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What is Castleman Disease (CD) ?

Castleman Disease (CD) is a rare and poorly-understood inflammatory disorder that occurs in people of all ages, causes lymph node enlargement, and can result in multiple-organ dysfunction. CD can occur in a single lymph node (Unicentric CD) or multiple lymph nodes (Multicentric CD).

Source: CDCN

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Enfermedad de castleman y cáncer de tiroides

by kalimera published 3 months ago
One comment

Hola a todos , os cuento mi historia:
-Todo comenzò en septiembre de 2015 cuando estaba practicando boxeo en el gimnasio y me lesiono en el pecho ...

15 years with the Unknown

by JoshuaJames published 3 months ago

After feeling off for so long and having a family of not overly concerned doctors and nurses I was taken to hospital to be checked. At first it was...

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