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What is Cone-rod dystrophies (CRD) ?

Cone-rod dystrophies (CRDs) are a group of inherited eye disorders that affect both the cone and rod cells of the retina (photosenstitive receptor cells). In contrast to rod-cone dystrophies, individuals experience deterioration of the cone cells more severely than the rod cells. Initial signs and symptoms typically include decreased visual acuity when looking straight ahead (central vision loss); loss of color perception; and an abnormal sensitivity to light (photophobia).

Source: GARD

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my girls, my struggle, my life.

by mariayolandagarciabolaos published 7 months ago
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My daughter has Chromosome 6 Ring and still they haven't finished the genetic study as she could possibly be affected with cone rod dystrophy.


My story of living with cone-rod dystrophy

by michael_emmerich published 11 months ago

Unlike my parents, who were apparently shocked by this news, I was actually pretty glad that they now believed me and took my problems seriously. W...

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