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Just diagnosed with FMD

I was recently diagnosed with FMD and have had few questions answered. My GP knows nothing about the fact I have been educating her with what little facts I have.
I have suffered with migraine for more than 20 years, but when they changed in the fall of last year, I went to my Dr. She suspected that I had had TIA's and upon examination discovered an irregularity in my heart rate and that my BP was extremely high. She put me on high blood pressure meds, blood thinners and beta blockers and sent me for ECG and blood work immediately. I had a bad reaction to the medication and was rushed to emergency. They did a CT scan and sent me to the Stroke clinic. The Neurologist discovered I had carotid artery FMD and has ordered tests to check for renal artery FMD. (Still waiting) He said I had narrowing and roughening of the arteries, which to me does not sound like the bead type. I was sent to see a cardiologist to find out more about the FMD, but he did not even touch on the subject. Whether forgotten or avoiding I don't know. I need some help in finding qualified physicians on Vancouver Island that can answer my questions. Does anyone have any idea about who to contact anywhere in Canada? Thanks.