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Glucose Transporter Type I Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1 Deficiency, Glut1 DS, G1D, or De Vivo Disease) is a genetic disorder that impairs brain metabolism. Patients with Glut1 Deficiency have insufficient cellular energy to permit normal brain growth and function.

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Diagnosed with "seizures" when I was 4

by alidoe413 published 5 days ago No comment

When I was 4 I would run around the room and say," yey yey yey" over and over again and then just stop. My mom took me to a neurologist and they co...

Nico's Story

by All4Nico published 25 days ago 9 comments

Nico was born October 21, 2004. He was developing normally until at about 9 months when he had his seizure. It was a tonic-clonic seizure which las...