed any changes so far? Thanks for your answer.

can u give me a up date i think it is working
for me

Hello Smile

Congratulations to you, I just want to ask you a question.
Because I'm going to try your method.
But I'd like to know if after taking all the treatments people around you do not cough, sneeze, nor blow noses any more.
I look forward to your response.
May God bless you in your efforts and research.
Thank you for sharing all that with us.
May God direct and help the researchers. Amen.

thank you

Hello Smile
What is the organic coconut oil that you drink?
Is this what they put into the hair or can I buy it in pharmacy sections in supermarkets?

thank you

Smile, Have you come across males suffering from FBO/ TMAU? Mostly see women responding..Appreciate any advice specific to males..

Mara22 this is the oil that I bought.

Good morning Smile, I am happy, I bought almost all the products that you suggested us. Zinc, varech (kelp), bio coconut oil (is it generally solid?) I straight away bought 1 litre, but I use it also for hair and skin, I also have Eucerin lotion (this is not at all expensive). I am going to test all of them. Soon I hope TMAU will only be a bad memory. One last question, Smile, should I nevertheless continue the regime without choline? I fear so much that the odor may relapse, till now I was taking vitamin B2 and Gutflora in order to regulate intestinal microbiota, but it causes constipation, then I take a laxative tisane. Odor decreased but did not completely disappear. With the new treatment it would be a bad memory. Finally, I would be able to live and eat normally. Thanks again, Smile, now you are not just a pro, but an expert in TMAU.

For deodorant I use baking soda; I never smell bad under my arms because of perspiration. I would love to put some perfume; what would you recommend? I am thinking to use essential oils for the skin. Since I live in Switzerland, I think I cannot find the same products as you in America. Thank you in advance

Perdón por la tardanza en responder Fran. si, al parecer son las mismas capsulas marca FDC, contiene 0,4 mg de cromo en cada capsula,aun no se si se puedan encontrar en forma mas pura, pero no se si el cromo afecte en algo al tratamiento, Todavía me falta agregar el aceite de coco. estoy optimista, porque el olor se ha hecho menos intenso, puede que este dando resultados positivos pero hay que darle mas tiempo, hasta que se de algún resultado radical positivo. Saludos

Sorry for taking so long to answer, Fran. Yes, it seems like they are the same pills FDC brand, containing 0.4 mg of chrome in each capsule, still don't know if it can be found in a purer form, but I don't know if the chrome affects the treatment in any way. I still have to add the coconut oil, I am feeling positive, because the smell has turned less intense, maybe it is giving positive results but we have to give it more time, until there is a positive radical change. Regards.

I am sorry Smile, but you say that you take 5 mg of Zinc ; my pharmacist told me to take one 1 mg tablet ; what should I do ? This would be 5 tablets to get 5mg .. thank you for your answer

Sorry Smile, I made a mistake in the quantity, the zinc tablets that I have are 10mg par pill. Vous take 50 mg, so I should take 5 to make 50 mg?

Hi Belinda!

You mentioned that you are using baking soda as deo, i am just wondering if you dont get rashes? In my case i have tried using baking soda but i get rashes. I am thinking maybe i have uses to much or am using it the wrong way? Do you use it plainly or mix it with something else? And how much do you use?

Thank you in advance for your reply :)

Cristian, thank you for your comment. The edible coconut oil I haven't used it either yet, a pharmacist told me I can search for it at, there are a few addresses of where to get it, if you haven't found it yet as in my experience I have just found the cosmetic one, not the edible one.
Yes, they are the same capsules of Kelp. you are taking two per day? Zinc I take one daily of 15mg only, do you think it would be necessary to take the ones of 50mg?
Another question, sorry I ask so much, did you try activated carbon pills before? And if so, did they give you any positive result?
I hope you are going well with your treatment and that in a couple of weeks you would tell us that the smell disappeared.
I hope I can say the same myself.

That's good information Fran, thank you, during this week I will go to get the coconut oil, hope it is not very expensive. I take the Kelp two per day with one capsule of zinc, yes, they are the same that you bought. As regards the activated carbon, I had done everything, and nothing has given any "radical" result, and as radical change I mean that the people stop sneezing or coughing around me and be able to feel 100% environment scents, this is to say, that my body smell reduces completely. Let's hope that the mix of zinc, kelp and coconut oil will give us results.

Good morning, Christian,

[Even after] taking all your tablets, do people continue to cough and sneeze?
Is there improvement in your condition?
Where can I get this edible coconut oil? In super markets?


Hi Smile! OMG I believe finding your post has been an answer to my prayer! I have had issues with B.O. for as long as I can remember. I finally thought I had a handle on things since changing to Tide Free detergent and using Dove sensitive soap. Lately i've noticed the odor coming back and not going away. I definitely plan to try the zinc and kelp. I purchased organic coconut oil for my hair but now see that maybe I need to be using it for my body.

I just want to make sure I understand your routine correctly. You use Eucerin lotion, you use wipes after bathroom visits, you take zinc, kelp and coconut oil daily and you maintain a regular diet. Is this correct? I've lately been considering eliminating eggs and dairy from my diet. I love greek yogurt and like eating it because of the active cultures in it. However, maintaining a odor free body is most important to me at this point in my life.

I feel very encouraged that you have been married for several years and clearly not allow TMAU affect your relationship. I am not married and have often been nervous and afraid because i didn't know how it would affect a marriage.

Thanks for everything! I pray you continue to be successful in maintaining a healthy and odor free life. Look forward to your response about your routine.

I have been taken zinc and kelp for almost a week and so far nothing , am desperated

Hello, could somebody tell me what is this eucerin cream or lotion?

Hello Everyone,

The kelp and zinc is still working for me. I eat regular foods.

Based on all the information I provided you should see some results.

1) FLAGYl or Metrogel (take it daily if you have to) until you see a change.

2) The lotion Eucerin works , the lotion traps the bad smell bacteria. TMAU has a PH of 9.0 the lotion brings the PH down.

3) If you do have a smell it should be coming from your breathe and private areas.

4) Remember TMAU is fumes or a gas.

5) Take activated charcoal, see if it works for you. it did not work for me, but we all may have different reactions.

6) Get bloodwork to ensure all is well.(get TSH checked, iron checked, etc..)

7) Don't sit back and let this life interrupted distraction take up so much time in your life. Come up with a plan to defeat it and say good bye.

8) Keep fighting.

When I go into my doctor office and tell her about my TMAU she looks at me like a deer in headlights, she says poor child I can't imagine. This is my medical doctor not my OBGYN but both have the same response. Nothing , this is not in their books so what do you really want them to do. They call it bacteria infection and call it a day.

Make sure you are wearing a pantyliner so you can be in tune with your smell throughout the day. For the men, just like the ladies you have to ensure that after bathroom use that there is no residue. Soap and water, wipes, etc..

Continue to do your research and understand your body reactions.

I pray that everyone has a smell-free day tomorrow. We have to keep posting and researching and having more good days, It's possible just keep striving and moving forward.

Please understand that the Kelp and zinc is all that I'm taking and It works.

Thanks Smile for all the great info! I'm feeling very positive! :-)

Fran, tostaduria puerto rico, 21 de mayo with san pablo in the center of santiago, $9700 the kilo of coconut oil.

Thank you Cristian for the info. The price is very convenient as 1 kilo should be enough for more than a couple of months!

Thanks, Smile..You have been a godsent gift..
Hope, with Zinc and Kelp, I and a lot of us can put smile back on my face!!


I was taking th wrong dosis, i was missinng one kelp pill, thank you for sharing this with us


However, it would be a mistake for people reading this discussion thread to think that TMAU or any metabolic malodour disorder is manageable. This most frequently is NOT the case. There is no one solution to this problem. I have managed to lower my choline intake and TMA levels with no improvement in odour whatsoever. Some people have found some degree of control through restrictive diets such as Paleo, SCD or raw vegan. Again, none of these help me much. It is great that kelp and zinc are aiding some people, but it didn't work for me. Moreover, the odour disorder(s) we suffer from are NOT controlled by meticulous hygiene - only slightly alleviated at best. No amount of low pH soap can quell a sudden blast of odour, like a fecal tsunami, which can fill a room for several seconds. We share ideas in the hope that somebody in our community can benefit but we must make it clear: odour disorder is very complex, has devastating effects, is often unmanageable and is not connected to hygiene.

I will be the first to tell you that something is better than nothing. A TMAU Tsunami (really) Look I now the odor can get real bad but the odor is manageable. Yes you may have some bad days but there should be more good days. You have to see what works for you the low ph soap and lotion does help. It took Thomas Edison over 1000 tries before his big invention, he didn't quit and neither will we. Lets keep fighting team.

Hello smile, can you tell me the name of that eucerin lotion? Thanks :-)

I'm desperate, I've just lost my girlfriend and I am sure it is because of that.... my friends start to get away a little and I can't stand this any more... I will try to get the algae and the zinc and I hope they will work... I don't know what to do any more

A question... can we detect the smell ourselves??? I don't perceive any smell in my mouth... and if it is like that, how can we detect it? please answer

Hello, Shesai,
I'm sorry I've not responded quickly. So, for Bicarbonate. I use a little bit in the palm of the hand, I wet a little with the other hand and I rub the two hands together before rubbing under the arms or the rest of the body .. I never had any problems. But after the evening shower I cover myself with moisturizing body oil. Now I use coconut oil or oil of sweet almond, even the well-diluted glycerin. But I also have a day when I use Eucerin lotion that I experiment with right now. See you.


I have personally met a great many odour sufferers throughout the past 3 years. Our odour disorders are on a spectrum (in the same way that autism is). I have also read the personal accounts of many sufferers on the various websites. Some people have a moderate odour emanating only from the feet and they can 'manage' it with diet and supplements. Many others, however, go to extreme measures to alleviate their odours but still experience sudden waves of intense odour which can fill a small hall for a few seconds. These people are, as yet, unable to manage their odours. This does not imply that they are not trying, or have given up and, for some, it is patronisng to tell them their odour is manageable. Everyone is different and responds differently to treatments. I agree we must keep searching and experimenting for ourselves and sharing ideas. But a lot of sufferers already feel guilty for existing so let me say it again: YOUR ODOUR IS NOT YOUR FAULT ANDN IF IT PERSISTS DESPITE YOUR GREATEST EFFORTS THEN IT IS, AS YET, BEYOND YOUR CONTROL

I would never say anyone isn't trying. It would be great to write down the expereience and how often . if you are in the midst of sudden waves of odor whatc an you do? Can you take a double dose of Metro gel? Does that stop it calm it down, how often does the sudden wave episode happens twice a year twice a month, these are things that should be posted so we can assist each other. I am a sufferer and had the hurts and embarrassment for a long time. Event though you typed in all caps at the end of your message we are still on the same team. We have enough people out there ready to team up on us, let's not team up on one another. We are still fragile but strong.

hola Smile, una pregunta, ¿La gente alrededor tuyo estornuda o tose? porque ya sabes, en mi caso parece que el mal olor pero no puedo controlar los estornudos y alergias causados.

Yes they do, but Ican confirm they have allergies. I will keep that in mind moving forward.

Hi smile, do you see the results straight away?

And has this worked for anyone else?

Hello Smile, Thanks, thanks, thanks for the hope that you generated in our community, for your generosity, for your sense of sharing and your enthusiasm, especially for all that you have done to search out, much better than the professionals. At last we see that our prayers are answered. God did not forget us, you should always have faith and never get discouraged. It is only since a week that I take zinc and varech as well as a small teaspoonful of bio-coconut oil and I feel my body changing gradually. And I know that this will go on improving. I have an elder brother who lives with this disease since 30 years, doctors did nothing for him, every one took him to be mentally sick, he is under antidepressants since then, he is like a living-dead now, he did advanced studies but very quickly he stopped working. I think for him there isn't anything any longer, but me, I refuse to let myself drift. And now, at last, I am better, Thank Heavens. Let us continue to sustain ourselves, end of the tunnel is not far away, So long!

I would however like to ask you a question, even though you no longer stink, do people around you, no longer cough or sneeze? For me, today it was terrible, people started sneezing at the very time, and I quickly left. I did not know what to do.

We can smell us ourselves??

I don't, I don't smell anything myself though I know I smell because of the comments and the people. I have tried taking the zinc and the algae tomorrow I will buy the coconut oil, for the moment I haven't notices anything big...

Belinda , Thanks your words are encouraging as well.

I understand your brother's pain and if I left it up to the doctors they would of put me on depression medication as well. Doctors are needed and for the majority of the patients that walk thru their doors they are able to treat successfully. When the doctor prescribed me flagyl and metrogel for the 1st time I was excited like a child on Christmas because I thought this was a cure, when the smell reappeared about a week later I went back to the doctor and they told me to take it again but at a higher dosage. After a week the smell came back and that's when I stopped coming for a better solution because instead of looking or researching my symptoms we were just going in circles, I had one doctor told me it was impossible for me to experience those symptoms. I changed doctors instead of letting her change me and my reality.

We want to pass on wealth, strength and knowledge to our children and future generations. This smell or life interruption is something we want to bury so our children or anyone don't have to suffer. I must tell you that this blog and others like it pave the way for others to read about our stories and pain and words of encouragement to get them thru another day. So when you do submit a post understand that generations will read our words when we are no longer around and yes TMAU may have a universal cure for everyone but then life gives birth to another life interruption or a cousin of TMAU and generations need to know they have to keep on pressing forward and know that they are winners as long as they stay in the game.

Keep praying team God is listening.


The flagyl and the metrogel worked for a moment but it was not a cure. I stated it came back in a week. That means I had a few good days. Flagly and metrogel kills all the bacteria in the body good and bad.

loles, I couldn't recognise mine either, as well as you it has been all through comments.

copy/paste from yahoo comment

What everyone is telling you is that you can't smell yourself because of olfactory adaptation. This is when your sense of smell gets 'used' to a smell and your brain ignores it so new smells can be detected. It's similar to the way your wrist gets used to the feeling of a watch and you don't notice that after a while, either. You will notice that you can get 'used to' or not notice any smell if you're exposed to it for a long enough time, and since it's your body, you do smell it all the time.


Try to train yourself to smell yourself. For ladies sniffing your panty liner thru out the day. For men try sniffing your clothes especially underwear at the end or several time a day to monitor your smell. Hopefully by now you are using the low-ph soaps and lotions. The main area of smell should be breathe and private areas. I do not that the TMAU or gas can emit - try to get in tune with the TMAU smell it may be different for everybody. Take a very hot shower and dry off with a towel, leave the bathroom and go back in and see if you smell an unusual smell and smell the towel. This may or may not work for you, but give it a try.

Are any of you diabetic? I have been one for the past three years..The smell problem started a year after i was diagnosed to be diabetic and I want to see if there is a connection.

has this actually worked for anyone else? just curious

I have double my dosis of kelp and zinc, also went to a lab and had a blood test for zinc and th result came back today , my zinc level is 142.30 )th average goes from 65 to 175). That is after taking zinc for a week,I really hope this is gonna work.

Hi Smile and everybody :) Wow many thanks for your comments, new hope! You say that you take two 150mcg kelp tablets, I guess you mean the iode in each tablet, I will try with these, they are 150mcg each. I will start with one a day and see what happens :)

On the other hand, regarding the Zn, <<El zinc es PROBABLEMENTE SEGURO para la mayoría de los adultos cuando se aplica a la piel .o cuando se toma por vía oral en cantidades no mayores de 40 mg por día.>> These tablets I have found contain 22mg of Zn, I will take one and they also contain calcium, so that won't harm as I can't take any lactose.

And finally, I have seen chlorophyll tablets, I will take a couple a day. Can you tell me how much chlorophyll you take a day? Thanks!

I will let you know how I feel after a few days treatment

Kind regards to everyone :))

It has been 2 weeks and I see mild results, maybe I would need to start using coconut oil. Daily intense cardiovascular biking exercise and a diet low in choline have given me better results so far.

I have been diagnosed with secondary TMAU and zinc did NOT work for me, in fact, I had a reverse reaction and had quite an smelly episode...

My daughter is already on kelp and zinc and coconut oil. She says that she has to take coconut oil or feels like her chest hurts. I already take her to lots of docs who say, "Don't worry about her symptoms." Which of course is upsetting. They all admit to me that they don't know anything about TMAU or even how to test for it. I Googled and found that certain mushrooms will break down the TMAU smell. A product called Deodorex is an example. It took about a week to work, but finally she doesn't smell. Her smell was so bad that no one in the family would go near her. You can smell her from several feet away. The smell was like rotting garbage, fish, urine all mixed together. She also got behavioral symptoms from it. The Deodorex has also reduced her aggression. So, I am excited that she is finally healing from something that has harmed her her entire life. I wished I could have learned sooner. Like I said, the docs are clueless.

I think it takes a week to rid the smell because I notice with her that the smell is strongest when it finally is leaving her body. Before the smell is when she would act-out behaviorally, when her body was struggling to metabolize it. So, I would say that a week or longer is needed to know if something is going to work.

I am very glad that it works on other people, to be honest I haven't seen a lot of progress, I would like to know where can I find the medicine Deodorex in Spain, Thanks



It is not available in Spain, apparently. Well, at least I still haven't found it.
However, it can be purchased online, for example, from Amazon.

Further information can be found here:
As you can see, prices may vary considerably depending on the vendor, so we really need to keep our eyes wide open.

Hopefully HeidiN will tell us where she gets it from.

Thanks Marta for your prompt response, I have found a U.S. website which can send it to you here to Spain, greetings

Does anyone know if "deodorex" is available in Chile ? Where can I buy it?

