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Janice Harper on Mobbing (Please read this if you're having a hard time at work or shool)

These are things Janice Harper has written about mobbing. I bought this book on amazon, it has gotten me through the last few months at work:

I will try to put up a blog entry here or on another site (I will update with a link) summarizing the strategies you're supposed to take.

This is a podcast that could also be helpful:

This woman has become my personal hero. Understanding what goes on with the people around me when they become collectivelly aggresive has helped me over time become more stable and hopeful about my situation.

sounds intresting I have a look at that ;.)

UPDATE with strategies!

Stop being in denial about what's happening and what you might lose.

What's happening is not right you don't deserve it but don't turn into a victim, you do have a measure of control over the harassment, even if you can't stop it altogether.

Do not categorize people as bullies or you will start to lose allies. The people around you think what they are doing is justified, even when they are being downright sadistic or cruel.

Be nice to everyone but keep your distance. Don't ever vent or try to get colleagues to take your side.

Do not feed negative emotions or allow them to come out at work, it will only fuel the fire. Keep in mind point one, do not go into denial about how much you stand to lose. Do not go into denial about whether this is happening in the first place.

Take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally. Exercise, meditate, have fun (hard to do if depression starts to set in).

Do not think about it more than you have to, keep your mind on the good things you can have outside of work.

So you have to switch your mind and emotions from intense feelings of of anger, fear, sadness to what I outlined above. It means right now you're living life in hard mode but I hope this can be some bit of help. I bought this for 5.77 on kindle, worth every penny.

thankyou I hope you fine as well.