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Liposarcoma is a rare and slow growing cancer made of cells that resemble fat cells. In most instances, this often asymptomatic cancer occurs in the limbs where it is detectes as a lump. Nonetheless, about 30% of all liposarcoma cases occur in the abdominal cavity, where they are often asymptomatic for a long time. Liposarcomas can be further differentiated into well-differentiated and/or dedifferentiated (~50%), myxoid and/or round cell (~40%) and pleomorphic (10%).

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Liposarcoma patient engagement in research

by RareConnect team published 2 months ago
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Several clinical trials that aim at testing new drugs work with patients that are affected by different types of sarcoma, ranging from rhabdomyosar...

My life with liposarcoma

by RareConnect team published 7 months ago
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I was in my thirties, doing lots of sports and slowly realized that I was having an undefined but recurrent pain in my lower back.

Nothing serio...

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