Cristian, I don't know if it's sold in Chile, but you can order it over the internet using the link posted by Martacampabadal, I've just bought it and it has free shipping outside the US, so you'll only pay for the product. I hope this site is trustworthy! Because of its medicinal nature, I don't know if Customs is going to have a problem with it, let's hope it'll make it to my mailbox. Best regards.

Exactly!! I bought it from that web page also, hopefully it works, good luck!

Hola heidin, en las indicaciones del producto dice si no es recomendable tomarlo cuando hay un embarazo?

Fran Thanks for the info, I will buy it too to see if it works, it seems to be good, people say it's a purifier of the blood and other toxic substances, I hope it works, good luck.

Una pregunta, probareis a tomar el deodorex solo o combinado con algas kelp y zinc?

I will take only deodorex, coconut oil and activated carbon. Zinc and kelp caused me diarrhea and I have not noticed any change in my scent nor in the comments and bad sides of my coworkers. In fact today a lady greeted somebody who was with me and looked at me with disgust and one day I heard moaning in human resources for my bad odor, is a daily martyrdom go to work knowing you're the scum of all the places you go . Anyway, I stopped taking them because it hurt my colonso much. I hope deodorex work. Good luck to all!

Hello Fran! I understand you so well... no matter how much you bathe or how many precautions you take, it's all for nothing. It's frustrating and non-sufferers will never understand it (It's not their fault, but we do suffer a lot). I spend some time reading previous comments and I'm thinking about giving deodorex w/ coconut oil a try, I may add activated coal as well. Hugs and good luck!

Yes, it is frustrating, nothing has yielded big results. Same with Kelp and Zinc, it only made my hair grow, coal didn't work, neither did chlorophyll juice I made out of chard.
I'll give Deodorex a try, and I'll add coconut oil too. I do exercise on bicycle, an hour and a half approximately, I can say that has helped a bit, makes me sweat a lot. I think the plan now is, adding deodorex to all the other protocols; intense cardio, low-choline diet, coconut oil, and maybe kelp. I wish success for us all!

Hi Smile,

Is the Kelp & Zinc still working for you? I was thinking about adding Deodorex to my routine. Have you ever tried Deodorex?

Fran ¿puedes escribirme a mi correo? no se si lo conoces es es para preguntarte unas cosas sobre el envio del producto, para no crear spam aca en el blog.

I'm seeing Deodorex has been discontinued. I found a site that says discontinue Deodorex immediately. I don't know the reason, but websites are still selling what they have

hay que ir probando, a algunos les sirve el kelp, a otros el protocolo MEBO para olor corporal, a otros el aceite de coco, etc.

Google, "Is Deodorex discontinued"

Hopeful46 Wjat do you refer to with Deodorex discontinued? I didn't understand to tell you the truth.

Cristian it looks like Deodorex has been discontinued. That means no more will be made. Websites are selling what is left of Deodorex. If you google the words "Is Deodorex Discontined" it will show you that Deodorex is discontinued.

Cristian!! It says they don't manufacture it any more, the websites sell it until stocks are exhausted...

Yes loles, I did understand it in the second message, it's just that at first I thought it said that Deodorex hadn't made any effect on him.
Maybe as the ones that suffer from bad body smell are not many the business wasn't profitable, whether the product was useful let's hope that any organization would try to get involved there and produce it again. regards.

Smile, you have given me hope! I have suffered with TMAU for about three months now (I know, not very long comparatively, but it has been a nightmare). I am currently taking a 2-week course of the antibiotic neomycin, which was recommended by NIH; I did one course before, and the smell went away, but then came back.

I am eager to try your zinc/kelp regimen, but just have a few questions first:

1) What brand of kelp tablet do you take?
2) When you say you take 150 mcg, do you mean that on the label it says 150 mcg of kelp, or 150 mcg of iodine? All the bottles I'm seeing seem to list kelp in "mg" and iodine in "mcg"
3) Was the coconut oil necessary in eliminating your odor, or just something that helped a bit extra? Trying to figure out if it is fine to take the zinc/kelp by itself, or if the coconut oil is essential
4) Do you only take the zinc/kelp mix once a day? If so, when - in the morning?
5) Is there an ideal time to take the zinc/kelp mix? Right before a meal, during a meal, or right after?
6) Are there any foods you still avoid just in case - eggs, red meat, etc.? Or have you returned back to a completely normal diet?
7) Are there any other supplements you still take on a regular basis - chlorophyll, charcoal, vitamin B2?

Sorry for so many questions, just dying to beat this thing. Thank you so much!!

Bonjour Hopeful12345
comment est l'antibiotique néomycine. Pouvez vous m'envoyer une photo pour voir a quoi elle ressemble.
Si c'est en comprimé quels sont vos odeurs ?
Combien de temps est vous resté sans odeur après la prise de Néomycine.
Les gens toussent et éternuent ?
Après la prise de ce médicament les gens toussent et éternuent toujours ?

Hello Hopeful12345

How is the antibiotic néomycine. Can you send me a photo to see has what she(it) looks like.
If it is in tablet which are your smells?
How long remained in you odourless after the grip(taking) of Néomycine.
People cough and sneeze?
After the grip(taking) of this medicine people cough and always sneeze?
Thank you

Hi mara22, here is a picture of it:

As you can see, it is a circular white pill with "93" on one side and "1177" on the other. It helps to reduce the body's ability to produce trimethylamine. I only remained odorless for about a week after taking it, then the smell came back.

As for coughing and sneezing, no one has done that while I've had TMAU -- but I used to have something called PATM (People Allergic to Me) that made people cough, sneeze, and scratch around me. I was able to fix that by keeping to a strict diet and taking a product called Oxy Powder (an oxygen-based colon cleanser). Hope that helps.

I got sick of trying a lot of supplements and procedures such as HIDA scan on liver and gallblader , CAT scan on esopheogus and stomach , pulling off the 4 wisdom teeth , cutting pollyps and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am happy that you find something help you , yet don't judge because dealing with close people got used to the your smell doesn't mean the smell has gone . Anyway , I am going to try the kelp with zinc . Thanksssssssssss

Hoeful12345 - The coconut oil is not necessary but it does help to take it every now and then. Kelp and zinc you can take it any time during the day. The brand does not matter.

Thanks so much for your answers!! Just two more questions, I swear:

1) Are you able to eat any red meat or chicken? Or do you avoid those completely?
2) Do you still use charcoal or chlorophyll, just in case?


Thank you for people like your guys, it' 8yrs since i started to have none stop bad mouth ordor, i feel like an alien for another planet people give me duty look everytimes i ppen my month. it hurt so bad watching my kids sneezing, and tearing whenin the same room with me, my two years old used to be in hospital every months for days for respiratory you can only imagine the dutu look i got from the nurse, now i guest he got use to the smell, its been a year since he has been in the emergency room i feel like one lucky mommom. anyways its been two weeks since i started taking raw enzymes and threelac to my surprised stanger getting in my personal space when talking to me they dont sneeze, cover their nose or mouth, nomore dity look or nothing, i got threelac from amazo

Hello hurt2005

I think that you are the answer to my prayers.
I suffer from this disease nobody do not stop sneezing to cough to blow themselves.
And looks at me to traver contacts the nose I suffer really even in a big theater I makes cough everybody.
I would really want to try your tablet it is my last chance can you say to me has what(who) dose you take him(it) how much capsule a day? And to show me has what looks like the image of medicine?
Send me a link or a photo to my e-mail address which is still I recognize that I can support(bear) the smells. My reactions of people the cough to blow to sneeze is harder has to take(collect).
Sometimes I try to hold(retain) my breath I return people a sick person I am extra(special) one groundAs you him(it) said.
J hope that God will help me that that can walk(work).
In the grip(taking) of he(she,it) medicine people do not cough any more sneeze more for ever?
You know I have price(prize) of the brewer's yeast for the shoot of hair being small.
I wonder if my smells and my problems are not the cause. I had to make a poisoning for the brewer's yeast I think.
Thank you I wait for your answer please

pleases you hurt2005 what are enzymes nature which you take?
You can say to me the mark(brand) if it is in capsules? To show him(it) to me in photo and how many times a day take him(it) you?

Thank you

This is something I want other people to consider trying. I tried everything Smile & others have tried. I still take kelp, zinc, chlorophyll, vitamin C, B2, LiverCare by Himalaya, Vitamin D3, Charcoal, Digestive Enzymes, Deodorex, folic acid, & Lactulose but all this by itself did not stop my smell from my body. I trolled the Internet & read up on baking soda & cinnamon. Please read up on baking soda & cinnamon for yourself because if you have high blood pressure you will have to monitor yourself when using baking soda. I have high blood pressure. I monitor it everyday.

When I wake up in the morning I take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/2 glass of water, this reduces the acid on your stomach. For breakfast an egg white omelette with mushrooms, onions, red bell pepper, & a clove of garlic or I'll just fix a stir fry of vegetables that include mushrooms. I'll take a cinnamon capsule right after I eat, sometimes right before I eat. You can buy cinnamon capsules from Walgreens, online, etc. just google cinnamon capsules. For lunch & dinner I do the same thing. I only take the baking soda once per day in the morning, it raises your PH Balance so you might need to monitor your PH Levels so they stay in the normal range. I make my own capsules starting with empty capsules & I put ground cinnamon in them, I take these with every meal which is usually 3-4 times a day. Believe it or not my smell has amazingly subsided. I feel more confidant to go outside & have a life. I had a smell like a sewer, garbage that was awful. I know I don't smell like that anymore. I still stick to a strict diet but sometimes add chicken to it. I have only been experimenting with this for two weeks & praying it keeps working

I forgot I add spinach to my stir fry also. You can add any vegetables to your stir fry or salads.

I am really happy. I went to the movies last night with my family, no ugly looks, nobody said something stinks, no sniffing or sneezing. The theatre wasn't even ventilated well, kind of stuffy. I had a great night even though I still was on alert.

Hi @hopeful46 what do you do with your ph???

I take 1/2 teaspoon of arm & hammer baking soda with a glass of water when I get up. I also take cinnamon capsules about 3 times a day. I check my ph balance in the afternoon & evening just to make sure my ph isn't too alkanized, every body is different. Read up on benefits of baking soda. If you have high blood pressure baking soda you have to watch out for because it has sodium in it. Baking soda is a good antacid, antifungal agent, etc. google baking soda & cinnamon

Again, this is what I have tried & works. I'm not telling anyone else to try baking soda or cinnamon, it's what has helped me. Do your own research on the benefits & side effects of baking soda & cinnamon because if you take too much baking soda it could be fatal.

Hello Hopeful46 I'm glad to know you found a solution to your problem, I'm personally treating myself with a strict diet and cardiovascular exercises, nothing has had effect on me, but I'll try the cinnamon.
What foods do you eat? Fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, legumes, meat? Could you give me a list as detailed as possible? And another thing, do you smoke, does smoking cigars produce bad breath? If you could answer me, I would be very grateful. Keep well. Greetings.

From what I have read is you shouldn't take more than 6 doses a day of 1/2 teaspoonful of baking soda with a glass of water. I only take 1 dose a day & I take it in morning as soon as I get up if that helps.

One site you can look up for benefits of cinnamon is, then search Cinnamon

Hi Cristian, the only fruit I really eat is Granny Smith apples, oranges. To me a lot of fruits have too much sugar. I don't eat any dairy products. I eat vegetable egg white omelette for breakfast sometimes made with red bell peppers, sliced white mushrooms, onions, garlic & spinach. For lunch I eat same thing without the egg white. I make a lot to fill me up. I eat the same thing again for dinner. Sometimes for dinner I eat skinless chicken breast cut up and I put very little olive oil or corn oil in a pan & cook it until the pink is gone from the chicken & I eat a salad made up of cucumber, spinach mixed salad, and whatever else I usually find to add to it. I put sea salt & a little pepper on it. I try to eat a lot of vegetables. No I don't smoke, I stopped smoking a couple years ago. What I did for bad breath was I started using toothpaste with baking soda. I brush my teeth & tongue with it, after that I gargle with tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide (sold in any pharmacy) & tablespoon water together. I hope this helps Cristian. Blessings

About fruits Hopeful46, there's a type of fruits and vegetables for the people with diabetes, they are the ones called of "low glycemic index", I suspect that these kinds of fruits could go well with you and possibly with me too, it's curious that the TMAU has that similitude with diabetes in reference to the sugar, as a matter of fact cinnamon is very useful for these people that suffer diabetes.

Hi Hopeful46 Thank you for sharing this to us
I just wanna know if you stop taking all those supplements? and you just drink 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda diluted in 1/2 glass of water and take cinnamon capsule 3x a day after meal? how many milligram?
God Bless!..:)

Roselynagustin11, I don't know about milligrams. What I did, I got some empty vegetable capsules & filled them with regular ground cinnamon you buy from grocery store. I still take the supplements because I've only taking the baking soda & cinnamon for two weeks. Later I will start trying to see what supplements I don't need. The baking soda & cinnamon with taking the supplements started working about the 3rd day. I hope this works for you. I have suffered from this since 2006 & I'm just praying it keeps working.

When I first started taking cinnamon, I found some old vegetable capsules from a supplement I wasn't using anymore. I poured out the powder of the capsule & put ground cinnamon in it

Okay Thank you Hopeful46 at the moment I am taking Kelp and Zinc i will try to add this Cinnamon and baking soda. sells 00 vegetarian capsules for $5.99 & $4.99 flat rate shipping for 300 capsules.

Its okay Hopeful46 I think I can buy an empty capsule in a leading drug store here in my country.Thank you! God Bless!

Someone was telling me that it's hard to find vegetable capsules in stores. If your store has gel capsules you can use those too. Get like the 00

Hello Hopeful46

What is what in the grip(taking) of all produced people do not sneeze any more do not cough any more?

Since how long that you feel that people do not cough any more sneeze more?

I have was for a religious gathering it is a big building(ship) almost the dimension(size) of a stage(stadium) people did not stop coughing to sneeze even which(who) are assissent far behind on quotes(esteems) him(it) right and left behind me has quotation of me.
Help I cannot live any more. That to make?

Hello Hopeful46

Do people stop sneezing and coughing when they take these products?

Since when do you think that people no longer cough or sneeze?

I was at a religious meeting it's a big building almost like a stadium people didn't stop coughing sneezing even those who were seated far on my right and left next to me.
Help me I can no longer live. what to do?

Vous avez suivi un régime pour triméthylaminurie? Ont tout à la lettre suivie? Vous avez fait le test génétique qui détecte la maladie?

Mara22, it's been about 1 1/2 weeks no one had cough or sneeze around me, but last night I went to the movies again & ate popcorn with butter. I went to the bathroom @ a lady was in bathroom. She started sniffling when I was next to her at the sink. I found out with the supplements I have to still stick with the strict diet of vegetables & fruits. Try taking the cinnamon capsule about 1/2 hour before you eat. Have you also tried the baking soda? It is an awful taste, but just try it for a week to see if you notice a difference. Plus you need to take probiotics. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, I will try to help as much as I can. Blessings

Mara22, also buy toothpaste that has baking soda in it. Brush your teeth & tongue with it. Then get 3% hydrogen peroxide. Use about a tablespoon of peroxide and a tablespoon of water to gargle with. Swish the mixture in your mouth after brushing you teeth until it starts to foam & spot it out. Your tongue should start to get pink after a while. Give it at least a couple of weeks.

Mara22, there is a company that I get my probiotics from that is dairy, gluten, & animal products free (Latero-Flora) by Global Healing Center that has helped me. Just in case you haven't found a good probiotic

Hello, I’ been taking a chlorophyll pill for a couple of weeks and one of deodorex at lunch and at dinner and I notice that I smell less! On Wednesday I went to a meeting where we were various people in a hall and even though I was nervous I didn’t notice that I smelled as other times nor did people react.

I didn’t dare try kelp and zinc because the quantities are very big and I’m afraid, even though I don’t dismiss trying it with less.

I’ve thought of adding umeboshi, they say it has more alkaline. I’ll tell you how it goes. Has anybody tried it? I also read that it is good for the bad odor in the mouth.

I also take a pill of resveratrol at breakfast.

As for deodorant, the only one that works well is one home-made: I put a bit of water with flax seeds over the fire for two minutes, I strain it and this liquid (that is jelly like) I mix it with bicarbonate. Then I let it cool in the refrigerator and apply it to my armpits. It lasts about two weeks or so.. but has to be kept in the refrigerator.

What you tell me about the coco oil to drink, I’ve read that it’s not good for your health, it has a lot of saturated fat acid.. but yes I use it for the body as it’s anti-bacterial and I think it reduces the smell.

Greetings to all.

Hi there! I am taking chlorophyll tablets for months now, I still stink but the odor has subsided. I haven't been diagnosed with tmau yet but I have the symptoms. Whenever I eat salad with vinegar or onion, no matter how small the amount is, its scent would come off of me and it's so embarrassing. I've been bullied many times because of this.
I am also in search of an effective deodorant or antiperspirant . Any suggestions? I live in the Philippines, the climate is hot and most of the the cities are polluted. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

that is a good news hopeful46! =)

btw, has anyone tried taking MIlk Thistle? I got curious about it as i read from this site:

but am not really sure how safe and effective it is. I just want to know if anyone has tried it before. Many thanks!

hello roselynagustin11,

Since i am also interested to try cinnamon capsule as suggested by hopeful46, i just called Healthy Options. Happily, they do have! Solgar brand, it comes in 500mg, 100 capsules costs P589.00.

