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What is Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita (CMTC) ?

CMTC is a condition in which dilated blood vessels can be seen through the skin. "Cutis marmorata" means marbled skin. "Telangiectatica" refers to abnormal blood vessels and "congenita" to its congenital nature.

Source: CMTC-OVM

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CMTC for 25 years

by Henni published 6 months ago

My parents were, like many other parents, very scared when I was born with the dark blue, some almost black "spots" on my left leg, left arm, abdom...

Living with CMTC in Greece

by RareConnect team published 9 months ago
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Luckily the baby was, in any other respect, healthy. In the beginning we were concerned about the situation with his small leg, and we wanted a dia...

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