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For tmau sufferers like me..this is my story

hi,just new here..and just wanna tell my story about the so called tmau..hehe..

i am 20 yrs. old and i got this condition since i turned 17..and it was very hard for me because i am a college student..People say anything about me not directly but they always give me a hint that i have a body was summer that time and i have a summer class so i need to go to school no matter what they say..days go by and i started feeling that i really have a problem..i got depressed,and i cried a lot that i asked my family about it..they told me that i don't smell anything but a perfume or the cologne i used..i told them what is happening at school and how others treat me makes them mad and told that it was bullying..yes i feel bullied,mentally,and emotionally..i feel like my heart is going to burst that i wanna yell at the people who act like they were very clean..i taught it was just a body odor,i taught i can live normal like others..i became very depressed..but with the help of my family and being a Christian i never give up..even though until now i have it,i still believe i can surpass it and believe that i will be healed ..that every people who is suffering this condition will be healed..
by the way,i know that my friends notice this also because even though i ride going to school people look at me and rub their noses or cover their noses,clean their throats,cough,smelling their clothes and anything...but i realize that my love ones, even though you have a body odor they will not say it to you that you really smell..i dont know the odor they smell from me..and i can say that even though i have a condition like this,your character is the most important..i can say that this condition makes me a better person also.. :) and i really hope that someday we tmau sufferers will be healed..
forgot to say,i just based my condition to the internet and it seems like i have it..i am not yet tested..

what kind smell do you have what things have these nasty people said? .....what others thikngs have you found, ....> dose it get worce after food???

i really dont know what i smell,but people around me when i was in school or riding vehicles they always smell their clothes or armpits..but i dont smell anything in me,i even asked my sister about my smell but she said its a having tmau related to genes or what?because when i searched about it i found some articles in wikipedia that tells Trimethylaminuria has an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance...what can you say about this..because in our family we are 4 siblings and i am the youngest..that is why i think it could be possible..
after eating i also notice that in school at afternoon,what i eat gives me smell that i dont understand but i know it was related to the food i had eaten that is why i have to choose my foods that doesnt makes me about you?

I'mean in college 2. It's tough 4 me 2. I go 2 skl in Massachusetts so it's pretty cool this time of year. Next week is going heat up so it's probably gonna get worse but ill stick through. How was this pastuff week? Did u get thru the semester? if so, Congrats!