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Hello everyone!

Maybe you already know that in the Members section there is a new world map. It is a more visual and fast way to contact other community members.

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Our journey to diagnosis: neuroferritinopathy

From wrong diagnosis to right diagnosis. It only took 7 years.

Hello everyone. In 2010 i started having restless legs while lying down for sleep. (Or so i thought at the time). This escalated to my arms and i was hospitalized. Doctors said my thyroid was causing problems and that i have hashimoto's thyroiditis. I was 34 years old at the time. Doctor put me on eltroxin, but over time the tiredness increased and so did my doses. Till i ended up in hospital again with tremors, writhing and shaking of arms and legs. Next i got wrongfully diagnosed with stress related conversion syndrome. This easy way out diagnosis clinged to me though i fought it and kept sticking to my guns and saying that there was something seriously wrong with me. It went well for a while. I has sporadic episodes and ended up in hospital again after i lost control trying to walk, lost my speech completely and blacked out. Doctor thought i had a stroke because of spots on my brain (which my current neurologist showed to cystic spots on my brain). In jan /feb of 2016 i started having episodes of photophobia. I went to a natural healer which after a physical told me to go to my current neurologist. She (my current neurologist) then told us that she wanted to admit me to hospital for diagnostic tests. One of the tests was a lumbar puncture which no one thought of doing in our 7 year ordeal. The results came back that my lumbar puncture was double what it normally should be. The doctor diagnosed me with NBIA. A month later doctor asked me to undergo a new set of testing including liver biopsy and eye tests to check for PKAN. I did not have PKAN so the only other diagnosis left was neuroferritinopathy because i am now 41 years old and all the other NBIA strains are exclusive to children.


Good day everyone.
I was diagnosed with neuroferritinopathy in jan/feb of 2016. I would like to know if there are any other members with this substrain of nbia.


My name is Alema. My daughter (20) has MPAN - Mitochondrial-membrane Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration and probably is the only one in our country.
First symptoms appeared when she was 11. Diagnosed at 16.
Gait problem is the biggest issue.
We have recommendation for feet operation and DBS so we are in the process of arranging it. Recently switched from Baclofen to Tizanidine.

Hi Alema,
You can contact me on the email:
We are a patient association based in Switzerland and actually supporting the research on MPAN.

Late onset NBIA

Greetings everyone. Recently my initial diagnosis of NBIA made in August of this year was confirmed. There is a fantastic support system and a 'team' has been assembled to deal with symptoms as they present. This late onset, very late atypical onset NBIA. I would be most interested in trading experiences with anyone else with late onset NBIA.


NBIA Disorders Association 20th Anniversary

Join the NBIA Disorders association this August 6-7, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio for a family picnic and research meeting


For the recently diagnosed

If you could go back to the day you (or a loved one) got a diagnosis, what would you tell yourself?