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FOXP1 (forkhead box P1) is a gene located on chromosome 3 that everybody carries and is important for the normal functioning of the body. The FOXP1 gene is translated (transcribed) into FOXP1-RNA and then into the FOXP1-protein which carries out the normal body functions of the gene. The FOXP1 gene is a member of a family of transcription factors that control the levels of proteins important for normal development of the embryo before birth and the immune and neurological systems after birth. 

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Becky’s Story

by Heath published 17 days ago
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Becky is 9 years old and has recently been diagnosed with FOXP1. When she is not challenging us, she is a delight to be around and has a cheeky sen...

My family's story

by hjenee published 5 months ago

My husband and I have two wonderful sons. Trevor is 14 and Hayes is 12, Trevor has microdeletion 3p14.1. Trevor was born with craniosynostosis he h...

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