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Well this is my story.

For Months and Months before the smell had started to emitt from my body in a escaping from a fire fashion in april of 2016 , I had got myself involved in a major weed smoking pattern which naturally had been onset by friends at college and pot suddenly had crept up and enveloped my life and for a while it had seemed like a great way of passing the time.

Howether, for me the liberating effect of cannabis had become something i clutched and desperately needed(as i always do with good things in my life) and i had become careless to its consumption rate as who wouldn't as it turned me from a neurotic,anxiety filled mutant into a calm and relaxed bieng.

SO..first what u need to know about me is that i am a teen who still lives at home with a very religious family so you get the picture on how my sessions with the devils lettuce had to be confidential and a situation in them finding out was a no-no.
Anyways i had began to get brave and started to smoke in the bathroom like an addict even during when the family had been in the house downstairs or asleep, Now this picture right here is something me without the weed addiction wouldn't even stomach the thought of.

This inevitably flared up my worries of does the house smell, do i smell , does my clothes smell and i had entered a panic state up to a point that i didn't care and all i could think about is the next smoke to "fix my anxiety" which fulled the anxiety and a vicious cycle was born.

How-ether if you're still reading this, your probably wondering what this got to do with tmau and that is what i prothesise right now...

The flared up worry of hiding the smell and trying to avoid my mother,family,anyone passing strangers judgment through smelling me of weed had caused me extensive stress in which i think my body had given up restructured itself to cause this situation of unavoidable judment so that i essentially deal with the judgment issue of others and the hiding and scarcity as it was extremely intense and my usual avoiding or refracting ways of dealing with it had been backfired until i couldnt possible ignore it.

Hence my thoughts on dealing with the root cause that had led to this situation which is the way to liberation.

Any thoughts.

It doesn't really work like that tho. I mean, If stress was the only culprit, there would be some people cured by now. But, from what I know, that ain't the case.

stress can make it much worce that is true.... wont be the underling casue ofve it but wont help it at all....

My personal experience is that stress, confined space and heat brings the smell out. Train packed up with people will certainly make me to stress and usually the smell starts to come out. Unfortunately i need to use the train every single day. :( Every now and then I can see females spraying their perfume on the air when im in the same train cabin.

Flying in the airplane is the worst for me. Can someone explain why in the airplane my smell is constantly there? dehydration, air pressure or something else?

could well be dehydration and air pressure could be the air as its dity air ... so combined might well dio what you say

If STRESS was the underlying cause of TMAU these forums dealing with bad odors would have long been closed. It is a confluence of factors causing this condition and if it is genetic, stress would be ruled out.

Agreed that stress is not the only reason, but I think it plays a part in the whole farce. Smell is there whether I am stressed or not, usually it just suddenly appears and ruins my day.