A quick summary of the treatments made

Written by massimofranco, published 9 days ago.

From November 28 to December 21:
2 IV / day of Urbason 40mg
Legalon 140 cpr 2 / day
Omeprazole 20mg 1 / day

From December 22 to January 14:
IV Urbason 40mg in the morning
IV urbason 20 mg in the evening
Pravone and omeprazole as above

From January 15 to March 7:
Deltacortene 25 mg in the morning and half at 15 o'clock
Neotigason 25mg cps one in the evening

From 7 March to today:
Deltacortene 25mg in the morning
Neotigason 25 mg cps in the evening
And a 15mg Methotrexate weekly Injection

At the beginning of February the diagnosis was shifted from erythroderma to possible PRP and then performed a first biopsy for confirmation.

Fortnightly controls of renal hepatic functions and blood in general and two biopsies for PRP confirmation (one in mid-February one at the beginning of April).

By 10 days, the desquamation is almost disappeared and the skin's reddishness reduced to minimum, the first hairs also reappeared and the hair began to grow and take color.

Written by massimofranco, published 9 days ago.

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  • Tihana | published 9 days ago | Originally written in Italian

    Gentile Massimo, benvenuto su RareConnect e grazie per aver condiviso le sue esperienze! Il mio nome e Tihana e lavoro come gestrice di comunità online su RareConnect.

    Sentitevi liberi di porre domande o condividere le sue preoccupazioni con altri membri della comunità e moderatori in questa sezione.

    Visitate anche le altre sezioni di questa comunità per leggere domande e risposte di altri membri e trovare articoli e informazioni interessanti su PRP. Nella sezione membri troverete una mappa con la posizione di altri membri per trovare qualcuno vicino o inviare richieste di amicizia.

    Buona giornata,

  • christinegnther | published 8 days ago | Originally written in English

    Hi Massimo, and thank you for your summary of your treatment! It is always interesting to read what worked for a patient in which dosage and what not. I am so glad that you see finally good results.
    Please keep us informed about your PRP journey!

    BTW: our daughter always told us that the MTX injections "burnt" her - do you make the same experience? Does MTX "burns" while getting injected?

  • massimofranco | published 4 days ago | Originally written in English

    Regarding "burning " never and I do it by myself
    In the last month I've improved with a daily use of a cream lotion xerolact -E by Rilastil and twice a week a bath with oil cleanser by Bio Clin

  • massimofranco | published 4 days ago | Originally written in English

    10 days after the first syntoms the illness has covered the 100% of my body!

  • christinegnther | published 4 days ago | Originally written in English

    Massimo, thanks a lot for your information.
    It is nearly unbelievable how shockingly fast this disease works! It always seems to me that especially this fastness is l traumatizing PRP patients and caregivers.

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