Hope that helps :)

Hi shesai Kmusta? I think much cheaper if you just buy cinnamon powder in SM hypermarket 18 pesos a pack and then you buy an empty capsule in Mercury i heard they sell that for 1 peso each.
I dont have an empty capsule yet what i did is put 1/2 teaspoon in a glass and mix it with water and drink, from what i read you can mix it up also in food.

salamat roselynagustin11 :) i will consider that suggestion.

your welcome..:)

Or you can also combine cinnamon powder with honey. Here's an article about the benefis of honey and cinnamon.

Nothing has worked for me, cinnamon hasn't taken the bad odor away, nor the zinc nor the kelp. Shall we say that what I have isn't bad odor, but I do have physical discomfort. I only wait for the test that MEBO is doing and the other test that they are running with the cilantro, I don't know how long the test will take nor in having a product that is profitable, but I only wait for that.

Hi everyone,

They have told me that when you stop eating meat, the smell diminishes a great deal.

Ответьте, пожалуйста, hurt2005

With the green tea and cinnamon infusion I'm seeing some positive results. I hope it keeps that way. This goes together with a strict low-choline diet.

That's great, Cristian! How do you drink the green tea? Together with the cinnamon?

To Smile

Have anyone who follow th th kelp and zinc treatment has a positive result? I finish th bottles already and is has diminish because i am doing a low choline diet now am including mushrooms and spinach and no meat at all, along with vinegar multiminerals, b2 , chorophyla, enzymes , am gonna start drinking green tea and cinnamon, am gonna switch brands to see if it works , please answer

to loles, yes together, I make tea with both things, and I follow a low-coline diet

Christian: powdered cinnamon? And regular green tea, just like that? How much cinnamon do you add to the green tea? Thankssss

Cristian, that's good news. How many times a day do you drink the tea with cinnamon? Best wishes!

I buy my green tea at the dry goods shop, by the kilo. The cinnamon, too. I buy it in sticks and I take the little sticks out. I use an average measure, not too much, not too little. I've taken it twice, when I started. Twice a day. Three, yesterday and I even think I will take it 5 times a day. The bad smell was greatly reduced, and that's considering I haven't been very strict with my diet the last few weeks. I'll see what happens when I am more strict with a low-choline diet.

Hi, my name is Cristian, I am from Chile and I know how it feels to have to cope with this suddenly. I read what you have tried and I would like to know more about the green tea and cinnamon. Where do you buy that? I'm on the 8th region and I find very difficult to find even the chlorophyl that's helped a bit. This is my email address we are in a facebook grupo with mebo, where we share things, it's good to be in touch. I'm happy that it's working for you. Regards.

Hello, amadanga, I apologize for taking so long to respond. It's just that I haven't been going online lately. I buy my cinnamon and green tea at the roasted coffee store. I make an infusion with them. I boil them at night and take the water to work and I go everywhere with my little bottle of green tea and cinnamon infusion. I even chew both of them. Some days I have a particularly bad smell and it helps to chew cinnamon and green tea.
I'm a bit irresponsible, especially during this holiday season, meaning I am not consistent with my diet. It's very strict, but it's worth it to keep with it.
I also bought chlorophyll drops and added it to the treatment. I started biking to and back from work. Cardiovascular exercise and sweating is supposed to help cleanse your body.
I have a question, and I hope some nutrition expert might help. Is there any herb or essence or something is rich in vitamin B2 that I can add to my diet? Vitamin B2 strengthens the liver enzyme in which we're deficient. Hopefully somebody might be able to answer that. I'm not sure if cinnamon is a good source of B2, because it seems to also contain choline.
Kind regards.

@amandaga Is the Facebook Group with Mebo private where other friends don't see what we write on Facebook?

Try drinking a cup of warm water with lemon juice - in the morning.

10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

1) Aids Digestion. Lemon juice flushes out unwanted materials and toxins from the body. It’s atomic composition is similar to saliva and the hydrochloric acid of digestive juices. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that is required for digestion. Lemons are also high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen ama, or toxins, in the digestive tract. The digestive qualities of lemon juice help to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, belching and bloating. The American Cancer Society actually recommends offering warm lemon water to cancer sufferers to help stimulate bowel movements.

2) Cleanses Your System / is a Diuretic. Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials in part because lemons increase the rate of urination in the body. Therefore toxins are released at a faster rate which helps keep your urinary tract healthy. The citric acid in lemons helps maximize enzyme function, which stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification.

3) Boosts Your Immune System. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds. They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in lemons demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects, and is used as complementary support for asthma and other respiratory symptoms plus it enhances iron absorption in the body; iron plays an important role in immune function. Lemons also contain saponins, which show antimicrobial properties that may help keep cold and flu at bay. Lemons also reduce the amount of phlegm produced by the body.

4) Balances pH Levels. Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods for the body. Sure, they are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they’re alkaline (the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized). Lemons contain both citric and ascorbic acid, weak acids easily metabolized from the body allowing the mineral content of lemons to help alkalize the blood. Disease states only occur when the body pH is acidic. Drinking lemon water regularly can help to remove overall acidity in the body, including uric acid in the joints, which is one of the primary causes of pain and inflammation.

5) Clears Skin. The vitamin C component as well as other antioxidants helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes and it helps to combat free radical damage. Vitamin C is vital for healthy glowing skin while its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. It can actually be applied directly to scars or age spots to help reduce their appearance. Since lemon water purges toxins from your blood, it would also be helping to keep your skin clear of blemishes from the inside out. The vitamin C contained in the lemon rejuvenates the skin from within your body.

6) Energizes You and Enhances Your Mood. The energy a human receives from food comes from the atoms and molecules in your food. A reaction occurs when the positive charged ions from food enter the digestive tract and interact with the negative charged enzymes. Lemon is one of the few foods that contain more negative charged ions, providing your body with more energy when it enters the digestive tract. The scent of lemon also has mood enhancing and energizing properties. The smell of lemon juice can brighten your mood and help clear your mind. Lemon can also help reduce anxiety and depression.

7) Promotes Healing. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), found in abundance in lemons, promotes wound healing, and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage. As noted previously, vitamin C also displays anti-inflammatory properties. Combined, vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury.

8) Freshens Breath. Besides fresher breath, lemons have been known to help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis. Be aware that citric acid can erode tooth enamel, so you should be mindful of this. No not brush your teeth just after drinking your lemon water. It is best to brush your teeth first, then drink your lemon water, or wait a significant amount of time after to brush your teeth. Additionally, you can rinse your mouth with purified water after you finish your lemon water.

9) Hydrates Your Lymph System. Warm water and lemon juice supports the immune system by hydrating and replacing fluids lost by your body. When your body is deprived of water, you can definitely feel the side effects, which include: feeling tired, sluggish, decreased immune function, constipation, lack of energy, low/high blood pressure, lack of sleep, lack of mental clarity and feeling stressed, just to name a few.

10) Aids in Weight Loss. Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings. Studies have shown people who maintain a more alkaline diet, do in fact lose weight faster. I personally find myself making better choices throughout the day, if I start my day off right, by making a health conscious choice to drink warm lemon water first thing every morning.

Hi Smile, just joining the discussion, was wondering how you came up with the Kelp and Zinc combination?


Hi. you have to read from the beginning of discussion.
It is very important information.
I learned a lot.
Thanks Smile!

Hello Smile,
Since the time you take kelp varech and zinc people cough and sneeze and blow their noses always

I'm from France. How can I have all that?

Thank you

Hola, alguien ya a probado tomar el deodorex???

I have read all comments on this topic, and there is a lot of information on the benefits of both Kelp and Zinc, but nowhere does it give a reason for starting the use of both nor any reason for the combination.

And absolutely no one says he did used to permanently cure using the kelp and zinc. This is because the effect is only psychological. It's just a lie or a mistake.

I have tried and it doesn't work for me. In addition, be careful as I developed hyperthyroidism due to iodine.

I started taking the kelp & for a long time it would give me energy, now it feels like I don't feel good on it, so I'm going to stop taking it

I'm hoping that scientists discover a cure. I do not believe in miracles. I am in contact with the scientists here in Brazil to see if anyone has any idea. Let's hope!

Dear Friends, I wish to share this extract of something I've found.

"Trimetilaminuria (TMAU), also known as Syndrome of fish smell, or bad smell syndrome. WRONG! That's not true! Most people go through unexplained anxiety, which leads to a nose discharge of foul smelling gas. However, that's just related to what you have digested :)

The solution is more connected with the energy therapies and the improvement of food intake.

Please consult about PRANIC HEALING, REIKI, HYPNOSIS. These therapies can be known by other names and other procedures.

I no longer suffer from this problem thanks to self-help. I learned that we are pure Energy occupying Matter, or a Spirit occupying a Physical body.

Make a Google and Youtube search to keep informed."

I found this in this page

It is interesting and it is yet another alternative.


All right, I shall try hypnosis.



"Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), also known as fish odor syndrome or fish malodor syndrome, 1 is a rare metabolic disorder of an autosomal recessive inherited pattern that causes a defect in the normal production of the flavin-containing monooxygenase gene 3 (FMO3) enzyme".

"Trimethylaminuria can be primary, genetic or secondary 4. The primary type is a recessive autosomal disorder caused by a mutation of the FMO3 gene, which is located in the long arm of chromosome 1 (1q24.3)2 or by reduced expression of enzymes."

Following is a Mebo Research document that explains in scientific terms what TMAU1 and 2 are:

Personally, I believe that any exercise that helps to reduce stress (it is known that stress triggers the odor) can be beneficial for people affected by it.

Well, I agree with Marta. It is necessary to try everything if we want to get a cure. It is necessary to attack anxiety and stress. Today, for instance, I had a group meeting at work and then I started to have that odor. Obviously, as soon as I am informed that I have a meeting I start to get self-conscious since even before I get in and I start to think I have odors. I could realize that the odor comes only when I am anxious and think about it. This does not happen when I'm at home, for instance. It has not happened when I'm with a partner either, as I have straightforwardly asked them if they ever noticed any odor in me and I have always been told "never".
It's been a long time since I have had this problem. At the beginning I could smell the odor even when I was with my family. However, nowadays it only happens in the situations I mentioned before. I think that it is something that happens in the mind or that is triggered and causes us to live this hard time.

Nobody wondered why normal people don't go through this. Of course, they just take a shower and forget about it. We, instead, worry 99% of the day about how we smell. I think that's wherein the problem lies. It is necessary to look for a cure to attack the trigger so that it allows us to be calm in stressing situations. Apart from that, the conclusion is, "let us forget about the odor".

I hope my two cents are worth something. I am going to try hypnosis and I shall let you know how it went.

P.S.: Later on I will tell you about how this problem started for me.

Greetings and best of luck to all.

I hope that the marcomyly hypnosis is going well, all of us look for some answer and indeed we have to try everything. I myself have tried out many things. May it be so with you and the therapy.
If one is preoccupied all day with the smell, I also think that the nervous system must influence. I am quite a nervous person. It is very rare that an enzyme loses its function and can never recuperate. I don't know if there are other special cases of illness resulting from an enzymatic dysfunction. We are all looking for an answers.

thanks to Marta for the information.

Seras el primero en saberlo amigo Cristian

For people who get this it is strange because in my case it produced an emotional breakdown. thanks to the fact that I've had it for for than 14 years means I have some control over it and this is due to the serenity I have acquired.
What I want from the hypnosis is to find the weak point that led to the problem and attack it from there.

Good afternoon, I have bromhydrosis since I was 13 years old an I developed. All my high school was awful as my mother didn't let me shave under the arm pits. My sister started with a dance group and we practiced 4 to 6 hrs per day and there it left me. Afterwards when I stopped dancing the smell started again and my dad told me to drink boldo, I did it before breakfast and before going to sleep and I didn't notice that the smell left me. It became chronic with my first pregnancy at the beginning of the 5 months when I was a cashier in a casino and the stress was so much that I couldn't stand it and I suffer it until today. I controlled it for nearly 2 weeks when I took a laxative and then it came back. They told me about the dioxide of chlorine and it left for a while, not very long and then it came back. My smells are only in the armpits and genitals. I'm taking kelp and zinc but up to now things haven't gotten better.
If somebody has the same as me please write to me.

Hello susy-ch a question what is boldo?

the boldo makes the liver powerful, it's a plant that gives some leaves, with those leaves you make a tea, it's taken before breakfast or before going to bed, it's specially recommended for people with cyrrosical liver it's very good, if I'm not wrong.

Ah it's good to know. Then all these bad smells if they are a problem of the liver

A lot of problems come from waste in our body. You may need to try to see if you have a lot of waste build up and then try the kelp and zinc or whatever herb or method you want to try. You could have years of waste build up. There is a shower enema you could buy, most of our problems stem from a lot of waste in our system. Do your homework but realize doctors are walking books and you are the closest thing to a cure.

A person's body waste can say a lot about his or her health. How often you go to the bathroom, and how much waste you expel, can indicate your general digestive health.

"The digestive tract contains more bacterial cells than there are cells in the entire body," said Dr. Jean-Pierre Raufman, a gastroenterologist at University of Maryland School of Medicine. "It's very important that our bowels work well to absorb necessary nutrients but also keep out any foods, chemicals and germs that could do us harm."

While most people probably don't want to put much thought into the act of going to the bathroom, it's an essential body function that can tell them if something is wrong. A change in bowel movements could be due merely to a change in diet, but it could also mean the body is fighting an infection or dealing with a serious condition.

Here are five hints that your body waste could be giving you about your health.


Stool color is often a reflection of what you eat. While various shades of brown are considered normal, some colors like black or yellow are not.

"Black stool could indicate bleeding in the stomach or the first part of the small intestine," Raufman said.

Iron supplements can darken the stool to more of a dark green, he added. Taking bismuth-containing medicines, such as Pepto-Bismol, or eating black licorice or blueberries also may cause black stools.

Bright red stool usually suggests that blood is coming from the lower part of the digestive system, such as the large intestine, rectum or anus.

Pale white or yellow stool also can mean a problem.

"The reason why stool is brown is because of our normal production of bile," Raufman said. "If there's a problem with bile flow, that may mean a problem like cancer of the bile ducts, or pancreatic cancer or hepatitis."


A change in stool shape also could be cause for concern. Stools that are narrow and pencil-thin are thought by some experts to be a symptom of colon cancer.

"It could be a sign of obstruction in the lower part of the colon," which means the bowel is partially blocked, getting in the way of the fecal matter that is passing through, Raufman said.

Another sign of a potential problem is soft stool. Stool that sticks to the side of the toilet bowl, or is difficult to flush, could indicate the presence of too much oil.

"Oil floats, so you'll see it in the water," Raufman said. "They look like fat droplets, which can mean the body isn't absorbing the fats properly." Diseases such as chronic pancreatitis block the body from properly absorbing fat.

Whether stool floats depends on how much gas is in it. "Generally, stool that sinks or floats don't mean there's a problem," he said.


Though the smell of feces can be rather unpleasant, smells that are particularly strange or foul shouldn't be ignored.

"It's hard to tell people that stool can smell even worse, but it can," Raufman said. "If there is a change in your stool that persists or is unusual, you should see your doctor."

Stool is made up of undigested food, bacteria, mucus and dead cells. It usually smells bad because of the bacteria and parasites, but it also can have compounds that produce an especially unpleasant smell.

"If you have blood in your stool, that usually comes with a particular strange odor," he said. "Also, stool with a lot of fat can smell particularly bad."

Reasons for a foul smell could include certain medications, having food that's been stuck in the colon for too long, or having an infection, he said.


Dry, hard stools that are hard to eliminate are a sign of constipation. People who are constipated may have bowel movements fewer than three times a week.

Constipation is a common complaint, and most people experience it at least once in their lives. More than 4 million Americans have frequent constipation, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Constipation could be caused by a number of factors, including a poor diet, lack of exercise, certain medications, lack of fluids or various bowel disorders.

If ignored, constipation could lead to complications such as hemorrhoids or rectal bleeding. The best way to relieve symptoms is to follow a well-balanced high-fiber diet, drink plenty of water, try to exercise regularly and go to the bathroom when you feel the urge.


Diarrhea happens when loose, watery stools pass through your bowels too quickly. Generally it lasts one or two days and goes away on its own.

"It's a normal way for the body to get rid of toxic substances, like bacteria or viral infections," but it also can lead to dehydration, Raufman said.

Parasites found in water and food can enter the body and disrupt the digestive system, causing diarrhea that can last several days.

Diarrhea also can suggest a more serious problem. Diarrhea that lasts for at least four weeks may be a sign of a chronic disease, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease.

Hello Chicacostarica, the fact is what Mr. Cristian said. It does not make any effect on me, maybe because I suffered two years ago from gallstones, as a consequence of eating to much pizza during my pregnancies, as I only wanted to eat that. Currently, I am taking milk thistle pills, they said that it should be 2 per day but I did not feel any affect at all, so I choose to take 4 per day and believe me I don't feel any more those pricks that I was feeling every day on my back.
If somebody has cured from bromhidrosis, please answer me. The kelp pills say 225 mcg and I take 2 per day, the zinc pills are 50 mg and I take 1 per day. Am I taking the right dose?. Should I increase the dose?.
Actually now I am in my sister's house and I feel very uncomfortable, as I can see my mother and my father scratch under the arms, and they touch their nose with concealment. I feel a lot of shame, They don't judge me or criticize me but I fell a lot of shame.
After carnival, I am going to start with diets and exercises because now I am eating everything and it is not worth to make false attempts.
My electronic mail is
If you want to get in touch with me please write. Thanks very much for every thing.

