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Please get tested for SIBO

SIBO is very similar to tmau in symptoms and is an easy test performed by doctors. Especially if you have gotten inconsistent/negative results from the TMAU test, you should get tested. They usually do a lactose breath test. I am getting it done tomorrow by a random clinic. Super easy.

what is it,,, have you got a link???.....

Now that site doesnt list body odor as a symptom, but if you search sibo body odor its pretty well known that it the condition attributes to bad breath/body odor. Its similar to how most sites on tmau list it as a fish odor when in reality its a range of consistent odors.

thankyou csolutions......I aprtaed your time getting the link you from uk

add me...somehow i cannot do it, cos its error.

Hi. Did you get your test results back?

Yeah they said it wasn't SIBO, but that still doesnt mean everyone else shouldn't get tested. They actually did more bloodwork after and I tested positive for Celiac disease. Which means my body can't digest gluten. I am still skeptical that it is the only cause though. Apparently Celiac still can cause sulfur odor so it makes sense along with my never ending digestive issues. Highly recommend going to a gastro doc and just getting all the tests, because the odor could really be caused by mainly things other than tmau. You may be wasting time thinking it is something it is not. I know I did for 2 years.

You have 33 % of positive results from SIBO...therefore, you can try now antibiotics for SIBO, and this will show most likely true output.