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Erdheim chester and balance

Can balance be restored when one has injuries from Erdheim chester?

Hello, my name is Larry Hobson. In some cases balance can be restored with the right medication and physical therapy depending on what caused your balance issues in the first place. Some in our community have gone from wheelchairs to walking. It doesn't happen overnight. You must continue to push yourself to do things, to keep up your strength. Physical therapy can also help with your balance and strength. Challenge yourself to do thinks that are difficult at first. They'll become easier over time. I have a shrunken cerebellum so I will always have balance issues, but I don't let it stop me. I did years of physical therapy. I am able to walk several miles now and can climb several flights of stairs as I work on the 3rd floor and go up and down the stairs many times a day. There was a time when getting up any stairs was a challenge. You can't let ECD stop you from being the person you've always been. There's medication now that can make your life better. Good luck.