Hello Smile, I personally don't think the bad smell is because of the lack of going to the bathroom every day as I personally go every day and all is normal, color, smell, and shape and still the smell doesn't go away.
If the problem of bad odor is solved as you say, the this person doesn't suffer tmau. hello girl from costa rica, I recommend this book if you suffer from gallstones

Smile, I think I've got it from my dad, and he (as your mom) since diabetic treatment doesn't have body smell. He takes a lot of different pills (high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes) and I guess the main is Diabeton. Can it be the answer to our problem? Does your mom take it? It can have different brand name -

I tried zinc, kelp, coconut oil combination but it didn't help with body odor (as well as deodorex, chlorophyll, B2, diet etc). Although zinc before bedtime helped with severe insomnia.

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a good week. I am writing to tell you about a supplement I began using some time ago that I believe offers hope for our condition: kombucha. I wrote a detailed post about it here:

But here is the short version:

After trying dozens of supplements for my TMAU, I decided to buy a bottle of kombucha from The Vitamin Shoppe (I read an article saying it helps reduce body odor due to all of its good bacteria and enzymes). Within a week I noticed a significant decrease in my odor. I have now been taking the kombucha tablets for three weeks, and I can say without uncertainty that my odor is practically non-existent.

I am not saying that this is definitively the solution. It has worked like a charm for me, but it may not work for other people. I am just suggesting you try it for a week or two and see if it helps you. I bought a bottle of 100 capsules (500 mg) and take 4 per day (two before breakfast, two after dinner). It is kind of expensive, but believe me, it is worth it. Here’s what I use:

And here are some articles discussing the effectiveness of kombucha against body odor:

I hope it works for you!!!

Hi Smile,
Please tell me what is your condition now. Please reply my below queries:
Are you still taking 50mg zinc and 300mcg (2x150mcg tablets) kelp on regular basis?
At what time do you take these supplements & with how much time difference with food?
Are you totally odor free now?
What other supplements do you take?
What is your daily choline intake now?
Did you get any side effects of taking zinc and kelp on long term basis?
Had you taken doctor's advice for taking zinc and kelp on long term basis?
Do you have Primary TMAU or Secondary TMAU?

Please don't mind for the list of queries. I think answers to all of the above queries are necessary. I've TMAU2, so want to see in which case these are working.


hello hopeful, a question: the kombusha that you take, are they capsules as you say? when I search on the Internet, kombusha appears as a mushroom which is put in water and this gives a juice. Another one, where do you buy the kombusha capsules? naturalist stores? greetings and I'm happy that you have found a solution.

Hello Smile

I know this article was written 7 months ago and you might not still be around, but I thought I'd give it a try. Today I went out and bought some zinc and kelp. Do you take them with food or on their own? When is the best time to take them? How long did you take the tablets before you notice an improvement?
Like many people on this site, I have tried so many things (including having my 4 wisdom teeth taken out) but so far nothing has worked. I hope you are still TMAU free

I tried what "Smile" had suggested of taking Zinc supplements on my diet to prevent the fishy smell from TMAU. I just started taking zinc supplements last Friday, March 15, 2014, and the result was astounding, The smell was gone the following day and I do not suffer from the fishy smell even after 4 days of taking the mineral supplement. I was in doubt and I did my usual exercise in which sweat, bacteria and TMAU condition is a recipe for fishy smell, but to my great joy, i did not smell at all. Upon further reading on the topic, TMAU, it was suggested to keep the ph level of the armpit on the acid level. I started wiping lemon on my armpit right before I go to bed and I am so happy because I do not have the bad smell when I woke up the following morning. Right away, I spread the homeopathic remedy for body odor.

Hi Cristian, sorry for the delay; I was waiting for the site to translate your question but it still has not yet. But I speak a little Spanish (yo hablo un poquito Espanol) so, I will try to answer.

Si, tomo capsulas para kombucha. Yo compro las capsulas en la tienda "The Vitamin Shoppe" ( Tenemos las tiendas en los Estados Unidos; pero, puedes comprar en el sitio web de Vitamin Shoppe o Amazon. Espero ayudarte.

Hi Alxs0718,
Did you take only Zinc supplement, not Kelp? Did you take 50mg Zinc once a day as Smile said? Do you have Primary or Secondary TMAU? I couldn't understand your last line "Right away, I spread the homeopathic remedy for body odor.".

thanks for the message hopeful, I got the natural kombusha, in other word the mushroom as a mushroom of the tea. I hope it works for me.

Buena suerte!

yar tune TMAU test kahaan se karwaya? Idher NYC mein tou koi lab he nahi hai. Aur kambakht Kombucha konsi balaa hai?

Where did you get the TMAU testing done? There is no such lab available in NYC. And have you tried Kombucha? What exactly is it?

You nailed it babe. This is EXACTLY what it is.
The bottom line is, There is no cure!"
We just need to take it as our funny pain and move on with what has been handed to us.

Hi Bill,

I got it done thru MEBO Research Inc. Test is available online (http://www.bloodbornebodyodorandhalitosis.... under the heading 'TMAU Test through MEBO Research' on the right hand side. Cost is $150+shipping charges. For you it'll cost less than $200 I think. It takes more than a month to get the result. They get the test done thru Cleveland Clinic.

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black tea that is used as a functional food. Do a google search for details.

Hi Alxs0718,

I've Secondary TMAU and haven't started taking zinc or kelp yet. I saw this article only few days back and want to take your feedback before starting this.

I'm repeating my queries for you, please reply soon. Following are my questions:
1. Did you take Zinc supplement only, not Kelp?
2. Did you take 50mg Zinc once a day as Smile said?
3. Have you been tested positive for TMAU? If yes, do you have Primary TMAU or Secondary TMAU?

Please reply ASAP.

Hi everyone, in reading this long thread which started 8 months ago, I continue to see the same pattern that has existed for years, at least during the last 8 years since I discovered TMAU. It was at that time that I joined CureZone’s Body Odor, and Trimethylaminuria Forums , and some posts were many years old at that time. The rhetoric sounds exactly like today’s rhetoric – sufferers are desperately experimenting with their own bodies with remedies that do not have strong supporting statistics; science has very little answers, except for a few medical conditions that produce body/breath odor, and some basic information about TMAU. It just goes around and around, with some sufferers claiming to have found the cure, which doesn’t seem to work for others…

I most certainly feel for everyone involved. If we take all of this away, what else do we have to hang on to? Sadly, the answer is not very much at all… just hope for research to discover something for some of us in 5, 10, 20 years from now, when our lives have passed us by???

My biggest fear is that sufferers can end up making matters worse instead of better by trying anything and everything. Heck, even something apparently needed by the body, such as iodine, has caused sgaet to develop hyperthyroidism. For years, my doctors have insisted I take calcium every day, which instead of helping me, have produced painful kidney stones. Everything we take has to be digested, metabolized, and eventually eliminated by our cleansing organs, and instead, some things just end up stored in our bodies (in our fat, tissues, bloodstream, etc), which only makes matters worse. A perfect example is Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), which many sufferers have taken. I know of the case of a sufferer who ended up in the hospital in serious condition as a result of MMS. Yet, people still post about them in the forums,

I know I paint a bleak picture, and how depressing this is, but I am far more afraid of adverse reactions to makeshift self-experimentation than I am of the depression produced by an odor condition. Since I obviously don’t know of a cure, or even an effective treatment for many, if not most causes of body and breath odor conditions, the following are guidelines I recommend:

1. The majority of sufferers have a body or breath odor condition, which is not necessarily TMAU. Some sufferers are convinced they have TMAU without testing, when in fact, they might not have it. That is NOT to say that they don’t have a body/breath odor condition, it just means that the TMAU odor-management protocol might not be the answer if they don’t have TMAU. Nonetheless, the protocol might still help some other types of BO/BB conditions, but not all. Therefore, it is best to not assume one has TMAU because it might be more hurtful than helpful in their quest to find a solution.
2. The majority of sufferers have intermittent odor, detected by some people, though not necessarily by everyone. This is the most difficult condition for which to use a trial and error approach to find a solution. Who is to say that a remedy stopped the odor, when it might have stopped on its own between intermittent flare-ups? Sometimes, a no-odor episode might last a month or two, or even years with or without the remedy being tested. So, how could we really know if it was the tested remedy that worked or not? We can’t know without scientific evidence, which MUST ALWAYS START with a diagnosis, a premise, a starting point, a clear understanding of what the cause(s) of each person’s particular problem is.
3. When we share with other sufferers about what has worked for us and what has not, we have a duty and responsibility to emphasize to those we are sharing with that perhaps it may not be helpful to others who have a different cause of odor, and that in fact, it might even be potentially harmful to some people. I always refrain from recommending something – anything, without referencing it to a professional and reputable scientific source.

So what do I recommend we do until research is finalized and therapeutics are provided? Stick to what experts in body and breath odor recommend, and EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. Believe it or not, there is a significant amount of information provided by experts, though none have discovered a totally effective treatment or a cure. Try to eat healthy, treat your digestive system, your metabolic system, and all aspects of your body with care – don’t make them go on overdrive by overloading them with unproven, “snake oil” remedies. Always be wary of the idea that one or two remedies are a cure-all for all types of body and breath odor conditions. If there is a remedy or a supplement that you want to try, do so in moderation and listen to your body – not only to the odor, but be vigilant to the effects it may be having on your organs and your health as a whole.

Thanks for a great post!! We seem to be so desperate for relief from this insidious disease that we are willing to try anything that someone says works for them without input from our PCP on any adverse effect it might have on our general health. Like SGAET said in a previous post, " I have tried and it doesn't work for me. In addition, be careful as I developed hyperthyroidism due to iodine " We need to stop taking every piece of advise that come along on this and any other blog without first checking with our PCP..

If I posted that I have been taking roasted dung beetles and my smell is gone, the next questions would be, " where do you get your beetles, how long do you roast them and how often do you take them?"

THERE IS CURRENTLY NO CURE, that's the bottom line. Probiotics helps to alleviate some of the symptoms some of the time but only with a strict low Choline diet. YOU HAVE TO STICK TO THAT DIET. It's the only thing that reduces the odor to a manageable level. IMHO Good luck to everyone in whatever they are trying, but please check with your PCP before you do.

ious post ,"

Hi Maria, You are so right, I wasen't doing too bad keeping my odour down, but allways trying to eliminated I desited to try the kombucha tea. It gave me a very acidic taste in my mouth, I panic cuz my breath had a very bad fishy smell. I deside to take antiacid ranitidine because that took the bitter taste in my mouth before, this time I took 75mg and didn't work, so I quit drinking the tea. I sugest to who ever is drinking it to research, to weman got very ill drinking it. Sorry for my spelling inglish is my second languish, thank you for the advise. God bless us all

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Lütfen biri bana hangi markaların kullanıldığını yazabilir mi ??????

Hello everyone. This is the first time that I'm writing a blog about my problem. I am from Ecuador. Thanks for your courage and determination. I am now attempting active carbon, chlorophyll. A homeopathic thing to purify the blood. Cultures were taken from my underarm which demonstrated a significant growth of bacteria. They sent me for three penicillin injections and tomorrow they will put me on the final one and then nothing until I see the results. Recently, it's been two weeks since I realized I had a problem. It could be TMAU. I've had it since I was a child. I'm also on a diet. I'm going to try and get some zinc and kelp in a healthfood shop. I do like to have a friend near to give some support but I have been unable to find anyone with this problem. What my siblings have said to me is that three blocks from my house there is a girl who has a bad smell from her feet and another boy that, whatever he does, has an awful smell from his armpits but I haven't tried to contact them so they're not my friends. I'm embarrassed to aske them the little I see them.
I left work...aah, well you understand me - listening to people around you snorting, getting sick. It's awful until last year i could be nice and peaceful in my house. But now I don't even feel comfortable at home. One block away I hear snorting and when people pass by my house snorting, it's terrible, guys.
I love you. I don't know you but I love you. I hope the Lord has sympathy for each and everyone of us and that you're shown the path to recovery to find treatment

Just found this lately is anybody tried the zinc and kelp already? any update, I wanna try this myself, I have this "desease" since I was a kid and I quit my job, I don't go to a party and I ashamed because of this.

Hi, wesslee. this of zinc and the kelp only will work on you if you have deficiency of zinc. For those that we have other one is not much help. Hope that you proves that you work.

I know I have tmau, but I don't know what type, and I've been taking zinc and kelp every day, yesterday I forgot to take kelp which I do at night, my jars are full, I hardly finished a couple of jars, what will happen a month from now, I'll tell you if there has been any change.

Hello guys, I haven't connected here for a long time, ¿do any of you suffer from candidiasis? in the group of Facebook there was something interesting published about candidiaisis and tmau, I suspect it's necessary to treat candidiasis first before you do something against tmau. Here is fungi diet for candidiasis
and here I add the symptoms for candidiasis. greetings

I read douching with tea tree oil and water they also have suppositories on Amazon this may help especially when it is that time of the month. You can also soak a tampon in tea tree oil and coconut oil and insert to kill bacteria. Better than taking antibiotics.

Correct if i'm wrong but kelp is for people who has deficiency in iodine. Is it safe to take it even if you don't have a deficiency? I wanna try this also once I'm done with my candidiasis cleanse, but can somebody tell me if this is safe?

@ Smile...

I would like to know after a year...does it still work? ... are you still on a diet or you eat whatever you want? Did you get rid of your problem completely?

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing okay. I posted on here a few months ago about a supplement that has helped me hide my TMAU odor -- Kombucha pills. Well, it's still working! Along with a diet that is still limited, of course. Just an update -- I previously recommended the brand from Vitamin Shoppe. It's 500 mg, which I found kind of strong, so I switched to another brand that has a lower concentration, but is still effective -- "Raw Kombucha" by Garden of Life. It's kinda pricey, but worth it. A slightly less expensive but also effective alternative is the Swanson brand of Kombucha pills.

I wrote a long post before about why kombucha is a natural deodorizer:

You should all really give it a try!! I know that there is kombucha tea and tea leaves available, but I strongly suggest taking the pills, as they absorb into the body best.

Good luck!

Thanks for sharing this hopeful12345, I will try this once my hydrogen peroxide food grade will not work, I tried what Smile said the kelp and zinc but after few days of taking it, I feel my saliva is becoming salty and when I search it, one reason of salty saliva is the iodine supplement which is the kelp so a tried the 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide (internal use). I used it as mouthwash and drink 25 drops which is equivalent to 1/4 tsp mix with 8 oz. distilled water. I will keep doing it for few days and once it fail I will check kombucha in lassens or vitaminshoppe.

@ hopefull12345, thanks for posting the kombucha capsules, it works to me and it's been 3rd day and still no reaction from new people that I meet and i don't even smell my morning breath I only take 2 capsule in the morning and 1 before i sleep, but now i am experimenting instead of taking 1 cap in the evening, i just drink a kombucha tea. if it will not work i'll go back to 1 capsule in the in the evening. but so far 3 capsule /day works well, thank you very much. for sharing this incredible capsule.

Wow, wesslee, that's great news!! I was waiting to hear from someone else that it worked for. I'm very happy for you!!

I can only hope that other people on this forum will give it a try. I think it may truly be the answer.

One note -- for people who think they might be suffering from candida (in addition to TMAU), you may also want to take a probiotic called Saccharomyces Boulardii at the same time. It helps to ensure the candida is not aggravated in any way by the kombucha (since kombucha is a kind of yeast). Sacc Boulardii is a friendly candida-killing yeast.

Again, congratulations!!

Hi hopeful12345 and wesslee- congratulations on your success I will try this today I have a vitamin shoppe near my house. I have tried so many things without success I hope this works if not I have nothing to loose by trying. I have so many supplements I could have a mini pharmacy. Wish me luck.

The zinc seaweed and coconut oil dosn`t work for me... I will try with kombuchaa, I`m having the mushroom being sent, in Italy they don`t send the pills

good luck hopen2015...anyway, there is a forum where they give this mushroom...let's see how it goes with tea...I might buy pills on amazon or Italy vitamin shoppe dosn't send them...

Thanks hope2015! You're right, there really is nothing to lose. Disperata, I don't speak Italian, but you can definitely buy kombucha pills on Amazon and other websites if you don't have access to Vitamin Shoppe stores (you can buy the Vitamin Shoppe brand online, as well as the pills by Garden of Life and Swanson).

Hopeful12345-today will be my first today taking it wish me luck! I think I will do 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening and adjust from there.

Btw how long have you been using it? I was reading your original post and it looks like 5-6 month ago.

Also if you don't mind what other supplements are you taking? And are you still on strict diet?

Hey hope2015,

I believe I've been using it since March, so it has been about 5 months.

Beyond Kombucha, I'm also taking Saccharomyces Boulardii and Spanish Black Radish. I started taking them to address a candida problem about 3 months ago (specifically a condition called PATM, or People Allergic to Me, but that's another story). They very much helped; I take one per day of each.

I would give the Kombucha at least 1-2 weeks to start noticing changes. Good luck!!

I could totally relate to PATM ppl are always sneezing and coughing around me all the time. Sometimes I just can't believe it. Anyways glad things are going well for you hope I find the same success. Sometimes you just have to keep trying. I will look into those other products you mentioned.

I forgot to answer your question about strict diet. Yes, I am still on the diet described in this link:

Unfortunately, until there is a permanent cure for our condition, I believe a strict diet will just be a part of the rest of our lives.

As for PATM, here's what specifically worked for me:

1) Used Oxy Powder by Global Healing Center (4 pills per night); began seeing fewer allergic reactions from other people after 2-3 weeks.
2) After reactions were drastically reduced, I began taking the Sacc Boul and Spanish B.R.; after about 3 weeks, the reactions disappeared.

Wish you the best!

Giorgio 12345... I think that candida brings also the bad smells... Anyway, as I can see, most of us suffers from candida...this is the price we pay for the junk food we have been eating through the years...and the stress in the end...

