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Meet up in manchester

Anyone interested in meeting up in manchester??

Hey Im in Manchester and would be interested, and Ive briefly had contact with a lady who lives here...she might be interested in coming aswell.

Yeah, sounds good do you and that lady have skype?

Hi, tbh Ive only messaged the lady on here and not extensively (or very recently) so Im not sure if she has skype, I can try and ask and get her to contact you? I do have skype yes, though I don't use it that frequently.

Whats your skype id then


Great. Anyone else interested will only need to ask

Hi yes I would be interested in meeting up in Manchester depending where and when

Hi Smellypuss, details have not yet been verified yet, howether if you have skype we can talk more


if anyones in the MEBO private FB group I would suggest posting this there too.

There is also a map on this site which may give you an idea of members around the Manchester area.