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by MCarol68 published 12 days ago

I was diagnosed with late onset hypogammagloculinemia in 2011. I recently was diagnosed with MGNUS and cryoglobulinemia in May 2017. I am looking for others with these rare diseases. There is no real story. I just was sick and went to a natrapath as no medical doctor would help me. The natrapath sent me to her doctor as she told me that she could not help me. The doctor diagnosed me in May...



by adrianacarevic published about 1 month ago

cryoglobulinemia Typ III cryoglobulinemia

Types II and III have rheumatoid factor (RF) activity and bind to polyclonal immunoglobulins. These two types are called mixed cryoglobulinemia (MC). When the temperature rises, the precipitated cryoglobulins will dissolve in serum again.

6. IX Rheumatic Factor: 270.8
Immunoglobulin G: 15.30 (ref. Interval 7-16)

15.XII anti-Ro-52...

Woman with 3 Autoimmune diseases

by STMBO published about 1 month ago

Dangers of Prednisone Hello to everyone ! I just saw this website and wanted to drop in and share some thoughts with you. I am 70 years old, and have had Cryoglobulinemia since 1985. I also have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) since 2003 , and Osteoarthritis EVERYWHERE, since - who knows ?

The reason I am writing is this- I have run a support group for people who live with chronic pai...

New in the group

by Marianne1971 published 5 months ago

Hello everyone, in need of your opinion Hi everyone,

First of all, I am delighted to have registered on this forum and that it exists. It is so relieving to find myself in the testimony of other people: it makes you feel less alone. :-)

Because I am new, I wanted to share my experience with you and ask you some questions.

Many of your paths resemble mine.

I've always been intol...

New cryoglobulinemia patient

by ameans237 published 10 months ago

I was diagnosed over a month ago with type II cryoglobulinemia and presently on a daily prednisone treatment. I am unfamiliar with this disease and would like to know what steps I should be taking for further treatment. I was diagnosed with ITP and suggested to see a hematologist. After testing, I was told I have cryoglobulinemia and I should start infusion therapy with Rituximab and prednison...

I Care Because I'm Rare

I Care Because I'm Rare

by marianne published 11 months ago

Prior to chronic illness; I was employed in the health and fitness profession. In November of 1998 I was healthy and competed in the Ms. New Jersey BodyBuilding competition. However, by December 1998 my health had radically changed. I was sore, in pain, fatigued and no longer able to lift my arms. The illness onset was rapid and totally debilitating. I had to dissolve my business and I was fo...

Getting ill in Germany

by roslim published about 1 year ago

I started to feel bad in September 2015, I found myself with bruises and a strong pain in my right foot and I would wake up with bags under my eyes. I would go to work, but I found it very difficult to do that ten minute walk, my colleague decided to quit and I was alone, and things got worse. I went to the ER, I had a very strong pain in my foot, they gave me an injection and I went home, they...

Vera's Story

by verastafford published about 1 year ago

I have Rheumatoid Cryoglobinanemia Vasculitis. I have Rheumatoid Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis. I was diagnosed in January, 2012 after several years of the purpura rash. In January, I developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for 18 days. It was during that time they did a kidney biopsy and sent it to Mayo and they diagnosed it. They then did plasmapheresis (plasma exchange) - 6 treatments of it a...