I actually bought saccharomyces boulardaii while I was there. I didn't see the Spanish black radish. I was reading reviews online and it seems a great detox herb. I use to take oxypowder but it had a bad effect on me so I stopped. But I do take magnesium and it keeps me regular.
Btw I really don't mind the strict diet if it worked.

Thank you for the information sometimes when ppl find a solution they disappear and not help other. Then again I don't blame them because they are busy living their lives.

You can get SBR from the Swanson Vitmains website. It is great for detox.

No problem!! Considering the lack of resources/attention paid to this condition in the medical and scientific communities, I think we need to do as much as possible to help each other out!!

Hi guys just to update, it's my 6th day of using kombucha and seems that it's still good. In fact I cheat my diet eating some sweet not that much though and chicken, but don't bother to mix the kombucha tea as I tried already and not the same result as taking the tablet, I start 2 capsule after breakfast and 1 in the evening if it will work for you thats good but if not go for 2 capsule in morning and evening.

Yaaaay!!!!! Happy for you!!!

Wesslee that's great wishing you continued success! Today was my first day fingers crossed I am taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening plus the prebiotic.

Btw can you smell yourself I can't so it's hard for me to figure out what works.

Thanks to both of you guys, it's God's gifts for US, @ hopeful2015, when i burp I can smell an unexplainable smell and my morning breath before is stinks that I always spit in my handkerchief at night and wash it in he morning but now, even if I swallow my saliva it doesn't smell anymore and a bonus I don't have under arm odor anymore, Yesterday I was in my Taekwondo class and i did not notice any nose rubbing from my co practitioner, I pray that all of us can find cure for this if this one will not work to the other just keep trying, God Bless, i'll keep coming here to update and hopefully this will work to everybody, again thanks to hopeful12345 for sharing this.
Btw my experience was the effect comes the next day, not the same day that you take it, it might take time to you but just keep taking as hopeful12345 said.

Hi smile my name is Cathy I have TMAU. I would like to speak to you or email you off of the forum. Email me at please get in touch with me.


I have been taking Vitamin Code Raw Kombucha Capsules as well for about a month now. They have helped me as well.

GREAT!!! I am so happy for you!!! I hope everyone is paying attention to these success stories -- three on this forum so far.

Miserable1, just curious -- how many have you been taking per day?

And at what times?

2 with dinner. May increase to 2 in the am and pm. But so far so good. Thank you for the suggestion. I live near a store that sells them. I wanted to wait and post after I had tried them.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing your story!

Hi Miserable1,
Are you TMAU positive? If yes then, is it Primary or Secondary TMAU?
How much time it took to realize the benefit?

Hi Sri-ram-srivastava
I have not been tested, but suffered from a lot if the symptons

I hope smile is still visiting here, I just want to know if she experience this.I tried to take zinc and kelp yeah it's really work but after like 2 months I started to have a headache and I'm always sleepy, I thought it was just because of my eyes, so I sleep but after few days I still feel the same so i stop taking the zinc and kelp, and the next days my head ache is gone so I restart again and after two days my head ache is back. If anyone experience this please share. I still want to take it but I am worried this might be the side effect.

hola WWESLEE....! do you take KOMBUCHA?..I AM ABOUT TO GET IT, I WILL BE RECEIVING THE PRODUCT VERY SOON... TELL ME how are you doing with the tea? How many times a day do you take it?

Guys, greetings, this is working out

Hi Cristian, how many days have you been on the water cleanse.

I have to admit, this sounds kind of dangerous. There's such a thing as drinking too much water (it can lead to water toxicity/water intoxication). I don't think anyone should do this without consulting with a doctor/nutritionist first.

It's my first day. Last week I did it 4 days and I noticed a clear improvement, I could eat many different things and the smell was minimal and it should have been fetid.
I'll rest the two weeks so that it won't be dangerous .

hello cristian don't do it the 14 days in a row, but you do short periods of the water diet in the week...

@ Nativeingrid, I took 2 caps after morning meals and two in the afternoon, I used to take it after dinner but since I will go to TKD practice in the evening I change my time, sometimes I drink my kombucha tea after my lunch and so far it's still helping me. just don't expect an instant result wait for 2 or 3 days.

Hello nativeingrid, I did it last week for 4 days, because I saw that the odor diminished on the 4th and I wanted to try, I ate everything, from clam, fish, spaghetti, bread, cheeses and the odor was at a minimum, I should have been rotten.
Yesterday I took it up again and I'm into the two weeks of a fixed fast.

chevere cristian , are you using the JAMIESON probiotics ?

Here in Ecuador I haven't found the probioticsjamieson. I went on a water diet for 8 days and some probiotics but not of the brand that my friend recommended, I saw results but very small ones.
And you've taken kombucha. How did it go with thhis?

If you can get probiotics, make sure that they are as natural as possible and that they have lactobacilus. I'm doing quite fine, It's been two days since I'm back on the diet, last week after 4 days I ate everything, and I have a minimum odor, and I even feel the body fresh and can think more clearly, I hope to keep progressing.
these up here, are the probiotics I take, in my country Chile I get them fresh from a branch that they have. They are very effective, careful! they must be refrigerated.

Cristian I hope everything keeps going for you. You are a very strong person. Blessings to you

thanks hopeful, really thanks.

Good Evening I am looking for any balanced feeding or complements which can help me to reduce the body smell. I come from Peru and I would like to know how could I get the Kelp algae and the zinc and if at the same time I have to follow a diet regarding feeding. Thank you for your great help!

-THANKS CRISTIAN, I have already bought the NATURAL PROBIOTICS, Now I'm having the formulae KELP + ZINC + COPPER, if it doesn't work, I'll follow plan B.


Fast then!

Thanks for informations, it's a hope. Cristian, and now ? Good news again ? I tried yesterday a kombucha drink ... Why not ... I will give News when 1 week will pass !

Hi guys, I just want to share this to all of you, I have badbreath but I dont have body odor, I tried everything I read from this forum like kombucha, it works in about 2 weeks then no more, I tried kelp and zinc yes it works longer and then my BB back again, then I read about SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) so I tried the GSE, I put 10 drops in 8 oz of water and drink it early in the morning and before dinner (in empty stomach) but first I gargle 1 tbs of extra virgin oil for 5 minutes and then brush my teeth (since the taste is awful) my bad breath reduce, I supplement it with Vit b2, extract olive leaf, zinc and probiotic. once a day. I hope this one will treat this "disease"

genesis, do you mean you don't smell badly?
and did the kombucha work or not?
what is the gse?

I don't know if Kombucha tablets work for bad breath, but they definitely do work for body odor, as some of the people on this page have confirmed. The tablets work better than Kombucha tea or juice.

Hi, did you eat vegtables.. and fruits or where you able to eat regular food again? And can you please tell me the products you got. Please please please help me!!! Im so happy for you right now I can cry. Please reply.

I still cannot eat some foods because they are too strong/full of choline -- so I still do not eat meat, fish, beans, or potatoes.

I can eat the following things: bread, egg whites, veggie burgers, tofu, white rice, pasta, cookies, Pop Tarts, fruits, and vegetables (except for really green ones like broccoli). Also, cheese in small quantities.

At nativeingrid GSE is Grapefruit Seed Extract, just try to google it

Hi Hopeful12345, to find your new restrictions (less important) did you test these kind of food again ?

Yes; after the kombucha worked, I tested meat, fish, beans, potatoes and dairy (milk, yogurt, and cheese). They all brought back the smell, though not as bad as before. The thing we have to understand is that we will have to be on a restricted diet the rest of our lives, or until a cure comes about.

Hi Luana, I'm also from Peru I have been having this problem from 5 months I can`t still find a solution here is my face

Just an update, guys; ndespoir12345 just wrote on my other post to tell me about success with kombucha.

That brings the number of people who have had success with kombucha on this forum to 4! ! They are as follows:

1) hopeful12345 (myself): "Within a week I noticed a significant decrease in my odor. I have now been taking the kombucha tablets for three weeks, and I can say with certainty that my odor is practically non-existent."

2) wesslee: "Thanks for posting the kombucha capsules, it works to me and it's been 3rd day and still no reaction from new people that I meet and i don't even smell my morning breath." (later) "Hi guys just to update, it's my 6th day of using kombucha and seems that it's still good."

3) Miserable1: "I have been taking Vitamin Code Raw Kombucha Capsules as well for about a month now. They have helped me as well."

4) ndespoir12345: "I would like to testify about Kombucha. I've been taking it for almost 2 months, 1 week later I did not already have bad odors....Thank you again for providing us with the solution to this problem that has been dragging us for years."

We are gathering more evidence that this helps with our condition!! If anyone else has tried kombucha with successful results, please let me know; I will continue to compile the results and report them on here.

Hi guys. the fast was O.K. for me, I recovered great part of the smelling sense and the odour has become impreceptible, but to be honest, I still think I have some, even if it is little or if I can`t sense it. I will be seeing how it goes with meals along the week to make conclusions.

Hi Hopeful12345,

I'm TMAU2 positive. Does any of the four persons mentioned in your message, who have been benefited from taking Kombucha (i.e. yourself, wesslee, Miserable1, and ndespoir12345), is TMAU positive? If someone is, I would request them to please mention theirs experience with Kombucha.

Hi sri-ram,

I have TMAU2 -- I was fine up until last year; then I started noticing the smells a few weeks after I had an antibiotic.

I don't know about the others; they can speak for themselves. That said, I don't think it matters if you have TMAU1 or TMAU2 -- they both produce the same symptoms, so I would think that the kombucha would work equally well for both (although I could be wrong).

Great Cristian, keep us posted on your success

Hi Cristian, I would like to know if the water before breakfast is still working and how often during the day and at what times do you take the antibiotic. I live in Venezuela and I don't know where to buy it...

Hello Yoamary, fasting was excellent for me, I almost do not expell smell, I've been eating everything for four days to prove myself, I should stink, but I don't. I recovered much of my sense of smell, I do not smell myself naughty odors, but I will have to resume fasting for another two weeks, possibly in January, because I feel that I still have some TMAU that wants to appear but it cannot, today I took ride on my bike to sweat , I expelled some smell, it was mild and moderate and it disipated short later when I took a rest, I think it's because I'm clean .
Check out these probiotics I get them fresh in Chile because there is a branch working with them here
Make sure they are refrigerated
Go ahead!

How good Christina. If it's not to much bother could you tell em the name of the probiotics that you take and the price?

Hello miguel, these are some of the probiotics that I consumed, they are in Amazon
they must be kept refrigerated.

So kombucha or jeun ? Le jeun ... I'm afraid of that but if the kombucha tablet don't work it will be my only hope...

I think a post with all food habits (and what are Limited) of people who success to be odor free it's a good idea ... I'm lost with time and really tired because of so many restrictions totally desequilibrated.

Thanks all of you

It's so good Cristian that ¡t has worked for you! That means there's a cure... I believe it is recommendable to fast for 2 weeks or the equivalent to 15 days... Now, I've a doubt, during fast, how often do I have to take probiotics in a day? and can I have anything for lunch and dinner? or Do I have to follow a diet without high doses of choline during the days I fasting?

U.S. ‘kombucha’: smelly and no kelp

NEW YORK – Ask most Japanese what “kombucha” is, and they say it is a mild, brownish kelp-based tea.

But across New York and the rest of the United States, a growing number of fans know kombucha as a lightly carbonated, sweet fermented tea said to possess nearly magical health benefits, including possibly warding off cancer.

Kombucha’s slightly sour flavor and smell mainly divides people into two camps — those who swear by it and those who can’t stand it.

Surabhi Splain, who shops at midtown Manhattan’s Health Nuts food store, is an aficionado who has been drinking two bottles a day for nearly a year.

“I go to class in the evenings, and it gives me energy,” Splain said. “I feel good.”

She said some people are put off by the smell and her friends don’t understand why she drinks it.

According to various commercial bottlers, kombucha originated as a healing and digestive aid around 221 B.C. in China during the Qin dynasty.

It eventually spread to Russia and Eastern Europe, where it is known as kvass.

Some Web sites say kombucha, known by a variety of names, can also be found in Nepal, Siberia and Tibet, as well as Germany, Japan and India.

Although the name is Japanese and literally means “kelp tea,” the beverage is actually a sweetened tea fermented by a bacteria and yeast culture that resembles a mushroom. In Japan, kombucha is known as “kocha kinoko.”

The difficulties and patience required to brew the tea at home have helped popularize commercial brands.

At Health Nuts, they sell only two types of kombucha, both made by California-based Millennium Products, for about $3.50 per bottle.

On the firm’s Web site, founder G.T. Dave says he started bottling kombucha after his mother attributed her success in battling advanced breast cancer to drinking it every day for a couple of years.

Tom Watson, a Web site developer in Seattle, said he learned of the drink from coworkers who enjoy it. He likes it for the health benefits and because it is flavorful despite being sugar free.

“If it was cheaper I’d drink it more often,” he said.

Back at Health Nuts, employee Dhundup Lama said customers are always referring to the drink’s supposed anticancer properties.

“People say it’s good, maybe because there’s a little alcohol in it, too,” he said, referring to the trace amounts of alcohol that come from the brewing process. “Anyway, all good things come with a bad taste,” he joked.

Hello Yoamary
Lil consumed 3 probiotics per day.
It gave me very good results, but I think I missed some days, because it seems that I was left with little TMAU, which still wants to generate odors, but I can control it at least with the diet low in choline. I don't discard to go on a fast again and the probiotics for these coming months, even so it has to be more than two weeks.
About the Kombucha I want to share that I took it natural, the fermented tea, but the last times it gave me a very strong odor.

Hello Cristian, OK then while I fast I must follow the diet low in choline, but I wanted to ask you if I substitute supplement probiotics for food probiotics, which are those found in the meals. I've read about natural yogurt which is a natural probiotic that has lactobacillus, I could take this product without the necessity of the supplements or are these necessary to add them to the fast? Do they have the same effect?

Yoamary, I'm not an expert (professional) in health nor medicine, but I think it wouldn't be recommendable to do that, because you would be feeding the TMAU, the fast with probiotics (probiotics themselves, not the food ones like the yogurt) is the most recommendable, because thus it weakens the TMAU with hunger and the probiotic will be eradicating the TMAU and populating the gut flora. If you get the probiotic, an expert recommended that it have lactobacilus.

Well OK, it's best to take the probiotics as supplements as you say, 3 times a day, the only bad thing is that it's difficult for me to get them through Amazon as I don't have a credit card to buy it. I'm a bit afraid of the information that you passed on to me about Ll as it says that you have to try it if the person can stand being in fast with water. I can do it but the obstacle is that I work at 2 and a half hours from where I live in a very, very cold place and the hunger affects a lot there. I'm afraid to get dizzy any day when I'm on a fast while I'm far away from home.

I imagine that you with your fast and with the diet low in choline you have lost quite a few pounds.

Yoamaryvz, i wouldnt recommend doing the water + probiotic fast whilst still having to go to work. Ofcourse with the lack of nutrition and energy that you will be getting during this period of fasting you wil become very lethargic and tired, and doubt you will have any energy to be proactive so I would suggest doing it during a time where you dont have to go to work. Maybe over the thanksgiving or chrismas holidays.

I tried the kelp and zinc for a period of two months, for me this wasnt very helpful and it caused me to bleed constantly , days after menstruation. ( in a total of 4 weeks straight). Please be careful whilst taking the sea kelp and seek medical advice before ingesting any type of medications. Maybe this has worked for others, but unfortunately not for me :(

Well, I have fasted until dinner, I couldn't stand it anymore so I had dinner, it's been two weeks that I've done this, but when I leave work I run and walk trying to get close to my home. Don't ask me why I do it, I can't go in public transportation anymore, I stopped taking a taxi because it is very expensive for me, so I decided to exercise, walking it takes me 3 hours but running and trotting it takes me 1:30. My body is destroyed because i don't have breakfast nor lunch, What I don't understand is where all that energy during my itinerary comes from.

And as I work I tried to cut out dinner but I can't. I think I have to stop running.

alienated You’re right about not doing this if you are working or very far from home, that’s the main fear that I have. I’m a teacher and I wouldn’t have enough energy to teach the class. I wouldn’t like to try with kelp and cn of zinc as I have read negative comments. Cristian has given me a good explanation about a better option for the fast with probiotics and it’s better to do it at Christmas as I will have around 15 days’ vacation. I hope to get hold of the probiotics before that date to start as soon as possible with the treatment as in Venezuela I can’t get them. Days before, during and after having my menstruation it’s a really unbearable smell an makes me very ashamed, I’ve tried everything, I’ve seen a gynecologist, ear and mouth specialist, stomach specialist and up to now they haven’t been able to solve this problem. Not even the psychiatrist because I’ve reached that point as to have an appointment with him. He says it’s all in the mind, my mother says the same as my father.

Ibiza that means that you don't even have lunch??? I believe that you should have lunch y dinner with the diet low in choline and make the fast with boiled water and the probiotics. If you don't feed yourself it can be extremely dangerous.

Yes only at lunch a pair of fruit and an emollient or Quaker.

At night I do have dinner but instead of eating probiotics I take kombucha.

I only lost a bit but I have something more, I noticed that from my nose a fetid smell came out.

I think the main problem is my nose. My body doesn’t smell. That’s why the fast didn’t have so much effect and the kombucha either, I’m on my 4th week.

And I’m starting to feel the negative effects in the kidney for running so much. I believe I’ve become more nimble. The pain in the eyes has passed because I believe I didn’t eat well. It could be because of the lack of vitamins, couldn’t it?

Damn it, I thought I would heal with these two options, and I’m even taking zinc with kelp.

Well, finally the only solution would be suicide, I can’t stand this any longer.

