Porphyrie Gemeinschaft

Treffen, unterstützen & sprechen Sie mit anderen Patienten oder ihren Familien, die mit Porphyrie leben. Tragen Sie etwas zu den Themen bei oder erzählen Sie einfach, was Ihnen auf dem Herzen liegt.


Porphyria's Community Map

Hello everyone!

Maybe you already know that in the Members section there is a new world map. It is a more visual and fast way to contact other community members.


3 important things:

1) To appear on the map you only have to edit your profile and add the location. If you already have done it, you can also specify your city, even zip code.

2) Unless you have the profile marked as public, the information on the map is only visible for members that have registered to the community. This means that visitors may see the map but not the spots and the links.

3) If you wish, you can also make your spot in the map only visible for your friends within the community. This option can be changed always from your profile.

If you have any question, leave me a comment below!