Eye surgery testimony

Nearly lost my entire left eye due to multiple eye surgeries.. But God came through in a big way...

Written by cathyadams82, published over 4 years ago.

In 2008, when I was 26, I started having flashes of light in my left eye and I was losing sight from the top down. I went in for an eye exam was told that I had a detached retina and needed to see a top retina specialist in Tulsa immediately. After an eye exam, the specialist diagnosed me with having, “Adult Coat’s Disease” which is a disease in the retina which impacts one of the eyes. The retina wall thins out from birth and ends up tearing off the eye if not caught in time. This is a rare disease that typically would impact men but I guess I am an exception to that rule.

I had several laser therapy treatments but it kept tearing. I had to have evasive surgery to stop the tearing and bursting blood vessels. They inserted a gas bubble in my eye and I had to keep my head down for 3 weeks and required help with daily activities that we take for granted. 9 out of 10 people who have retina surgery do not require another one, unfortunately I had more tearing going on and had to go have the same surgery again. I was hesitant as it seemed like I was going to be going blind in my left eye but my doctor told me I had great center of vision and that would be saved if we did this surgery. He prayed with me and I went in that very day.

During the 2nd evasive surgery as he was sewing up the eye to wrap up the surgery, the eye started to tear. He told my friend waiting in the waiting room that “it was like sewing string cheese”. My eye was now completely falling apart and thus would have to be removed at this point. However, immediately he cried out to God, “LORD HELP ME SAVE THIS GIRL’S EYE!” and it “Immediately stopped tearing.” He had to cut out more of the retina than he had predicted to me, and also I developed a cataract in the eye so I had to have my lens removed. Due to the severity of scar tissue, I cannot have lens replacement surgery so I have no lens in my eye.

However, the fact that I have my eye and still have center of vision (with aid of a high powered lens) I have decent vision in that eye. So, God spared me from having a glass eye and what vision I have left in that eye is nothing short of miraculous. In addition, they had to clip all my eye lashes off for surgery and I was told that once you do that most likely they will never grow back. They grew back within a few months. And my eye looks near normal.

As far as a financial aspect, I was out of work for over two months in recovery. I had healthy meals provided free of charge, my rent was paid so I wouldn't get evicted and also co-workers donated money to pay for utility bills. Also insurance paid over 80 percent of total expenses so I was able to pay my medical debt within a year easily.

Written by cathyadams82, published over 4 years ago.

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