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What is Lipodystrophy ?

Lipodystrophy is a disorder where the body’s fatty tissue is attacked, causing a loss of subcutaneous body fat resulting in insulin resistance, diabetes, high triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and sometimes, fatty liver disease. There are numberous forms of lipodystrophy that are genetic or acquired.

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Lipodystrophy drug interactions

by eva62 published 5 months ago

Since 2013 I have the diagnosis of mixed collagenosis which at that time had not been treated due to lack of activity. In 2014 an antibiotic...

Living with Familial Partial Lipodystophy

by andradickersonstratton published 9 months ago

FPL starts affecting adipose tissue at puberty. My limbs became more muscular and my face, heavier along with daily headaches, migraines, lowered i...

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