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  • What is PRP?

    Pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) is a group of rare skin disorders that cause inflammation and shedding of the skin. Typically, PRP appears first as a small spot and then spreads to the entire body. ...

  • How do people survive PRP?

    They find support (1) within themselves, their family and friends, (2) among fellow members of the PRP Community on RareConnect and the PRP Facebook Support Group and (3) by accessing information i...

  • Is there a cure for PRP?

    Not yet. While no cure as yet to be found, several medicines are being used effectively to help alleviate some of the symptoms. Just keep this in mind: what works for one, does not work for all. Se...

  • How long does PRP last?

    For that answer we must go back to the adult and juvenile classifications:
    -Classic Adult Onset: 3-4 years, maybe less, maybe more
    -Atypical Adult Onset: 20 years, maybe less, maybe more

  • What is the progression of symptoms?

    The PRP timeline varies from sequential to haphazard. Here are some of the symptoms others have experienced. The effect of all these symptoms can be depression. If the depression is debilitating, s...