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Ring chromosome 20 epilepsy syndrome, also known as r(20) syndrome, is a rare chromosomal anomaly resulting from a break on each arm of chromosome 20 resulting in ring formation. In r(20) syndrome, the breakpoint of most patients is in the p13q13.33 region of chromosome 20. Two distinct forms are recognized, mosaic and non-mosaic ring chromosome 20 epilepsy syndrome.

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Jessica’s Story

by clairesullivan published 6 months ago
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Almost overnight, seizure activity increased to circa 40 per day. This, combined with a number of different AED combinations left Jessica with lit...

Kieran’s Story

by Tazzymk published 9 months ago
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My son, Kieran had his first seizure when he was 4, it was an absence seizure, and another about 6 weeks later. As he had experienced 2 seizures th...

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