Ibiza no digas eso ni en broma, sé que es algo muy duro pero no puede ser el fin del mundo. mi olor es de mi naríz y de mi cuerpo, t podrás imaginar como m debo sentir pero ahí voy hacia adelante. tienes q usar los probióticos a ver que tal te va con ellos. la TMAU expide el olor hast de la naríz, lo raro es q en mi caso m baja un liquido q huele mal, muy mal y no sé si será por el mismo síndrome o porque tengo problemas de rinitis crónica.

ibiza stay strong, we all need to stay strong, trust me i had an awful experience at university today and i literally left the class early and came home to cry. I too am struggling with this but please never ever give up. thats not the answer. Give it more time, 4 weeks is not enough to see a big difference, maybe you are experiencing die off symptoms. Dont give up ! We are all here to support one another

Ibiza if you say that you don't have bad body smell and only the fetid smell is from your nose maybe you don't have TMAU and maybe you have some respiratory condition that can be treated and healed. There's a sickness that's called Ocena which explains about secretions with a very bad smell that comes out of the nose, but that has its treatment, there's also the sickness of sinusitis and the chronic rhinitis. It's good to see a nose and mouth specialist and don't keep on taking the treatments for TMAU, because it can affect you a lot if you don't have that sickness. Good luck.

No wonder blood came out of my nose every time I ran or did exercise. I'm going to discard this then, when I cover my nose, people stop sneezing and I'm at peace.

I will then heal my nose. Thanks to all for the help. I was ready for the rope.

I can't commit suicide. If my mother weren't still alive I would already have committed suicide.

Yes, guys the fast has to be done while resting, I didn't lose weight, at least I didn't notice it. I still have some bacteria to kill or maybe the candidiasis protected them. There still comes out a little odor if I don't take care with the diet. I don't discard going on a diet again, but once I solve my problem with the candidiasis.

Cristian pero la candidiasis es como, o sea no tiene que ver con los organos genitales??

and how do you realize if you have candidiasis?

Hello Meggan, candidiasis presents itself in different forms from genital to body itch, and also with foul odor. I have candidiasis because since a few years ago I have rosacea in between the legs and it itches. At the time I also had an urinary infection that I currently still have and no treatment has been able to control it, after a while I had the foul body smell. In our Facebook group we suspect that candidiasis and the trimethylaminuria attack together.
I have a document transcribed from a newspaper from my country related to natural health and how to eradicate candidiasis in four steps. I could give it to you if you would like to have it. My gmail is
I will eradicate candidiasis and after I will fast with probiotics for two weeks to combat trimethylaminuria directly.
I am not a health care specialist at all, but I suspect that this is where my case is going.

Anyone try ingesting diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide? It's been successful in treating fungal/yeast infections, it rids the body of bad bacteria. Here's an article about it: It seems to be working so far. Today is day1. I'm taking with probiotics, organic chlorophyll capsules, and liquid chlorophyll. The U.S. Federal and Drug Administration DOES NOT recommend for internal use, but it is used as treatment for certain diseases, like cancer for example. The health risks associated with it are debatable. If ingested internally in large amounts it can be FATAL. It must be ingested diluted in water in very small amounts. I put it in a travel-size 4 oz spritzer bottle, and spray twice into 2 cups of water with fresh lemon juice (lemon is a natural deodorizer). Please consult your doctor before trying this.

I also spray it externally through out the day. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not made a statement for health risks associated if used externally. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience irritation. It will kill the bad bacteria that causes the foul odor. Don't forget to spray on your scalp. It is also good for gingivitis. I've used it as mouthwash and I've gotten very good results.

one more: arm and hammer produces tooth paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide combination. Really improves bad breath

Hello cristian, ah OK I didn't know that candidiasis also presented itself as rosacea, i suspect I have it because I have eruptions especially when I don't drink water or when I'm very stressed. I'm going to add you to gmail. I have the e-mail of yoamary, but what happens is that I changed my user name. I would be grateful if you pass me those steps to eliminate it because I want to start there. Many thanks.

The rosaceas that you have don't go away or they go away but show up again?

Hi Megan, rosacea was too strong in my case some years ago, they reduced after I had a colon cleanse through hydrotherapy, though they still itch a little bit.

Hello smile

First of all I want to wish you to continue on the path of recovery, as for "Kelp", it is said to be therapeutic for disorders related to hypothyroidism, goitre and similar due to its high content of iodine, since apparently you've been about 1 year with this, Did it produce any symptoms of hypothyroidism? that is, tremor, anxiety, tachycardia, exophthalmos, weight loss, since being high in iodine, that possibility could always exist.

Best Regards.

Hi Cristian, ah ok I have never suffered from rosacea but I simetimes have red rashes but mostly when I'm very stressed or due to lack of water. Then they disappear. Now I wanted to ask, does odor also get out of your nose?? Because I get a completely fetid liquid from my nose, mostly in the mornings or when I am in my work place since I work in an extremely cold area

Hi Stillsane , I've used common toothpaste mixed with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide but it does not reduce my bad breath completely. Now I would like to know something against the bad odor coming out of my nose because where I work climate is very cold and the smell is stronger when I'm there, I live a nightmare every day because of that and the odor of my feet. Can you give me any urgent advise to fight or even disguise these odors?

Meggan, when I have more fetid odor I get water out of my nose, just a little but it is not smelly.

Meggan here's the transcription of the 4 steps to eliminate candidiasis

Hello Cristian, I was reading about the candidiasis but it says that to start you have to make the candid feel hungry by eliminating fermented products, with white sugar and inclusively fruits and food that has shortening. Now they say that you have to eat for at least a month meat, fish, eggs and those are the major things that unleash the bad smell. Isn't there any other method to get rid of it in less time and with the food that isn't so high in choline.

I don't know meggan, but with the egg there is something that happens, it seems like you can eat the white but not the yolk which is what has the most concentrated choline, red meat I imagine that you should eat little, chicken can be eaten because it doesn't containg as much choline, but you always have to be careful with the rations. Personally, I will attack the candida first and then I will go through the second fast with probiotics and water as the TMAU, I imagine, will be more indefense, I will mix the anti candida diet with the TMAU low choline diet.
The specialists say that the candidiasis and TMAU do not attack together, I think that in my case it WAS like that, for what I was explaining about rosacea in the crotch and the urinary tract infection that has not gone with anything until now. Here you have information about the proteins for the TMAU.

For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!

I know the holidays can be difficult for us due to our condition and restricted diets. But be comforted by the fact that there is a whole community of people on here who care about you, support you, and are keeping you in our thoughts. We will continue the fight against this "inconvenience" together!

And BTW, if you have not had kombucha tablets yet, please give it a try. Like I mentioned before, there have been some success stories with it on here, so you never know if it might work for you. All the best!

Hi Cristian, thanks for the information, I didn't know about the egg white and chicken. Just like you, I'll start fighting candiasis. May God wish it be the solution

Hello Hopeful, thanks for your good wishes at Thanksgiving. Now I ask you how does it go with the Kombucha? I've read various testimonies that it has been a great help but most of the testimonies that come up, at least in this forum, have been negative with respect to this supplement as it has caused injury or another type of problems. For how long did you take this supplement and how many times a day? Did you do it with a diet low in choline or were you eating normally?And now are you eating what you want and you don't have absolutely anything of the odor or are you still following the diet?

Hey meggan, see my response at this link; I didn't want to post it twice:

Gracias x tu respuesta Hopeful.

q me recomendarían para no expulsar malos olores x mi naríz? de verdad es desagradable.

I have been taking Kombucha for a month already but I cannot see any result yet.
I fetid liquid is coming down through my nose.

hey,,,,what brand of zinc do you use?,,are from ph?Im from ph too and suffering from the same condition..hope you can help me,,here's my fb,,rafaeru mirana..If you dont mind could you add me pls..


Hi, I noticed that a smell comes out of my nose similar to a hoof mixed with earwax, snot, etc. when I eat things containing sugar, bread and brown rice.

When I don't eat these things the smell doesn't come out, at least from my nose.

Hi, Smile.

I'm fairly new to the community, but it was your post and the comments afterwards which first drew me here. Hope you still visit this post. Thanks for your suggestion. Right now I'm doing a water fast,but before starting it I began your zinc/kelp protocol. It's too early to determine if it worked, as I stopped before beginning the fast. I'm looking forward to trying it again soon. Are still having the same results as you had originally?


Hello nativegrid, the smell that comes out of my nose is something like what you comment, it's even sometimes like a sewer. I'll have to stop eating the food that you mention, especially the bread and those that have sugar. I'm very stubborn to go on a special diet.

Hello megan, I think I haven't eaten those foods in these 2 days at least and I have least not detected smell in my nose, not even when I rub it.

Really good nati, I hope it works with me because it's horrible that each part of your body smells and even the nose. The bread that you talk about, I imagine that it's the one that has yeast, can I eat whole wheat bread?

Hi megan
Te cuento q el pan blanco no como
solo pan integral y veo q la etiqueta del pan integral diga bajo en azucar

ok nati, entonces optaré por comer el pan integral.

Hello, I've even been to the shamans but they couldn't do anything, but I discovered something interesting the smell came out of my nose, so I covered it with little toilet paper balls and goodbye bad smell.

But there is something else and already the people stopped sneezing and they stopped coughing I felt good.
So the problem comes from the nose they say it smells like stored clothes but that they don't feel but something else they detect I don't know could be like the dust mites when they enter your respiratory tract and you start coughing your throat itches something like that.

What could that be?

hello, my name is Alejandra, this problem has affected my life enormously... I am going to try your suggestions and then I will tell you how it went for me, thousands of thanks for sharing in this space. One question: could you give me the low choline diet? because mi doctor says that some of us have stronger smell, etc. and I feel that he ignores me I live in Mexico, in Chihuahua to be exact thanks for your comments and good luck in your treatments :)

Hello ibiza I hope you are fine, I don't understand very well what you wrote about covering your nose with little toilet paper balls, but how do you breathe?? and for how long are you with those little balls in your nose??

Respiro por la boca jaja como pescado, pero no me aconstumbro duro unas 4 horas.

Pero te quita el mal momento por que ahora si puedo hablar de frente con las personas.
Estoy casi seguro que el problema viene de ahi por que de mi boca no sale mal olor.

Hello ibiza
I tell you that at work one day that I had flu my nose got stuffed and nobody sneezed nor coughed, this is to say 0 alergies... but the next day the same story repeated itself my nose got unstuffed again
I even sometimes feel something that enters my throat and causes me coughing... would it be the candidas????

I don't know what candidiasis is, my friend, but you are right, there was a time in which I had healed when I was with flue but I didn't suspect it.

Hello girls I hope all of you are fine... About my odour, it comes practically from everywhere: mouth, armpits, feet, genitals, scalp, even my bum to be honest. Also, it comes from my nose but mostly when I am in very cold places, in this case I work in a very cold place and I commute constantly two hours from home almost every day.. The smell started to appear in my nose when I started to do those trips and experience abrupt temperature changes as I live in a very warm area. I have been doing this for 3 years and a half approximately.. Now I tell you that with me it is the opposite, when I have flu the smell becomes worse, the same happens if I have a fever or I am sick. I realize because the gestures, comments and mocking are more offensive

Hello smile and all members,

I noticed it's been a long whole year sense this was posted,However I would like an update on your health issue with this and others on here as well? I'm new to the site. I've always known about the site,but never attempted to sign up.Now that I did,I'm so glad that I made the effort to actually connect to possible millions of people out there who suffer with this condition as I do. As of now I just started taking some supplements that a friend sent me.I've tried somethings over the years. None seem to work. I'm now starting on 1-50 mg oregano oil,1-600mg-caprylic acid, and 1-250mg of grapefruit seed. I also have a bottle of 500mg black walnut hulls, 580mg garlic bulb, and something called solaray dietary supplements,Pau D'Arco ,which I have no idea what it does. Also I was given a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and was told to drink a 1/2 tsp of this.I don't know, what do you think? I have diabetes and I was taking pain meds for a herniated disk
along with my med for diabetes. I don't want to do anything that would have interfere with the main pill which is the metformin. The ones that I mentioned above int the beginning are the only pills that I'm taking.What's your take on this?

its true i remember when i too had the flu, i had no reactions from anyone

Hi ibiza
You made me laugh I too went to a shop where there is an old lady that sells herbs and other preparations.. that was last year
She sent me to bathe for 4 days with black soap and herbs, as always the treatment worked only for 3 days
She said that what I had was caused "by a low evil"

Por respirar por la boca se me inflamo las admidalas, pero tengo buenas noticias miren lean esto:
La tremenda importancia de respirar(bien)por la nariz y no(mal)por la boca.Puede llevar a "lamer las articulaciones y morder el corazón".
Por radiosappo
¿Respiras bien?,digamos mejor ¿Respiras Anormal?.Digo ésto porque si observas un poco,sólo un poco,a la gente que te cruces por la calle pues,verás que la inmensa mayoría respira(muy mal)por la boca;fíjate bien,muchas y muchos van con la boca abierta(mi opinión al respecto es que -copian-a los(las)famosillas que andan muy rapidito y con la boca abierta o bien porque la mayoría ya "es normal" ir así o bien porque van hablando por el móvil),pero bueno,limitémonos a observar..................Bien......sigamos......

¿Cuál es el peligro de respirar "normal" con la boca abierta?....Pues que cogerás muchísimo más fácilmente anginas,faringitis,laringitis,etc...con o sin infección(estreptococos). Como seguirás respirando así volverás a coger varias infecciones de amígdalas o de faringe.Te propondrán operar,es posible que harta de tomar antibióticos y anti-inflamatorios,dirás que sí.Siguiente paso:te operan,con lo cual ya no tienes esas valiosas defensas que son las Amígdalas,entonces empiezas con las Faringitis y lo mismo de antes.¿Te ha ido mal la operación?.......Ni sí ni nó.El problema está en que sigues respirando "normal" con la boca abierta y por esa preciosa boquita abierta pues entra de todo......................,no sé si estarás de acuerdo pero............Sigamos....................

¿Por qué a los que respiran(respiramos) por la nariz no nos atacan tan fácilmente esos bichitos?.La respuesta está en ......los pelitos de la nariz.A los hombres se nos ven esos pelillos,a las mujeres nó,pero también tienen sus vellitos nasales.¿Y qué hacen esos pelitos?...Una cosa muy importante además de filtrar elementos extraños y es que ---calientan o enfrían el aire ambiente a nuestra propia temperatura para que entre tiebecito adonde tiene que ir.

De ahí que desde muy pequeño apliques la mejor Medicina Preventiva con tus hijos..............¡ enséñales a respirar!.Porque sino con los años puedes llegar a eso de "lame las articulaciones y muerde el corazón".Esto te lo dejo como tarea para que lo busques en Internet,ponlo tal como lo he escrito......¡ Hazlo por tus hijos !

..............Ya saben............Salud y Alegría.................

Yo tengo una fosa de la nariz tapada por una malformacion interna, que no me deja respirar bien. El otrrino me dijo que tengo que operarme si eso sigue asi te dara sinusitus.

Aparte yo camino como tortuga por que me da verguenza ese olor fetido, pero hay que caminar sacando pecho tratar de respirar bien menos mal que yo voy en taxis y troto hasta mi casa 14 kilomentros, eso es lo bueno que pude sacar de esta enfermedad.

Bueno ibiza
No se diga mas...!!! A caminar sacando pecho
y a respirar [email protected]

gracias x compartir

Creanme ayer camine por la calle como paloma de lo mas normal tranquilo sereno, y si la gente ya no estornudaba y no se tapaban la nariz, pero ya en el taxi se dan cuenta ahi no me funciono, en lugares cerrados descartados me fue mal.

Hola ibiza pero tu dices que eso puede eliminar también hasta el mal olor corporal?? xq te cuento yo siempre desde pequeña he estado con la boca abierta, duermo así y cuando camino también lo hago con la boca abierta, es difícil sobre todo a la hora de dormir tener la boca cerrada. Camino completamente sin sacar pecho pero podría hacer eso que tu dices, el saber respirar bien.. gracias x compartir la información, es de gran ayuda,,,

Ah y otra cosa sufro de tonsilosis, a lo nejor debe ser xq duermo y camino con la boca abierta.. Mis amigdalas siempre han sido gigantes y me han mandado antibióticos.

Esa info que puse lineas arriba no es mia la copie de otra pagina, con respecto a tu pregunta mi cuerpo no huele lo confirme con mis hermanos, ellos me decian que mal olor provenia de mi boca y nariz , segui comprobando al final pregunte tapandome la boca y despues tapandome la nariz, ellos me decian que ese mal olor proviene de la nariz, ojo que ellos en ni un momento decian que huelo mal pero hay algo en mi que les provocaba esos estornudos, alergias. Ahora estoy en el trabajo y no escucho mas los estornudos que solia escuchar todos los dias, a menos que se me acerquen de frente a mi lado si sienten ese olor y estornudan, ENTONCES DIGO NO TE ME ACERQUES NO ME ABRACEN, me dicen que gay. Que importa la cosa es que no me desespere sino esto empeora si y mucho. Tranquilizarse se que es muy dificil yo antes no podia pero ahora ya lo estoy logrando mediten.

