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Stargardt Disease is the most common form of inherited juvenile macular degeneration. The disease not only causes the loss of central vision but also affects colour vision. With onset from about the age of 6, the effects vary from minor to complete loss of central vision. Also known as fundus flavimaculatus, is usually diagnosed in individuals under the age of 20 when decreased central vision is first noticed. The progression of visual loss is variable.

Source: Fighting Blindness

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Stargardt disease

by reresidentevil published 10 months ago
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Good afternoon from Caracas, Venezuela. I am a just became aware patient with Stargardt disease, despite suffering from it since I was born and I’v...

Testimony by Laura, mother of Matheo.

by RareConnect team published 11 months ago
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For several weeks, his mother Laura has been concerned since Matheo has shown some atypical behaviours.

When he is pointed to something in the d...

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