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Diet solution for Behçet's disease

I control my Behçet's disease with a selected diet. I have been living in good health with diagnosed Behçet's disease for 30 years. I control my BD with a selected diet, and take no medication. I like to share my story. Check on Google "diet solution for Behçet's disease." In my opinion BD is caused by genetic factors, involving severe food intolerance and allergies. When our body gets the food it needs, it stops being irritated by the food it can't tolerate, and healing can begin.


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Dear Henry,

This is the second time I hear a Behçet patient say that they have controlled their BD with a diet. I am glad that in your case this has helped, but I don't think this is the case for everyone. By leaving BD untreated, the risk is to develop serious manifestations of the disease.
I hope you have a knowledgeable doctor who can give you good advice.

All the best,



Je pense qu'un régime peut aider au niveau digestif mais ne peut en aucun cas contrôler la maladie car il faut bien se rappeler que c'est une maladie multi-systémique (vascularite) donc attention de ne pas induire les malades en erreur en leur faisant croire qu'un regime est la solution miracle !!!

Dear Tihana,
your critic is right. In my book I point out that drugs in conjunction with dietary treatment is often advised by physicians. Most physicians have no training in nutrition, and the patient has to be proactive in this matter. My story is making this possible. BD is so rare that most doctors have only one patient in their career, and they can't have expertise in BD. My physician prescribed vitamin D for me, and I ended up with aseptic meningitis. He apologized for not knowing BD can cause this reaction, and he claimed he is to busy. Sharing my 30 years experience with BD will make the patient better informed, and this will create a better patient doctor relationship. I am not a member of the ABDA. I have a soy allergy, and I can't take drugs. Soy is a filler in most drugs. For a good cause I will join.
Helmut Schroeder