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Amyloidosis is a rare systemic disease caused by deposits of amyloid protein fibrils in one or more organs, causing the organs to malfunction. There are three main types: Primary Amyloidosis (AL), Secondary Amyloidosis (AA) and Familial Amyloidosis (FAP), which is the genetic form.                                             

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by elwisduran published about 1 month ago 9 comments

A few days ago I talked a Dr. from Alnylam pharmaceutical, who showed a lot of interest in our case. I didn't know there were people suffering this...

Fibrinogen Amyloidosis

by DJJazzyJennings published about 1 month ago No comment

The first time I heard the word "amyloidosis" was when my mother called me with the results of her kidney biopsy. She had been seeing a nephrologis...