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What was the very first sign you noticed about your child that made you suspect that all might not be right with their development?

At about 3 months old Xavier was staring into the corner of the room in a fixed manner that looked odd to me. Also when the developmental nurse (Plunket nurse in NZ) pulled him up by his arms his head lagged badly, at 5 months. But the thing that sent us to hospital when he was 6 months old was when he had an episode with his head turned hard to the left and his eyes turned in that direction too. That went on for about 70 minutes until he went to sleep. That was the beginning of our journey until his eventual diagnosis of AHC when he was 7 years old.

à 2 jours de vie, ,mon enfant a convulsé, sans fièvre, avec des mouvements anormaux au niveau des bras et des jambes.