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MCT oil

We've gotten by without MCT oil to this point, but I just realized how mainstream it's gotten (people eat it as health food! wow!) and therefore easy to obtain. Before I buy my first bottle on Amazon, how do you use it? Do you still restrict yourself on it, or do you eat as much as you want of it? Can you fry a whole batch of chicken with it and just eat it all, or do you still watch your intake to some extent?

Hi Rachel, I think I tried this when I was younger but I haven't heard of this at ALL as an adult. I'm curious too, I hope someone posts something so we will know how to use it. It's a little scary to try :)


I was given MCT oil through NIH to use when needed/wanted.
The MCT oil is still to be used sparingly. If you take too much, you get the diarrhea symptoms. It is still fat, after all.
But used in moderation, it is the best substitute when oil is necessity.

I grew up not eating any fried foods.
What I hated most as a 'youth' in school? Being denied McDonalds French fries! ;)

Mom used shake n bake chicken on skinless white meat.

But I do love fried chicken. I'm from the south you know! And so I will eat fried chicken out BUT I always take the skin off. Chicken doesn't absorb fat like beef does. So it's relatively good and acceptable for me. Of course I can't do the boneless breaded. Like Chick-Gil-a etc because that coating doesn't come off.