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Coats disease, also known as Coats' Retinitis, Coats' Syndrome, Exudative Retinitis, and Retinal Telangiectasis, is an idiopathic disorder characterized by an abnormal development of retinal vessels (telangiectasia) with a progressive deposition of intraretinal or subretinal exudates, potentially leading to exudative retinal detachment. 

Source: Orphanet

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Identified with Coats Disease

by john_a published about 1 month ago

The Doctor told us he is wondering why we can't identify it early stage and if so were able to retain good vision. But we identified some abnormali...

Nathan's story

by RareConnect team published 2 months ago

The yearly eye sight and hearing screening at school is who tipped my parents off that something was aloof with my vision. Personally I knew my vis...

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