UPDATE: Its been a while since I posted here, but I think I should write a little about my present condition because it has improved a lot.
To begin, I have not had trouble with BO nor the kind of fish odor that is associated with this insidious disease, my problems were bad breath that could clear a room just by me saying hello, smelt feet, that meant never taking my shoes off away from home and the odor of me poo was akin to WMDs, oh and the smell of my urine was something out of Satan himself. For years I only went to the bathroom at home not even in front of my wife unless in an emergency.
Well I have been taking probiotics, body mint and maintaining a strict low choline diet, which helped a great deal but the odors were still there. I tried the Kombucha and Zinc which put me hospital for a week with stomach pains, some kind of reaction to my GERD.
Anyway for the past month I have been taking MILK THISTLE and surprise both my poo and urine smell ok so much so that I'm drinking more water because I have no fear of going in public or at work. People that wouldn't get near me are now coming up to me and talking to me, my boss is now coming right close to my desk and chatting me up, its a MIRACLE. One of my busied even ask me what happened to my breath, saying its still bad but he wont be calling me MR DRAGON anymore.
Now it took me two weeks before I decided to post this, because many things have started to work and then stopped after a week or two, but its been a month and even though I cant smell my breath, I can at least say with certainty that the other odors have completely gone away, I am going to the bathroom at work without clearing the office. Don't get me wrong , it doesn't smell like ROSES but it most certainly doesn't reek throughout the place.
I just wanted to bring the community up to date on my condition, not sure if this will help other as it seems what works for one person doesn't always work for others. I have had a lets say %50 improvement with the low Choline diet, probiotics and body mint, but since taking the Milk Thistle I would say I'm at about %80 good

UPDATE: Its been a while since I posted here, but I think I should write a little about my present condition because it has improved a lot.
To begin, I have not had trouble with BO nor the kind of fish odor that is associated with this insidious disease, my problems were bad breath that could clear a room just by me saying hello, smelt feet, that meant never taking my shoes off away from home and the odor of me poo was akin to WMDs, oh and the smell of my urine was something out of Satan himself. For years I only went to the bathroom at home not even in front of my wife unless in an emergency.
Well I have been taking probiotics, body mint and maintaining a strict low choline diet, which helped a great deal but the odors were still there. I tried the Kombucha and Zinc which put me hospital for a week with stomach pains, some kind of reaction to my GERD.
Anyway for the past month I have been taking MILK THISTLE and surprise both my poo and urine smell ok so much so that I'm drinking more water because I have no fear of going in public or at work. People that wouldn't get near me are now coming up to me and talking to me, my boss is now coming right close to my desk and chatting me up, its a MIRACLE. One of my busied even ask me what happened to my breath, saying its still bad but he wont be calling me MR DRAGON anymore.
Now it took me two weeks before I decided to post this, because many things have started to work and then stopped after a week or two, but its been a month and even though I cant smell my breath, I can at least say with certainty that the other odors have completely gone away, I am going to the bathroom at work without clearing the office. Don't get me wrong , it doesn't smell like ROSES but it most certainly doesn't reek throughout the place.
I just wanted to bring the community up to date on my condition, not sure if this will help other as it seems what works for one person doesn't always work for others. I have had a lets say %50 improvement with the low Choline diet, probiotics and body mint, but since taking the Milk Thistle I would say I'm at about %80 good


Hi bikurguy

what is milk thistle???

Bikurguy It's wonderful to know that the things you're doing to help yourself is working for you. It's always good to read about another sufferers good news. I could only hope that I would one day have some good news of my owns to share about my odor. Keep doing what you're doing,but most importantly,do it in confidence with courage and a overall good mind set. It is with being positive and having faith that we can and will overcome this. God Bless You!!

Hello Bikurguy, I am very glad that you have cured in a n 80% of the body odours, I imagine that the feet bad odour too. I suffer of very bad body odour that comes out of every pore of my body, from my breath to my genitals and my feet, I am desperate looking for some cure or treatment that is not going to interfere with my health. Where can I find milk thistle (Silymarin) and how did you take it? I mean how many times a day and for how long? Did you complement it with the low choline diet, the probiotics and the other things that you took or you didn't take anything of that nor did the low choline diet while you where taking the milk thistle??

For Nativegrid and Meggan, Milk Thistle can be found at your local Pharmacy, I get mine from CVS. I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I don't know if its the Milk THistle alone or the combination of all I take that did it, and I'm not about to stop any to find out : ) for obvious reasons. I take 2 probiotics, one Body Mint, 2 Milk Thistle and one Apple cider vinergar along with my daily vitamins. I as mentioned also maintain a strict low Choline diet, that is NO red meat, nor any part of a cow for that matter, no pork, eggs nor dairy nuts, corn, low sugar, no coffee, soda, no alcohol except for light beer or a glass of wine with dinner and definitely no animal by products like liver etc. I also eat no processed foods like ham and bacon and cold cuts, which isn't good for you anyway. This seems to have gotten my odors under control a lot, don't know if it will work for others but good luck to all.

Hi, Bikurguy:

Millk Thistle is excellent for the liver. Most people don't realize just how important a clean liver is. It is as important (if not more important) than the colon. If this helped you, then perhaps your liver is/was the main reason for your B.O. If that's the case, you might consider doing a liver cleanse. I have to tell you, I've done a couple of these and it's not easy. You have to drink a glass of olive oil (it took me years to like Olive oil again), but it's worth it. Look online for a Liver Cleanse protocol. BTW, it only takes 1-2 days to do the liver cleanse. So, at least the shortness of time is good..:O)


Q bueno bikurguy, me alegro.. Intentaré buscarlo en la farmacia, ahora t pregunto qué es el bodymint y que tipo de probióticos tomas? lo del vinagre de manzana lo haces tomandolo de forma líquida o como suplemento? es necesario tomar las vitaminas? Y como tomas todos estos complementos?

¿How is your strict low choline diet?

yo creo q debo ser mas conciente con mi dieta ya q a execpcion de las carnes de res, pollo y cerdo, y mariscos...yo sigo comiendo todo lo demas

Body mint is actually a type of activated charcoal that can be found on Amazon or I take Acidophilous, or Probiotics pills,The Apple Cider I take in pill form, the vitamins are regular One a days and B12 and Vitamin D as prescribed by my PCP.
It will be easier to list what I eat than what I don't :) Chicken and vegetables, except cabbage and broccoli of course, only fresh water fish like Talapia, most fruit and little or no sugar.

I think we are going to need a psychotherapy to really end our suffering. I tried everything from Kombucha, Kefir, Zinc and Iodine. It might have even worked temporary. I think the key is to eat healthy as in alot of vegetables and not alot of meat, drink alot, take a balanced multi vitamine, reduce body weight and excercise. But all this only works if you don´t have genetic tmau and are smelling for some other reason. For example if you don´t have enough Iodine(as in Kelp) in your system then your thyroid isn´t working properly and your metabolism is slowing down. Same with zinc and other trace metals and vitamins. Take one cog out of a clock and it won´t work well anymore. But our body is trying to cope for some time.
You have to keep in mind that things like chlorophyl, charcoal and so on only battles the symptons, but not the cause. And it won´t improve the smell long term. Even if you eliminated the cause of your smell, you are going to stay paranoid for a long time(from my own experience). Every time when you go out you are trying to avoid people and think about if they show any reactions to your possible smell.
Alot of us shower more often than its any good for our skin(with scented shower gel most probably), we are using scented creams and washing detergents. Of course people are going to sniff around us. And i get nervous when someone sniffs near me. And this starts a chain reaction. I´m feeling hot and embarassed and this is causing fear sweat, which is smelling very strong. So more people are sniffing around me and so on. I´m sure you all had the same experience in a restaurant, bus, cinema or super market.
You could try wearing headphones and ignore people. Or you could take Anti depressants to relax in such situations. But you have to visit a psychotherapist to get them prescipted. I´m not saying its all in our mind, because fear sweat Will make you smell pretty strong, since it got a different composition than normal sweat. It improved alot with the antidepressants, but I´m going to be paranoid for years to come i fear.

What is name on the bottle of zinc and kelp you use

The only thing that ever stopped the smells was when I was on prescribed weight loss pills called Meridia. I tried explaining to my dr and he said i must have an female infection.... they don't know what to think or how to diagnose. But anyway, the Meridia has been taken off the market but there has to be something in it's make up that blocked that odor. I remember being on the pills and being able to eat all of the seafood I wanted - ahhh that was the life!

Is there anybody from MEXICO HERE???

There's an interesting comment in the anti-candida of facebook, the person that knows of the group said that the candid inhibited the formation of LABS (beneficial bacteria), could be an explanation of the parasitosis of the TMAU in the intestine, at least in my case that I started with the symptoms of Candida before developing developing the bad body odor.

I have tried for the longest time to look for kelp capsules/tablets but no chemist seems to stock them here. Can someone please advise on whether it is possible to ship them in. Kindly indicate prices too. So, Kelp, Zinc and Organic coconut. Thanks in advance.

Cristian, I too developed Candida about a couple of years before I developed the odors. I think this is really something to look into

There is definitely a link between candida and TMAU for some people. The candida yeast spreads throughout the body, and to different organs. This includes the liver. It attacks the FMO3 liver enzyme that breaks down choline so that it doesn't work anymore.

Hopeful46 I also developed Candida sympthoms years before the smell, maybe both are related, you are lucky, the best information against Candida is in English, in Spanish in the Candida Facebook's group. It would be advisable to cure the Candida before erradicating TMAU.

Tried it and it made me Smell like dead fish..You're better off taking magnesium chloride and away with the seaweed smell that kelp will give you

Team I was recently diagnosed with low thyroid. You have to ask your doctor to specifically take a TSH test. A thyroid - stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test is used to detect problems affecting the thyroid gland. Before I reported that Zinc and Kelp cured my TMAU and it did - can you believe that Thyroid comes from lack of Zinc in diet. I'm hoping this information can help someone. The thyroid is controls your metabolism and TMAU is associated with the body not metabolizing or lacking an enzyme. Doctors don't have time money or zeal to help the community, Lets continue to help one another. So far they started me on the lowest dosage 0.25 mg of a Synthroid called levothyroxine.

Team I posted that Thyroid was from lack of Zinc I meant to say lack of iodine which Kelp is Iodine. Kelp is a type of seaweed known for its rich iodine content

That is why the purpose of the thyroid, because in a euthyroid person (normal thyroid) the possibility exists that kelp can provoke a secondary hyperthyroidism.

Now Smile I would like to know if before you used Kelp you were already diagnosed with "low thyroid" or in its defect you had some manifestation like increase in weight, thickening of the skin, very sleepy, increase in activity, etc


If one is affected by a thyroid disfunction, is kelp not recommended? should zinc be taken only?? I suffer from thyroid goitre... I believe that the thyroid has to do with bad smell ... I think it's also the intestine, may be they're all connected...

Hi do you leave in the state I have had this problem for 2 years and I think I finally might have a cure for it

Guys, I want to ask you, the smell no matter what it is of, doesn't it make the flies come and follow you all the time? That happens to me and it's really outrageous and oppressive. My smell makes them follow me wherever I am, be it a meeting as in the classroom, just anywhere. You can imagine my classmates face and other students.

Lilstone, your cure ?

Aun no me sucede esto, pero 1persona del foro si le estaba sucedienfo aquello
Se le acercaban las moscas

Hello Native!!
This situation is horrible that at this point this should happen to you! I feel bad because I can't even conceal nor control it. How do I ask God that soon there may be a cure for this horrible sickness which is slowly finishing our dreams of going forward and with our social life.

Hola a todos:

Hace 1 mes me opere de la nariz por que tenia tabique desviado y aparte habia algo raro en mi nariz concha bullosa no se que es ?.

Bueno el doctor indico que esto puede ser la causa de tu mal olor asi que lo intente y me opere.

Todabia no puedo respirar al 100% por que la operacion te deja la nariz hinchada me falta como 2 meses para que baje la hinchazon.

Asi que decidi subir en transporte publico que miedo hace un 1 año que no voy en carros de transporte publico, yo simpre iba en taxis.Bueno resulto que el primer dia en el carro habia bajado considerablemente el mal olor, nervioso cada vez que subia al carro.
Pero ya me aconstumbre al final ya subia alegre pero solo respiraba por la nariz no abria la boca.

Cuando me desespero otra vez vuelve ese mal olor asi que solo me tranquilizo y me olvido de todo, y regreso a estar relax.

Ojo que todabia tengo el problema pero cuando hablo siento mal olor que sale de mi boca.
Mi siguiente problema mi boca ahora no se a donde ir?

Estoy alegre por lo menos puedo entrar cualquier sitio sin problemas sin hablar con mi chalina tapando mi boca, ya me comprare un bozal despues.

De lo que estoy seguro es que cuando me da gripe ese mal olor desaparece y no solo a mi tengo otro compañero que le sucedia lo mismo.

Que se activara en nuestro cuerpo cuando nos da gripe tengo que investigar eso, ahi deberia estar la cura.

Hola ibiza
me paso 1 vez esto
en q me dio gripe y se me tapo la nariz
ese dia nadie tosio, 0malergias, no mal olor
todos estaban sorprendidos
es raro oye
porq si es tmau el olor deberia seguir saliendo por l cuerpo
pero no entiendo la relacion ntre esta locura d olores y la nariz
entonces no genemos tmau, q srra q tenemos

He pensado q x motivos q desconozco mi nariz incrementa los malos olores no solo los mios propios, sino lo d los demas
atrae tambien los malos oloresdel ambiente
y los buenos para nada

¿Qué es la gripe?
"Gripe" es el nombre común de la influenza. Es un virus que infecta el aparato respiratorio.

Por lo general, cuando estás enfermo a causa de un virus, tu cuerpo activa un sistema de defensa generando anticuerpos para combatirlo. Esto significa que por lo general no contraerás esa cepa del virus nuevamente. Desafortunadamente, los virus de la gripe mutan (cambian) de un año al otro. Por lo tanto, no estarás protegido de la gripe para siempre.

Que virus tendremos?

Empece a leer esto y no entendi ni michi, creo que debo estudiar enfermeria -.-.

yo también pienso q este olor proviene de la nariz y por lo tanto también de la boca, pero y el olor corporal, el de las axilas, el d los genitales y el de los pies??


Useful information for those affected by TMAU:

- Protocol for the odor reduction. It's useful if you follow it exactly and you combine it with the cardio exercise :

- List of food with the quantity of choline in each

- The section LEARN of the TMAU community of RareConnect has a lot of information in different languages:

- Maria de la Torre´s story:

- MEBO Research blog:


- GeneReviews Article by Prof. Phillips and Prof. Shepard

- Activated carbon


- List of doctors:

Yo hago mucho ejercicios todos los dias y aveces me excedo tanto que lo hago hasta quedar muerto.

Pero al hacerlo los olores se multiplican, pude olor ese olor fuerte de mi nariz y de la boca es asqueroso.

Por que cuando hago ejercicios ese olor se expande ?

Rebounding para 20 minutos esta' muy bien! Toxins come out!

Diablos me invitaron pizza, y al siguiente dia me fue fatal regrese a la normalidad mal olor, respiracion fetida ,sentia la lengua amarga y seca. Estaba cuidandome le acepte por que pense que ya estaba curado al 70%.

Tuvo que pasar una semana para recuperarme ahora si trankilo, tuve que ayunar esos dias y deje de almorzar para recuperarme lo mas pronto posible.
Con el pollo a la brasa sucede lo mismo.

Osea que igual no podemos comer pollo


IBIZA, la TMAU no se puede curar como se cura un catarro. Algunos afectados han podido llegar a manejar el olor siguiendo la rutina de dieta+ejercicio+suplementos.

Aún cuando el olor parece haberse reducido o desaparecido, si la ingesta de colina vuelve a subir, volverá el olor.

Nativeingrid, el pollo contiene menos colina cocinado a la plancha por ejemplo que frito.

Aquí tienes una lista de alimentos según cantidad de colina:

Hola marta, una pregunta. Las cosas que se hacen en ese protocolo se hacen como al mismo tiempo? Todo junto con la dieta?


Mebo Research recomienda empezar por el protocolo a corto plazo y luego pasar al de largo plazo. Los 2 protocolos se parecen pero se modifican las cantidades y las tomas de suplementos (por ejemplo el Carbón Activado).

Los antibióticos se recomiendan en momentos puntuales y de necesidad, ya que pueden reducir el olor temporalmente, pero dañan la flora intestinal y esto puede ser contraproducente.

Respondiendo a tu pregunta, los puntos de cada protocolo se hacen al mismo tiempo, pero siempre depende si es el de corto o el de largo plazo. Fíjate bien.

Un saludo,

Hi Smiles! I appreciate all of your research. I myself suffer from secondary TMAU. I tested in the top 3 as the third highest person with TMAU/choline out of the test subjects at the MEBO research clinic last May. My son also inherited this smelly disease. I hate what it has donecto our lives. I do have a question, that if we are trying to lower our high alkaline pH, wouldn't an alkaline food like kelp increase the ph? Im afraid to take it for that reason. I wonder if you stopped the alkaline kelp but keep the zinc and coconut oil going, if you still would have remarkable results. Only problem with testing it like that, you could have knocked the smell out to where it will never come back. Just curious.

I believe we should be trying to raise the alkaline in our bodies & lower the acidity of her bodies

Hopeful 46- If we are too alkaline (which is a high ph) inside and out, then shouldn't we be trying to make ourselves more acidic to lower the alkalinity and try to get to neutral ph balance? We are opposite what everyone else who is trying to be -alkaline. We already have high amounts of alkalinity. Which makes me wonder if we don't make enough acid in our stimachs to kill the bacteria made in regards to trimethylaminuria. There is a medical term for being deficient in hydrochloric acid.

Hello everyone they gave me an endoscopy, they detected Elicobacter pylory. I am under treatment

Hello Ibiza, about one month ago, my gastroenterologist asked me to carry out the Helycobacter Pylory test on me. I have yet not done it but I hope it comes out negative.. I did it some time ago and it came out positive..

