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LAM Academy is a joint project between the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Allergy at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, LAM patients and their relatives.

LAM Academy vas founded 2008. We arrange annual meetings for LAM patients, their families and friends and medical providers. LAM Academy also distributes news letters and has continuing contacts with the medical community.

MD Maryam Fathi has started a register of Swedish LAM patients. Today there are around 35 confirmed diagnosed patients in the register, both with sporadic LAM and LAM TSC. Sweden has a total population of close to 9,6 million. At present it appears that at least 7 women per million women have LAM in Sweden. The LAM diagnosed women are between 20 and 75 years old.

The board members of Lam Academy are the LAM patients Anette von Koch, Tina Katajanien, the family members, Nils von Koch and Agneta Hult and Prof. Gunnar Norstedt, Prof. Sten Lindahl Karolinska Institutet, and MD, PhD Maryam Fathi, Karolinska University Hospital .
Contact details LAM Academy, Sweden

Medical issues
MD, PhD Maryam Fathi
P.O.Box 60500
SE-171 76 Stockholm
Tel: + 46 8 517 730 97,
Mobile: + 46 73 904 66 07

Member issues
Anette von Koch
P.O. Box 5067
SE-102 42 Stockholm
Tel: + 8 665 33 45
Mobile: + 8 708 723 542