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PH Balance soaps

One of the suggestions on The trimethylaminuria paper published on the NIH Gene reviews site, by Drs. Phillips and Shephard, London, for a TMAU (trimethylaminuria) management protocol is the use of an acid soap/cleanser to attempt to neutralize some of the highly alkaline trimethylamine. For this reason this list is published, until a more comprehensive one can be found.

Trimethylamine is a strong base (pKa 9.8). Thus, at pH 6.0, less than 0.02% of trimethylamine exists as the volatile free base. The use of soaps and body lotions with a pH close to that of normal skin (pH 5.5-6.5) helps retain secreted trimethylamine in a less volatile salt form that can be removed by washing.

Read the full list here:

What is this treatment compared to chlorophyll? Is it possible that in Italy, this does not work at all? I also want to talk to someone in Italian ......