2nd Annual International ECD Patient and Family Gathering

Here's a selection of information from patients & professionals to better understand Erdheim-Chester Disease.

Where: Betheseda, Maryland, USA

When: on 19 September 2014

Website: http://www.erdheim-chester....

Hold the Date!!!

Purpose: To meet and talk with other ECD patients and family members and to meet with members of the ECD research/medical community to learn more about ECD, its treatments and studies.

This is a great opportunity to learn the latest information about Erdheim-Chester Disease and talk to researchers who are actively searching for answers to what causes ECD and how best to treat it. There will be opportunities to talk and interact with other patients and family members.

We hope you will mark your calendar. More information will be distributed in the next couple months.

To read about last year’s event held in San Diego, please see - http://www.erdheim-chester.org/DataFiles/PresentationsAndArticles/Summary%20of%202013%20ECD%20Patient%20&%20Family%20Gathering.pdf.