Peace13 That is interesting. I use PH Strips & I'm always acid

Does anyone know how I can be tested for TMAU in Peru? A place where i could go or what tests should they run on me to tell the doctor and to see if I really have TMAU? Please, I'm quite worried and with my self esteem next to the floor. I sense a smell of rotten eggs each time I breathe or sometimes it comes out of my body and I see the people cover their nose in buses or in a room and they cough and sneeze. When I ask my parents they say they don't smell anything, it's all psychological. I went anyway to the nose specialist and he didn't find anything. It would help a lot to now what I have and I doubt it's psychological because this had never happened to me until a month and a half ago that I started to smell it in different situations and there are times when I don't even smell it myself and I see people cover their nose or, as I said, they cover their nose or sneeze in some situations. I would be grateful for an answer :/

Hello Bianca3, I can help you, I'm from PERU.
I have the same problem but I know what makes it happen and I'm under treatment.
It's painful, there are a lot of pills.

Write to me at my e-mail address


Hello IBIZA, I wrote to you, did you get my e-mail?

Hi smile,

I was wondering weather your results from this remedy has lasted since it has been a year this discussion has started. I was going to start the low choline diet however was hesitant to either take these supplements with the diet or just supplements and no low choline at all. I did try a 5.5 sebamed soap and it definitely helped for the under arms but I need a 5.5 ph deodorant to keep it that way because the smell seems to appear eventhough in lower concentrations after the ph soap. Is there any recommendations for the armpits? I will try the eucerin lotion as well but lastly the vaginal discharge is what concerns me the most. No underwear or pads or nothing seems to work! The disposal pads makes the condition worse since it causes sweating and discharge on the same area which both excrete tma as a gas with bodily fluids. Since the discharge is fishy and can go beyond the pads and underwear nothing works and the smell can be more than frustrating. Is there any recommendations on how you guys deal with this Most embarrassing situation??? It seems like we are living with bacterial vaginosis since from what I read online tmau is what causes it in the first place!

I seen on Mebo research about a new body deoderizer made by Herbal Hill. Not herbal hills but Hill. Should check out the link on Mebo blog. I bought it myself hoping it works. Best of luck.

@happyhealthybut hola yo utilizo un desodorante de la marca secret que dice que es ph balanced, tal ves este te pueda servir.

I'm glad I found you, because you have to find a solution to my problem
I have a full body smelled bad and do not know the cause. I do not I suffer from any organic disease and I am suffering from any other disease .. I am very tired from my case I do not know what to do
I bathed daily in vain or remove the smell .. I guess it's the smell of fish Syndrome Is there a cure for these cases at this time or soon there will be a cure
Kindly inform me and not neglecting this message

Hi smile,

I hope that you are still alive?
I see that you havent come back to the forum for a long time. People here are curious about what you are doing to manage your symptoms or if you are still able to manage them. You claimed these supplements to be the possible cure for our disorders and not Show up since. :) I hope everything is still working out for you with no out of the blue health concerns. I try to be very cautious about supplements because have had a terrible affect from a diet pill years ago. I will try the kelp but the iodine and the hyperthyroid discussion made me unsure weather it might cause other metabolic problems. I hope you get back to the forum and further enlighten us.

I tryed Kelp and zinc the smell is not completely disappeared but it has decreased. I take 1 zinc and 2 kelp tablets for 5 days and i see difference

Hi all
I have tried following things and it works. Sometimes it eliminates the odor completely, sometimes 99%.
-unpasteurized butter or cheese

There are other things that I will try which I think they work too:
-kombucha (or any fermented drink)
-juice from wheatgrass or barleygrass
-milk thistle seeds (make tea of whole seeds, no powder - they say powdered seeds has less nutrition because of friction occurs when powderizing)

Except these stuff we have to remove bad foods and increase the good ones. Bad foods are processed. Also living without stress is good.

If you happen to be with many people and you suddenly smell because the above things didn't work you can quickly go to a toilet and wash your armpits and genitals because that's where the smell comes from usually. Also have a deodorant.

I am using 30 volume Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my body. I use it on my armpits, chest, back, butt, legs, and feet. It is very strong, but I am so desperate that I put up with the burning sensation. I try to leave it on for five minutes. It comes in a cream and I know it is used to lighten or color hair (known as oxidant in beauty salons). You have to be very careful with your eyes, and to try not to inhale it. Again, I know that it is a strong product and some people's skin will not react well to it, but I have noticed improvement. At least I think it cleans deeply and removes the odor. This is something I can't achieve with normal bathing, or with the thousands of products I have tried. After I apply it, for about 5 minutes, I then shower normally to rinse it off with water, and then I wash myself with povidine-iodine and lastly, I rinse well with water. The deodorant I use currently is fragrance free Dove. I feel much better with respect to my body odor, and I wanted to share this with you.

I forgot to tell you all that even spices are very important, epsecially rosemary and sage, they help eliminate bad odor.

Good News team- Try Probiotics I'm not advertising a specific brand. Take 4 of them at one time once a day and let me know if this works for you. The probiotic tablets contain a lactic acid-producing bacteria that balances out bacteria levels. Probiotics also keep the vaginal environment more acidic which helps promote favorable balance. Bacteria have a reputation for causing disease, so the idea of tossing down a few billion a day for your health might seem — literally and figuratively — hard to swallow. But a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with foods and supplements containing certain kinds of live bacteria. You should notice results almost immediately. I order mine off of Amazon. I'm not promoting a specific brand I ordered Probiotic 10 and AccuFlora once again not promoting a brand, please try and let me know . 4 workks for me after a month you can monitor your body and cut back as needed. Trust your body and its response. Try other brands as well, only put brands to eliminate posts from people requesting what brand I ordered. one pill did not make a difference but 4 did..A lot of research came out in 2015.

Sharing post from a young lady on reddit:

I made this post because I discussed this with my friend today who was struggling with chronic Bacterial Vaginosis, and thought I could help out some other women out there looking for answers. Perhaps this is now common knowledge, but I'd like to enlighten those who are unaware and silently suffering.

For such an understood condition, it should be easily treatable, but anyone who has had the privilege of chronic Bacterial Vaginosis or a Yeast Infection, knows this is not the reality. What you're about to read sounds like an informmercial, I know, but I'm not selling anything but my personal experience, to be taken or left. It is also a bit long. :p

Here's my story; Hope it helps, as I wish someone had told me this earlier:

So, for about three years--yes, THREE years--I was plagued with seemingly treatment-resistent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections. Initially, I tried taking OTC anti-fungals like Monistat, but the infections always came back within weeks or weren't cured at all. I then went to see a gynecologist who prescribed me Metronidazole, but after a month it came back, with a fucking vengeance. I tried inserting plain yogurt into my vagina, garlic, wearing only cotton underwear, and cutting alcohol from diet. Nothing worked and soon I ended up with a very nasty UTI because the infection had spread up my urethra. I was given antibiotics for this, which cleared the UTI, but aggravated my BV/YI. My doctor suggested I then get tested for HIV and diabetes as chronic vaginal infections can be common among women with those illnesses. I freaked out at this thought, but thankfully my blood work came back negative for both.

I was pissed at this point: "What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Even the doctor can't help me. Stupid broken vagina."

Desperate, I sought out a homeopathic gynecologist. After much holistic testing for STDs, liver and kidney functioning, she confirmed, again, that I did in fact have BV and a YI. I was then prescribed some vaginal capsule insert containing something that I can't remember but doesn't matter because it didn't work.

A few months after this, still suffering from a mild, yet uncomfortable infection, I sought a new doctor. She quickly tried to prescribed me Metronidazole and I told her that it didn't clear my last one, and my aforementioned battle against this single-celled protozoan. Her response was discouraging. She told me that recurrent vaginal infections are very hard to treat--duh--and to try this treatment once more. Also, "Stop wearing thongs and non-cotton underwear, no douching, you may have diabetes..." yada, yada. I tried another treatment of Metronidazole; Spoiler alert: it did absolutely nothing, didn't even provide any relief.

This last visit was a year ago. At that point, I decided I had to do my own research. I read scholarly articles on vaginal infections, books, and other women's experiences. I found that ultimately, CURING--not just treating the symptoms--BV/YI required a dynamic attack on all fronts. I read some studies about probiotics used to treat vaginal infections and the results were mostly inconclusive, but showed some evidence as a likely treatment. This was something I hadn't really tried, and thought, why not? Previously, when I had taken probiotics for my infections, I was recommended a small dose, about 300 million CFU (approximate amount of live bacterial cultures in the capsule). Upon reviewing scientific literature, the studies prescribed up to a trillion CFU for each subject. Furthermore, the methods concluded that probiotic dosages can exceed this without unhealthy effects, although therapeutic benefits may be the same.

So, armed with my cotton underwear and four 300 billion CFU probiotic capsules daily, I finally fucking got rid of my vaginal infections. It took me a week to notice my symptoms clearing: No more itching, no more fishy odor, no more heavy discharge. I did this for a month, and no more symptoms. I didn't even know my vagina could smell so mild as I had had this infection for so long.

I kept up this routine for a few months as I had a systemic infection, which basically goes hand-in-hand with recurrent vaginal infections. This basically means that the bacterial flora in my intestines and gut had been overrun with yeast, maintaining the bacterial imbalance in my vagina. So every time I'd clear up my vaginal infection, the imbalance in my intestine would cause another to occur. Naturally, then, this treatment took a few months.

To this day, I have only had one infection and I instantly started probiotics once I realized it coming on. Poof, gone. Now I just take them weekly because they provide many other health benefits such as aiding in digestion.

TL;DR: After 3 years of chronic BV/YI/UTIs, and failed anti-fungal treatments, I began taking a very high daily dose of probiotics which finally cured me.

Some studies to browse:

Thank you for your posts Smile! I think just seeing that there are other people out there who are in the same battle as us is encouraging. This issue has a way of isolating us from the rest of society. I'm convinced that part of our problem is that this makes us have mental and emotional issues that keep us from the healthy friendships and relationships that would benefit us greatly.
That being said here's my contribution to the group. These are the things I've tried to battle this special condition and how well each worked for me.

Background-36yr old male, I live in Central FL (The heat and humidity are worthy foes here).
Like Smile I have to take Synthroid daily because of low thyroid. I've done all kinds of jobs but recently working at a job outside where me and all my coworkers get sweaty was a great cover. They assumed I was just dirty and sweaty and smelly because of the job-lol I recently have taken a job that's 50% indoors in the office and 50% outdoors so things should be getting interesting once the heat begins in the summer

Ok so here's what I've tried and what I'm going to try:

Doctors and Gastrointestinal specialists-don't bother, I was literally looked at and treated like I was crazy. Which is what started me on my own journey

Chlorophyll in liquid form-no effect

Special soaps-they work until you sweat... which for me doesn't take long

Deodorants-they help mask the odor temporarily but won't hold it back forever

Changes in diet-definitely matters but at the end of the day I still stink more than anyone else

Wearing lighter materials in my clothing-it helps keep my body cooler, hence less sweat, but removes any extra barriers that would block the smell from people's noses.

Working out-well for starters I have to do it alone at home to avoid embarrassment but weightlifting never causes any changes in me other than a better self image temporarily

Running-DOES help temporarily. You have to run long enough to work up a good sweat and push those toxins out of your body

Probiotics- DOES help! I took some one time for a different reason and happened to notice my smell seemed different and less potent. I never have smelled what others smell but I could tell something changed. After doing some research I found lots of odor issues are resolved by getting a good probiotic. Do take note that a cheap probiotic with only one or two culture strains had no effect. You need the most strains you can find. I use 'Ultimate Flora'. They sell it at Walgreens. My only issue with the probiotics is that they make you have to poop so I can't take them every day.

Hope this helps!

I intend on trying:


It's also worth mentioning if you don't already have one you should probably buy a decent beard trimmer and keep your body hair especially around the genital and anus region trimmed as short as possible. Odor causing bacteria like to Harbor there in those hairs so it's helpful to eliminate that as source of smell. There's the same type of sweat glands in those areas as in the armpit regions so I spray those areas with a spray body deodorant which are becoming more popular these days. Girls may need to try one of the woman's sprays down there, I'm not sure how a regular deodorant work work on female parts being that I have none. ;)

Thanks good information.

Below is a link for rankings on some top probiotics. Sometimes you do not know how accurate the information is or if suppliers pay for a good report. Sharing the below link for your review:


Found some more good information: Study performed in 2008 shows that inserting vitamin C tablets (deeply) into your vagina has shown promising results. Different things work for different people. It's amazing the medical community never share this information. More money is made on prescribing meds that don't work or a temporary fix than helping with a cure. Read on I will post 2 links. the actual study and feedback from others. Fight this nuisance with all you have.....

Vitamin C study link ...

Blog on Vitamin C cure ----

Doctors are a tool, with all this information I encourage you to continue making appointments and challenge your doctor with this information and continue to do your own research.

I have suffered with this condition for more than 4 years now. I have tried everything, antibiotics, not eating certain foods and nothing worked. It has completely destroyed my social life and has had a terrible impact on my work. There were times where I didn't want to live any more, I felt disgusted with myself, just hating myself for what I am. Luckily, one day I came across this website-it gave me strength and belief that maybe I can do something about it and get rid of the horrible smell. Thank you so much for your post and for sharing your experience. I started taking probiotics, vitamin b2, zinc and kelp, as well as drinking black tea and I can see noticeable changes. There is no more smell.

Wow,,thanks - we are all in this together.

I'll try the kelp/zinc/coconut oil for two weeks and get back to you.

Hi smile first let me on behalf of all of us thank you very much for courageous afford and research . I too am and have been suffering from this traumatic disease for about 30 years plus. And know exactly what everyone on here is going through. People can be so cruel when dealing with the unknown and not knowing its not a hygiene problem but a deficiency disease. The really sad part about it . Is that the so called professional people in the medical field are some of the worst, with there laughing, insulates, and talking about patients. I have to work but hate everything about my life because of this problem. I shop online don't like going anywhere but work only because I have to support my family. But its getting even harder to do that . My wife goes places by herself or with her friends because I don't feel comfortable doing stuff because of people comments. I really don't want her to have to be subjected to comments about someone she loves. I thank god for running across your post online and came to this site and joined as a member. I read most of the comments directed towards you. And know from my own research know that you are own the right path. Admittedly contacted my wife and ask her to pick me up some kelp 600 mg as well as some mega zinc 100 mg. I also have a question for you, I drink 9.5 alkaline water do you think that would be ok . I'm going to take the kelp, mega zinc and 100% pure unrefined extra virgin coconut oil . God willing hopefully this will work for me as it is continually working for you. God bless you and your family and please continue to post your comments as well as research on this problem. We must change the world through perseverance and long suffering as well as educating the people in the health care industry.

Hi smile first let me on behalf of all of us thank you very much for courageous afford and research . I too am and have been suffering from this traumatic disease for about 30 years plus. And know exactly what everyone on here is going through. People can be so cruel when dealing with the unknown and not knowing its not a hygiene problem but a deficiency disease. The really sad part about it . Is that the so called professional people in the medical field are some of the worst, with there laughing, insulates, and talking about patients. I have to work but hate everything about my life because of this problem. I shop online don't like going anywhere but work only because I have to support my family. But its getting even harder to do that . My wife goes places by herself or with her friends because I don't feel comfortable doing stuff because of people comments. I really don't want her to have to be subjected to comments about someone she loves. I thank god for running across your post online and came to this site and joined as a member. I read most of the comments directed towards you. And know from my own research know that you are own the right path. Admittedly contacted my wife and ask her to pick me up some kelp 600 mg as well as some mega zinc 100 mg. I also have a question for you, I drink 9.5 alkaline water do you think that would be ok . I'm going to take the kelp, mega zinc and 100% pure unrefined extra virgin coconut oil . God willing hopefully this will work for me as it is continually working for you. God bless you and your family and please continue to post your comments as well as research on this problem. We must change the world through perseverance and long suffering as well as educating the people in the health care industry.

Hi, I am a 16 year old guy and I have been eating unhealthy from quite a while, and I read here that this problem is caused by a deficiency of something. It has been just 2 days since I started smelling like crap but I recognised this smell and immediately knew it was not temporary and that it is here to stay as I know a person who smells like this as well.. I googled about TMAU and stumbled upon this discussion page, but, I just wanna make sure that what I have is TMAU. One "symptom" is that I smell a disgusting odour coming from my chest when I drink water. Is this common with TMAU patients, because I also have mucus constantly stuck at the back of my throat(post nasal drip), and I thought at first it is just some mucus in my lungs that is creating this odour. I appreciate any answer and also hope for your well being.

I have recently started a new diet regime, which seems to have already made a noticeable difference:
1) 1 small spoonful of organic coconut oil (which is surprisingly OK)
2) Zinc and kelp
3) Black tea (loose leaf)
4) Plenty of water L>2L
5) Completely cut out cow milk instead drinking goats milk/almond milk
6) No eggs/cut the amount of bread and meat I consume
7) Antibiotics for 2 weeks (only helped in the short term), the smell came back after a month or so.
I am also planning to get some Naturya Organic Maca Powder from H & B.

I have arranged a referral with my GP as well, however she was extremely reluctant to do anything about it.

If anyone has any other ideas please post, I am running out of hope that anything can help.

can TMAU increases with age?
sory for my english. i'm an indonesian. and really afraid with this disease.

I don't think it increases with age....unless you stopped being busy. During the last 10 years I have only faintly realized I have a problem, I was so busy that I didn't have time to think.

With age you are more in acceptance and learn to organize your life around this. I still socialize but only with people who can tolerate my body odor. Some people can't tolerate it even though they love you. My brothers can not and my elder son can not. It still hurts but not so much...