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Jobs and Odor (W/ description of my problem)

So, I do not have TMAU; I tested negative. My smell has an unknown cause of which I believe to be a combo of candida, sibo, gallbladder/ low stomach acid. I stink when my food is digesting. It comes through my skin, breath, & other parts lol. I've reduced it by staying the heck away from sugar, dairy, nuts, and fiber, but it's certainly not gone. I have to take peppermint oil and betaine HCl just to digest the food so it doesn't cause the smell. Still how on earth are we suppose to maintain our reputations, especially at work? Getting along with people in the work place is a huge part of doing well, but if everyone thinks you smell bad people will have a negative opinion regardless of what you do. I have a sarcastic and cynical sense of humor so I make jokes out of my problem, but still the reality is there has to be something we all can do to stop looking bad infront of people. It's so annoying when you have so much going for you and then the stink kills everything lol.

I hear ya!!!!!!!!!!! I did not apply for a promotion at work, even though I was told by my supervisor to do so, he wanted me in that position.
He was a very nice, kind man. Unfortunately, his supervisor was a very unhappy cruel man that would tell you off in the hallway for no reason, especially if you were female. I know of 3 woman that quit their job after he did that to them and they smelled nice!!!!! HA HA. I was afraid I would lose my job in the supervisor position if the mean old bastard said something to me negative for I would surely talk back to him without batting an eye. In the low grade job I had I was not exposed to him so I had job security since my boss would praise my work and play down my smell.
I wish I had words of encouragement or was smart enough to give you advice on how to advance in the work place with a disability like ours. I did let everyone know I had a medical condition but if my smell was bad on any given day I could hear my coworkers talking about me, even the ones that liked me.

See that's what I've been trying to do, is you know, tell people that I have to work with. It kind of works. People say don't worry about it, but the thing is they don't really understand how bad it is until it starts happening. The main thing I don't want is people thinking I'm constantly passing gas lol. I'd rather people think I didn't take showers, or brush my teeth, anything but flatulence odor that's the most embarrasing. Unfortunately the odor that I get is rotten eggs lol ( I wish it was garbage or smoke smh). The other option we have is to work from home, which I fine with, but I do want some interaction with people. The hardest part is just getting the medical community and people to acknowledge that the problem exists.

Hi JD91,

Thanks for sharing this. It is actually my biggest concern. For me the odor has affected my self esteem so bad that when I last attended an interview i was so nervous and as we all know that nervousness triggers the odor. I have previously been fired from a well paying job. The termination letter said i did not perform to their expectation. I did not believe them entirely i think it was the odor, mainly, because i was working at the reception. Funny, i keep landing jobs that require alot of interaction.

I wouldn't mind working from home. Not because i want to hide from people due to the smell but because i am an introvert. Unfortunately there are not many, if any at all, opportunities of working from home in my part of the world, unless ofcourse i have not done enough research on this matter. I will seriously look into this and if i get an opportunity i will definitely grab it.

Thanks again for sharing. Let's all hope for a 2015 with some sort of solution. You never know.

Hello, I am relived to know that someone else is having the same symptom when it comes to digesting food specifically. I myself tested negative for TMAU twice and I have not been able to find something that will help me lessen it. Do you tend to smell exactly like the food you just ate and with an "unpleasant" version of it? For example, when I eat chicken, if i eat with my hands or with a fork, regardless I will start to smell like what I just ate. I can wash my hands, change my clothes but the smell will start like 5-10 minutes into eating the food. Do you feel that the peppermint oil with Betaine HC: has helped with the smell. digesting? Throughout the day I will smell like different things ( fecal, fishy, rotten egg, smoky, grabage, you name it....). This has affected what I have wanted to do, I finished college and got my bachelors degree but this is holding me back for the fear of people around people. The experiences and comments everyday at work keep me from going on with my dreams. I currently work in an office and the smells linger so you can imagine what it is like when the smells start.

Yes Strive16. It is the same for me. My breath will smell like the food I've just eaten and worse. However it is less because I take Beano and other supplements to lessen or mask the smell of bad odor.

How long did it take for you to notice a difference by taking these things? Would you say it reduces it by at least 50%. Can you please give me a listing of all the supplements and such that you use as well. I would like to try it out and see if it works for me.

Strive16. Just to let you know that what works for me will not necessarily work for you because we are created differently.
Here are the list of supplements I am taking:
1. Garden of Life Raw Kombucha. It has Vit B2 (riboflavin) and other B vitamins, a lot of digestive enzymes, folate, 1 billion cfu probiotic and tea blend
2. Nature's Way Optima 100 billion cfu and it originated from human digestive strains. It has the lactobacillus paracasei and lactobacilus casei among other strains needed to reduce bad odor.
3. Beano. Removes the bad smell of gas formed in the gut.
I usually take them before breakfast. I take along in a pillbox extra Beano so I can take them before meals when eating out. I floss and brush after meals too.
4. Black Seed Oil.
I limit meat intake to help along the supplements that I take or you defeat the purpose of taking them. I notice that there are times when people put a finger on their noses or they step back a little and there are times they don't. I guess this depends on how high my choline intake is during meals. I especially notice it after eating seafood especially shrimps, squid and crabs and dairy products esp cheese, basing on reactions of people. I hope this helps.