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AHCF schedules quarterly webinars for families

Parents are always eager to have an opportunity to ask medical questions important to their children's care. To help answer your questions, the Foundation has decided to host quarterly webinars on various topics for the families. The first will be held this summer.

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Utilisation de l'huile

Bonjour , mon fils Noé est âgé de 11 ans et est atteint d'un hémiplégie alternante , le médecin qui le suis , m'a parlé de l'utilisation d'une huile ! Qu'elle est cette huile et est ce que quelqu'un l'a déjà utilisé ??

My daugther has Alternating Hemiplegia

With my daughter of 46 years (MONICA) for 10 years (in addition to flunagen-rivotrl) we used chloral hydrate that was blocking the daytime paresis and we added for the last 3 years Sirdalud to cancel night cramps. For the last one year daytime paresis are almost disappeared and replaced by cervical cramps that we can block with Sirdalud that almost always manages to capture the rare partial paralysis while for the total ones we use the latest tablets of chloral hydrate. I hope that there will be further changes in my daughter or I'll increase the dose also the Sirdalud for total hemiparesis, you have other suggestions to replace the chloral hydrate?

paresi totale e parziale nell' emiplegia alternante.

Quale farmaco può sostituire l'idrato di cloralio non più prescrivibile? E" possibile che il Sirdalud abbia fatto quasi scomparire le paresi diurne e le abbia sostituite con crampi cervicali?Anche altri hanno crampi cervicali diurni?


18 January - International AHC Day

Hi everyone,

today we celebrate the International AHC Day.
5 years ago the genetic cause of our disease was discovered.
At 18.00 UTC a new website
will be launched. You can watch the film HUMAN TIMEBOMBS in 10 languages there.
Have a beautiful AHC Day!


Living with AHC in New Zealand

Hi my name is Margaret. My foster son, Xavier is 9 years old now and has AHC. We live south of Dunedin, New Zealand near Lake Waihola. He started going to hospital for treatment of what was diagnosed as partial seizures when he was 6 months old. He had his first hemiplegic episode at about 8 months, but was only diagnosed with AHC when he was nearly 7 years old.

By that time he was on the ketogenic diet, which reduced his trips to hospital for treatment of his eye-flicking and head-turning to zero within two months of starting the diet. However, his hemiplegic episodes remained and continue to remain to this day. His right sided losses lead to him not being able to walk or crawl, but often when he loses his left side it is mainly his arm affected and he still walks but drags his left leg.

Right sided losses happen every week or so (3 days to 13 days apart, and 1-2.5 days long), and his left sided losses happen most days in between and can be anything from 10 minutes to several hours long. Xavier has multiple allergies and is sensitive to lots of chemicals (eg. cleaners containing sodium benzoate, chlorine, cold wash soap powder topical anaesthetic, and Remove the product used to removed EEG cement to name a few).

We noticed a relation between exposure to Allergens and these chemicals and his hemiplegic episodes. I am very interested in making contact with other families in New Zealand and also families who have members with AHC who have allergies and sensitivities.

Hi Margaret, that is an interesting trigger. I'm glad that you have found the ketogenic diet helpful! We are on keto and it helps Claire when she decides to stick to it too. We live in Auckland, Claire and her parents are an hour further north in Mangawhai. It would be great to keep in touch! Claire knows a few of the other people in New Zealand with AHC and could possibly help connect you there as well.

I will pass on your email address if you'd like?

Please pass on our address, that would be great. It is" We have family in Northland so were up there for a wedding in January and stayed in Auckland on the way up. We would certainly make time to meet next time we venture up that way if it fits in with your family. Thanks for your post which enabled me to get in touch.
Best wishes, Margaret



What was the very first sign you noticed about your child that made you suspect that all might not be right with their development?

At about 3 months old Xavier was staring into the corner of the room in a fixed manner that looked odd to me. Also when the developmental nurse (Plunket nurse in NZ) pulled him up by his arms his head lagged badly, at 5 months. But the thing that sent us to hospital when he was 6 months old was when he had an episode with his head turned hard to the left and his eyes turned in that direction too. That went on for about 70 minutes until he went to sleep. That was the beginning of our journey until his eventual diagnosis of AHC when he was 7 years old.

à 2 jours de vie, ,mon enfant a convulsé, sans fièvre, avec des mouvements anormaux au niveau des bras et des jambes.